Thursday, 2014-11-20

warthog9freq: still around?00:07
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trickstartergreetings all :) My max board just turned up today, ahead of my serial cable :/ Should I expect to see a signal on power up, out of the micro hdmi? Is there any minnowboard-max focused “unboxing” level stuff, what to expect from the two blue leds, what will happen on a first power up etc?00:30
warthog9trickstarter: apply power, two blue leds00:30
trickstarteryep got that00:30
warthog9the hdmi should show things pretty quickly00:30
warthog9kinda like a PC bios (since it's basically a PC bios)00:31
trickstarterhm. could be my suspiciously cheap full hdmi -> micro-hdmo adapter fouling things up then, because I didn’t get anything out of the micro hdmi yet. I will give it another shot00:31
warthog9trickstarter: what power supply you got?00:32
trickstarterI will try a selectiion of cables and on a couple of different tvs too, incase it’s a hdmi problem with my tv00:32
trickstarterit’s a 5v 2amp00:32
warthog9I've noticed something with one of my displays in the last few days, my 3a 5v supply won't power on one screen, same screen 8a 5v power supply works fine00:32
warthog9other screen doesn't matter the supply00:33
trickstarterah interesting00:33
warthog9I point it out as a data point00:33
trickstarteryes thank you00:33
trickstarteri will do some experiementing00:33
warthog9I don't have an exact root cause yet, and I'm discussing it with the firmware team internally and CCo's hardware guys00:33
trickstarterIf the board can’t find any bootable media will it try a pxe style network boot by default? Just curious00:34
warthog9well sorta00:35
warthog9it should go to the efi shell first right now I think00:35
trickstarterwhen i get the ftdi cable tomorrow i should defintely expect to see some output on that though, yes?00:35
trickstarterWell that’s no joy on 3 tvs. Same cable and hdmi to micro hdmi adapter. I wouldnt be surprised if it was this adapter, I’ve never actually used it prior to this and it was some cheap thing from china00:55
trickstarteri guess I will hve to be in suspense until my serial cable comes. arghh00:55
warthog9sorry :-(00:57
warthog9did you say what power supply you are using?00:57
trickstarterit is only 2.0amp and 5 volts. I know the docs said recommend 2.5amp but i hoped since I didnt have anything else plugged in yet, that it might not be drawing enough for that to matter at this point00:57
trickstarterI did notice if i press the button on the board, 1 of the leds goes out and doesnt come back on. is that expected?00:58
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trickstarteroh lol, yes it goes out because it’s “off” when you press that. press to turn back on, duh.01:09
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warthog9trickstarter: this is the 8a supply I've got on my desk right now:
trickstarterThanks. Ordered01:15
trickstarterI’ve also ordered a proper micro hdmi cable01:16
trickstarterCan’t hurt.01:16
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warthog9can't hurt01:20
warthog9trickstarter: what's your plan for the board?01:20
* warthog9 should put together a list of equipment we like and have on our desks01:20
warthog9trickstarter: is something else I like (but I flick my boards on and off a *LOT*01:22
warthog9(more flicking off some days than on....)01:22
trickstarterWell, If you can believe it, I was going to try and run vsphere/esxi on it. I have esxi running on a laptop at the moment but I’m obsessed with driving down my power usage in my house01:23
prpplaguetrickstarter: if you feel handy with an iron, you can get just the switch and hack up your wall-wart -
trickstarterand this board seems like it will have nearly everything i need. the only snag might be nic support for the reatek 8111g but i ended up backporting a modern linux atheros driver in to the ancient esxi kernel architecture with great sucesss, for my current laptop, so I’m optimistic01:24
warthog9trickstarter: nice01:26
warthog9someone was asking about qemu/kvm recently01:26
warthog9I honestly don't remember where that went01:26
warthog9trickstarter: but if you get that up and running I'd love to get a write up of it up on :-)01:26
trickstarterYeah I would be happy to do that. Fingers crossed it works.01:28
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trickstarteris my a2 revision board, from mouser this week, likely to need the firmware upgrade mentioned in the topic?02:20
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prpplaguetrickstarter: does it have a round dot sticker on one of the memory ics?02:42
trickstarteryes a green one02:43
prpplaguethen you are good02:43
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ka6soxhow can you tell the difference visually between a single and a dual?07:02
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prpplagueka6sox: visually you can't14:35
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trickstarterWaiting for feddex to show up with my serial cable. You can bet because I’m waiting on it that they won’t show up util late in the evening, rather than first thing in the morning like usual15:44
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nashika6sox, I would guess the single has a ram chip missing with empty solder pads where it would be, since it has half the ram but they presumably use the same board.16:36
nashibesides the model being different inked (silkscreened) on the board16:37
warthog9nashi: all of the ram locations are filled on the single core, 1G boards16:42
warthog9the single cores use chips with 1/2 the ram of the dual16:43
nashioh oki16:43
prpplaguenashi: the pcbs are exactly the same16:43
prpplaguenashi: the same pcb supports all of the baytrail-i and baytrail-m series16:43
nashiso theres no inked model numbers?16:44
prpplaguenashi: not on the pcb16:44
prpplaguenashi: because it is the same pcb16:44
nashibut silkscreening and labels can be put on after the pcb is filled...... *shrug*16:44
prpplaguenashi: silkscreening can not16:45
prpplaguenashi: labels yes16:45
prpplaguenashi: and yes there is a different label16:45
nashiedge silkscreening can, ive done it myself. :)16:45
nashioki so at lest theres a label to tell the diff!16:45
prpplaguenashi: silkscreening of that type is not something you do during production16:46
nashiif you leave a small area for silkscreening you can silkscreen on the model16:46
nashijust fyi16:46
nashino but you can. its oki :)16:46
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nashijust saying its possible, not whats usual, im sorry if im misunderestimating or misunderstanding or something16:46
prpplaguenashi: no worries, it's just not something that is practical in a manufacturing setting16:47
nashiIm considering the possibility of a bananna pi for my gameboy original conversion, if I cant get ahold of a minnowboard max when I have the funds to complete it. the prototype uses a raspberry pi model a16:49
nashistripp[ed of almost all the plugs16:51
prpplaguenashi: there is also a beaglebone black version as well16:51
prpplaguenashi: very robust16:51
nashiI dont like the bbb.16:52
nashiyah I just dont like the bbb. >.>16:52
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tellendilHi ! I'm looking to update the firmware of my minnowboard MAX. I currently have a serial acccess to the efi shell, but don't know what to do. I ddownloaded the bin from but don't know what to do with it... any help ? :/19:08
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prpplaguetellendil: let me get a url for you19:10
prpplaguetellendil: really you shouldn't need to upgrade the firmware, unless you have one of the very very very early models with the nvram issue19:11
tellendilprpplague, I can't havve any hdmi access, so I don't know if this is normal or not :/19:11
tellendilmaybe I should try installing my system first you think ?19:12
prpplaguetellendil: yes i would try using an os image for testing first19:12
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prpplaguetellendil: are you using a real HDMI display or are you using a DVI display?19:12
tellendilprpplague, a real hdmi !19:13
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prpplaguetellendil: we have found some of the cheap microHDMI to HDMI adapters don't always have the correct connections on them19:13
tellendilprpplague, oh, is 20 in the cheap part or not ? :P19:14
prpplaguetellendil: i am sorry i did not understand your question19:14
tellendilmy micro hdmi adapter was around 20 $, I was asking where was the "cheap" limit ;)19:15
prpplaguetellendil: $20 is pretty expensive for an adapter19:16
prpplaguetellendil: but if you are still having problems that is what i would suspect first19:16
tellendilok, do you know any way of thesting this ? before I screw up anything ?19:16
tellendilotherwise, I'll go and complain19:17
prpplaguetellendil: the serial log should indicate that no display was found19:18
prpplaguetellendil: if that is the case, then i would suspect the adapter19:18
tellendilok, I'll test this19:19
tellendilshould I connect the shell before or after powering the board up ?19:21
tellendilthe efi shell does not complain about anythin19:23
tellendilexcept if I do a "ls" it says "no mapping"19:24
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tellendilok ! an exit brought me something19:26
tellendilthe menu19:26
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prpplaguetellendil: the no display message will scroll by pretty quickly19:27
prpplaguetellendil: really sounds like the hdmi adapter to me19:28
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tellendilmy firmware is from 1408131301... it this ok ?19:30
prpplaguetellendil: there should be a number there like 0.7119:31
prpplaguetellendil: do you have a small round sticker on one of the memory ICs?19:31
tellendil0.71 yeah19:31
tellendilyes ! a blue one19:31
prpplagueyou are good then19:31
prpplagueyep you are good19:31
tellendiloh yes ! thanks a lot for your help19:32
prpplaguetellendil: no problem glad to help19:32
tellendilI wouldn't have managed without you19:32
tellendilby the way are they any good looking cases for the minnow ?19:35
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HoloPedguys, how do I check which firmware my MB Max is running ?19:39
HoloPedin the EFI shell19:39
prpplagueHoloPed: you can go into the uefi shell menu and read it from there, but you can also check to see if there is a colored dot on one of the memory ICs19:40
prpplagueHoloPed: if you have a dot, it means you have 0.7119:40
HoloPedblue dot ?19:40
prpplagueHoloPed: you are good with 0.7119:41
HoloPedshould I leave it? or upgrade to 0.73 ?19:41
prpplagueHoloPed: i'd leave it for now19:43
prpplagueHoloPed: get used to the board19:44
prpplagueHoloPed: we have some further updates on the firmware coming soon19:44
HoloPedi'm still trying to install windows19:45
HoloPedshould I install x86 ?19:45
prpplagueHoloPed: i can only point you to the MSFT website for help on that19:45
* prpplague generally only uses linux19:46
HoloPedyeah thats the page i'm on19:46
HoloPedits not very clear19:46
prpplagueHoloPed: which items are not very clear?19:47
* prpplague makes notes19:47
HoloPedI was stuck on the firmware, but I guess I'll skip that part19:47
prpplagueHoloPed: ahh right, yea you need to update the firmware for windows19:47
HoloPedthe doc don't say how to upgrade, they are all for the non-max version19:47
prpplagueHoloPed: down at the bottom under "misc"19:48
prpplagueHoloPed: are the instructions on using the firmware update tool19:49
HoloPedok great19:49
prpplagueHoloPed: the firmware tool is included as part of the download for the 0.71 release at the bottom19:49
HoloPedim confused about the 64-32bit19:50
prpplagueHoloPed: user 64-bit19:50
prpplagueHoloPed: use 64-bit19:50
HoloPed*use :)19:50
HoloPed64 bit everything, right ? the tool, the bios, the OS19:50
prpplagueHoloPed: you see in the instructions on part C it has the file name19:51
prpplaguefs0: FirmwareUpdateX64.efi MNW2MAX1.X64.0073.R02.1409160934.bin19:51
prpplaguewarthog9: looks like we need some more documentation on firmware upgrades19:51
HoloPedat least include the upgrade tool in the 0.73 zip file19:53
HoloPedI had no idea where to find it19:54
HoloPedhere we go19:55
prpplagueHoloPed: yea that was mis-step on the firmware teams part, future releases will include the tool in every zip file19:55
HoloPedUpdating firmware..............20:01
tellendilprpplague, is there a way to be warned of new firmware updates ? a newsletter or anything ?20:01
prpplaguetellendil: yes, the mailing list20:02
tellendilprpplague, oh I haven't seen it earlier, thanks !20:03
tellendilwhat the hell ? My screen works now that I exited the EFI shell20:11
prpplaguetellendil: under linux or windows?20:14
tellendilprpplague, linux20:16
prpplaguetellendil: ok, there could be two different issues then20:16
prpplaguetellendil: i would go ahead and upgrade to the 0.73 firmware to see if the problem resolves itself20:16
tellendiloh ? (it's not well calibrated, but well )20:16
tellendilok !20:16
prpplaguetellendil: if it doesn't i would suspect the adapter20:16
tellendilI downloaded the firmware, but I don't have the upgrader, is this normal ?20:17
prpplaguetellendil: yea as HoloPed mentioned, it's not in the 0.73 release20:17
prpplaguetellendil: you have to download the 0.71 release to get it20:17
tellendiloh ok !20:17
tellendiland th R version is better right ?20:21
tellendilI mean is for use20:21
prpplaguetellendil: yes R is for Release20:23
prpplaguetellendil: D is for Debug20:23
prpplaguetellendil: the Debug version prints lots of messages, hehe20:23
tellendilok, not what I want, definitly ;20:24
tellendilWell, I was a bit worried when I received it, but I don't regret my rapsberry pis !20:24
tellendilmmh it is stuck at "Shutdown system in 1 seconds"20:27
tellendilok, the firmware didn't change the problem20:33
tellendilwell thanks for your help20:33
prpplaguetellendil: this certainly sounds like the adapter then20:34
tellendilyep, thanks a lot20:34
prpplaguetellendil: linux defaults to a standard resolution, even if it can't read the edid20:34
prpplaguetellendil: the uefi firmware doesnt do that20:34
prpplaguetellendil: the only other alternative item is that the EDID on your hdmi display might be corrupt20:35
tellendiland what could I do for that ?20:35
warthog9prpplague: this going back to the lack of tool in the .zip?20:36
prpplaguewarthog9: yea20:36
prpplaguewarthog9: and more detailed info about the difference between the R and D versions20:36
prpplaguewarthog9: i thought we had a wiki page on doing a firmware up20:36
prpplaguewarthog9: upgrade20:37
prpplaguewarthog9: but didn't find one20:37
warthog9prpplague: I'll do up some documentation, if people who are hitting that can send me an appropriate nasty gram in my e-mail, I can pass those appropriately along to the firmware team so they understand why I'm trying to get them to fix those20:37
* warthog9 wants to make sure the firmware team understands the pain people are going through and understand why I'm begging them to go back and fix that20:38
prpplaguetellendil / HoloPed  if you can post your complaints about the firmware upgrades to warthog9 that would be great!20:38
warthog9tellendil, HoloPed: either on the mailing list if you want to make the conversation public or works20:38
* warthog9 wishes he had warthog9@intel.com20:38
HoloPedsure thing20:42
HoloPedI'll do that later today, when I finish installing everything20:42
warthog9HoloPed: thanks :-)20:45
* warthog9 suddenly realizes how odd it is to ask people to send him nasty grams20:45
prpplaguewarthog9: hehe20:46
warthog9ehhh, send me your problems, and grumbles I'll do what I can to help :-)20:51
warthog9(bonus points if you've ordered a board from somewhere and don't have it yet *PLEASE* e-mail me about that)20:51
prpplaguewarthog9: may i email you about me comcast bill?20:51
warthog9prpplague: yup, I'll call comcast and cancel your service for you20:51
tellendilprpplague, ok, will do this this week end !20:51
warthog9tellendil: thanks :-)20:52
warthog9tellendil, HoloPed: I sincerely apologize for that site to, it's one I don't have any direct control over and it's *TERRIBLE*20:53
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HoloPedapology accepted20:54
HoloPedas long as you guys are here in this channel, I am very glad with chose minnowboard20:55
warthog9I'll take my apology in a nastygram for me to take to the firmware team to help my cause to fix it :-)20:56
warthog9well I'm not going anywhere20:56
HoloPedif this prototype works out, we will be buying a lot more boards20:56
warthog9HoloPed: can we ask what you are up to?20:57
HoloPedIts a camera system that will be on a quadcopter20:58
tellendilwarthog9, no problem ;) I mean you are friendly on IRC, that's all we need for informations if ever ;)20:58
HoloPedto measure crop health20:58
warthog9HoloPed: NICE20:59
warthog9HoloPed: are you familiar with what the University of Washington Vancouver is doing?20:59
HoloPednope ?20:59
warthog9HoloPed: let me check with them and see if I can share a whitepaper they've been working on, similar kinda thing (though tree focused vs. crop focused)21:00
warthog9HoloPed: might be some colaboration opportunities there, if you are interested21:00
HoloPedsure, why not21:00
HoloPedWe are based in Canada21:00
* warthog9 likes Canada21:01
warthog9I'm spending x-mas in Ottawa21:01
HoloPedIt's snowing like crazy now21:01
HoloPedso no quadcopter testing for me21:01
warthog9yeah, it's raining a lot here in Oregon too21:03
warthog9so no flying mine either21:03
warthog9HoloPed: I've got a 3DRobotics x8 I've been playing with lofting a minnow + cameras on for demo stuff21:03
HoloPedso Create-DevboardKey script doesnt work21:04
warthog9HoloPed: what's that from?21:06
HoloPedstep 621:07
warthog9I'm going to have to run through those, I haven't actually installed windows quite yet21:08
warthog9HoloPed: let me go poke the MSFT folks, see if I can get someone to sit in here and help us out21:13
warthog9HoloPed: actually, can I get you to open a bug in bugzilla on that?21:14
HoloPedgimme a link21:14
warthog9file it against the MinnowBoard21:14
warthog9(so need to get that moved off of yocto)21:15
* warthog9 mentally moves that project forward some21:15
HoloPedok wait21:16
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warthog9HoloPed: specifically
HoloPedthe ISO file for win8.1 I downloaded is only 2gb21:16
HoloPedit should be 3.521:16
HoloPedit may be bad/partial21:16
HoloPedi'm going to try to dl again21:16
warthog9ok :-)21:16
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HoloPedwarthog9, this is what $6000 worth of machine vision cameras, lenses and filters looks like21:23
HoloPedand a $0.40 3D printer bracket :)21:23
HoloPedThis will be connected to the board21:24
warthog9going for dioptic vision for perception analysis?21:25
HoloPedmulti spectral21:25
warthog9ir on one, visible on the other?21:25
dvhartI'd love to see videos of that21:25
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HoloPedme too :)21:26
warthog9HoloPed: where you at up in .ca?21:27
HoloPedLondon, Ontario21:27
HoloPedits between Toronto and Detroit21:27
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HoloPedAnd yourself ?21:27
warthog9Portland, Oregon21:28
warthog9my girlfriend is a Canadian expat, and her family is up in Ottawa (thus the x-mas trip)21:28
warthog9was just trying to figure out if it was easy to pop over and see your setup :-)21:29
HoloPedI'll send you some pics/vids when it's ready21:30
* warthog9 would love that21:30
HoloPedthis channel is now on my join list, so I'll be around for a while21:30
HoloPedCVPR was in portland21:31
HoloPedit sounded familiar :)21:31
HoloPedmy wife was there21:31
HoloPedso definitely I had a bad ISO21:33
HoloPedI'm surprised that both Chrome didn't say antthing about it failing21:33
warthog9HoloPed: things going better now?21:33
HoloPedand MagicDisk mounted it without complaining21:33
warthog9server could have botched on the sending21:33
HoloPedstill dl, will try again soon21:33
warthog9and claimed EOF before EOF21:33
HoloPedI guess21:33
HoloPedcan't trust anyone these days21:34
HoloPedok, I gotta run out21:35
HoloPedWill update later, maybe tomorrow21:35
HoloPedcheers !21:35
warthog9thanks! toodles!21:35
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ardillaHI question , does anybody has try to run mpi on minnowmax ?23:04
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