Friday, 2014-11-21

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freqoh wrong room :p00:27
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warthog9freq: nothing to see here, move along00:54
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zobawoohooo!  Minnowboard received!01:04
freqhot damn01:04
zobaThat is one happy looking fish on the box :)01:04
freqzoba: what position you gonna get it in first01:04
zobalol, position?01:04
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HoloPedwarthog9, I got the whole ISO this time, but the problem persists04:01
HoloPedI opened a bug04:01
yoctiBug 6989: major, Undecided, ---, stephen.k.jolley, NEW , Error in Create-DevboardKey script, when trying to make a Win8.1 installation04:01
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tellendilHey ! I've got a little problem with my minnow MAx, I can't get efivars in the system... is this normal ? :/09:00
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sjawHi! According to the wiki page for minnowboard MAX its a minefield to find a proper USB hub. Anyone of you who got some recommendations?09:05
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prpplaguesjaw: not sure what you mean about usb hub13:30
prpplaguesjaw: what wiki page are you talking about?13:30
prpplaguesjaw: i've tested hundreds of hubs with max and not one of them has had an issue13:31
sjaw"There is a potential issue when using a powered USB Hub. If the hub, erroneously, provides power over the USB 3 or USB 2 input connector, the MinnowBoard MAX will use that as power. This is in violation of the USB spec, and will be rectified in a later revision of the MinnowBoard MAX."13:48
sjawMinefield might be a strong word13:49
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prpplaguewell he left14:32
prpplaguefor anyone in the channel, that wiki entry needs clarification14:33
prpplaguethat only happens under very very very specific conditions and only with non-compliant cheap hubs14:33
HoloPedmorning all14:48
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blitz__hey guys17:36
blitz__i've got no video signal. got the board on tuesday and now i've powered it the first time on but screen is black. Any Suggestions?17:37
dvhartblitz__, My goto test there is the serial console17:43
dvhartif it is booting up, you may have found an HDMI incompatibility17:43
dvhart(are you using a DVI converter or something in the middle?)17:44
blitz__micro hdmi to hdmi converter -> hdmi cable -> hdmi to display port converter17:46
blitz__i've got the minnowboard max17:47
dvhartOK, there are some known issues with the dongles (hdmi to dp)17:47
dvhartwe have a fix in later firmware, but I don't know which version you have on the board17:47
dvhartdo you have an FTDI serial cable?17:47
dvhartOr perhaps a native HDMI display? Or TV?17:48
dvhartI'm off on an errand, but warthog9 and prpplague will be online soon and can follow-up with you.17:49
blitz__unfortunately not17:49
blitz__i will test it with my tv17:49
dvhartI highly recommend ordering the recommended FTDI serial cable (see the wiki)17:49
dvhartyou can of course also just wire something up for GND, RX, TX17:50
dvhartbut the cable is very convenient17:50
dvhartright, let us know how the TV test goes17:50
dvhart-> afk17:50
warthog9blitz__: I'm reading back up, but what's wrong?17:50
warthog9blitz__: actually what power supply you using (now that I've read back)17:53
blitz__ok. problem solved. micro HDMI to HDMI converter -> hdmi cable -> hdmi port on tv works17:55
warthog9blitz__: yay!17:55
blitz__thanks :D17:55
warthog9blitz__: yeah I've noticed some general not-working with various adapters17:55
warthog9hdmi -> <something>17:55
warthog9mostly vga, but it's an interesting data point for DisplayPort as well17:56
bluelightningI think some of them require explicit support from the display hardware / driver17:56
blitz__ok. its only for installation, at the time ssh server runs i dont need any video signal :)17:56
warthog9I have a suspicion that we aren't putting out enough power over hdmi to properly power the adapter17:56
warthog9blitz__: :-)17:57
warthog9blitz__: I'd snag an ftdi cable (3.3v, nothing with 5v)17:57
blitz__this will be my next order. ;)17:57
* warthog9 double checks the cables he put on the wiki17:58
warthog9ohhh don't order the sparkfun one17:58
* warthog9 will fix that once he's in the office18:01
blitz__really expensive one :)
warthog9blitz__: and it's not even gold plated!18:05
blitz__right :-)18:05
warthog9if I'm going to pay 120eu for a cable like that, it had better come gold plated and with a personal note from the artisan who made it saying how amazing the cable is18:06
blitz__absolutely :D18:06
warthog9and how much better the 1's and 0's flow through the cable due to it's superior artisional design qualities18:06
warthog9the FTDI cables are obnoxiously expensive (~$20us) as it is18:07
warthog9if you can find them you might be able to find a supplier that has them for ~$8us18:08
blitz__i think i will order it at mouser18:09
blitz__are there some experiences with archlinux on the minnowboard max?18:11
warthog9I don't personally, but I believe we've had a user or two get it up18:11
blitz__i will try it now18:12
warthog9blitz__: <-- distro's we've got documented right now18:12
warthog9blitz__: if you get arch documented could I trouble you to add it to the list?18:12
warthog9errr if you get arch booting18:12
warthog9could you add it to that list ;-)18:12
warthog9(too early, no caffeine yet)18:13
blitz__of course, i will try it now18:13
warthog9thanks! I'm going to head into the office shortly, ping me if you need anything and I'll see it once I get there (yay for irc bouncers)18:14
blitz__ok, see you later18:15
blitz__after booting arch live usb my tv is flickering18:44
warthog9blitz__: that's exciting18:49
blitz__what are the recommended sizes for efi and swap partitions?18:52
warthog9I tend to do 200M efi, 500M boot, 2x mem for swap and rest /18:55
warthog9so 200M, 500M, 4G, *18:55
blitz__k. thanks18:55
blitz__GPT or MBR?18:58
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warthog9unless you are doing over 3T of storage it doesn't really matter19:15
blitz__ok, have to go now. will be back tomorrow morning. see you19:22
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HoloPed_hey warthog9 , I just tried the same process under Win8.1 (was on Win7 before) and now it works19:46
HoloPed_I added a comment to the bug19:47
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trickstarterwell it turns out my lack of output was the hdmi to micro hdmi adapter20:50
trickstartergot a proper hdmi to micro hdmi cable and it worked right away20:50
trickstarterwith a 5v 2 amp psu20:50
prpplaguetrickstarter: we are seeing that a lot20:53
prpplaguetrickstarter: it is something we've seen also with the beaglebone black20:53
prpplaguetrickstarter: there seems to be some really poor quality adapters out there20:54
trickstarterYes and I’m quite sure I got mine from china from meritine or something20:54
trickstarterThis is the one I ordered in case anybody else runs in to this and needs to know about something that was found to work20:55
warthog9HoloPed: awesome!Q20:56
prpplaguethis one is the one that did not work?20:56
warthog9trickstarter: also good news!20:56
* prpplague grumbles and wonders why he decided to eat spicy bbq for lunch20:57
trickstartersorry to not be clear, the blue rigger one is the one that DOES work.20:59
prpplaguetrickstarter: got it, thanks!21:00
trickstarterso that was the good news. the bad news is that my esxi testing isn’t going well. I have the board booting it and goign through the sequence but the startup is hanging at “relocating modules and starting up the kernel”. Seems like most of the messages I can find mentioning failure at this point relate to the esxi kernel having an issue with the video card, not enough video ram allocated, or something to do with the acpi config reporting headless21:02
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warthog9trickstarter: odd21:09
warthog9think there's a way in the firmware to increase the video ram if you want to try that21:09
trickstarterYes, will fiddle around with that21:10
warthog9errr hmmm I thought there was21:10
* warthog9 isn't seeing it in his options document page21:10
trickstarterAh hm...21:10
trickstartervt-x wouldnt be disabled at all would it?21:12
warthog9shouldn't be21:14
warthog9you on 0.73?21:14
warthog9trickstarter: if you can get to it `cat /proc/cpuinfo` shows me, on a fedora build "vmx" in the cpuflags list21:16
laen_Does one need to prepare the microSD card in some way when installing Ubuntu on a MinnowMax?21:17
warthog9laen_: other than making sure that sdhci-pci and sdhci-acpi are in the initrd I don't believe so21:18
warthog9laen_: you looked at the distro instructions?21:18
laen_Yeah, they don't mention anything about it, and seem to imply that it should just work. :/21:19
warthog9laen_: you doing something newer than 14.04?21:19
warthog9(I vaguely remember someone mentioning that something after 14.04 needed the initrd fix)21:19
laen_14.04.01, it looks like.21:19
laen_Ahh, thanks for the pointer.21:19
warthog9check that, the instructions there seem to indicate it should work21:20
warthog9(if they don't, let me know and I'll track down some install media)21:20
laen_Will do, thanks!21:21
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laen_Yeah, dang, it's just not showing up.  No /dev/mmc* in the dev tree.  No sdhci-pci or sdhci-acpi modules being loaded.  I'll attack it from that angle for a while.21:51
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warthog9laen_: did you see how you set that up for Fedora on that page?21:52
trickstartergot an arch linux runing, see the vmx flags in cpuinfo output. so that can’t be it.21:57
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laen_warthog9: Thanks! I'll try those.22:07
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freqdamn. my minnow is in my state. should be here tomorrow i'd guess22:53
freq147 miles...22:56
freqi'll live22:56
zenlinuxa long way to swim22:56
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benjamirchello alimon22:58
freqit should start by morning22:59
alimonbenjamirc: hello23:13
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warthog9zenlinux: now I have "just keep swimming" stuck in my head23:31
zenlinuxbtw, sorry I missed your pdxbyte talk23:32
zenlinuxI had been intending to go23:32
zenlinuxI think the video should be up soon23:32
warthog9there video is up23:32
warthog9I'm apparently HILARIOUS at 1.5x - 2.0x on youtube23:32
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HoloPedhey warthog923:52
HoloPeddid you see my msg from before ?23:52
warthog9HoloPed: about?23:57
HoloPedtrying to make a Win8.1 usb bootable drive until Win8.123:58
HoloPedand that it worked23:58
HoloPeddidn't work under Win723:58

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