Saturday, 2014-11-22

warthog9good to hear Win8.1 worked00:00
HoloPedI updated the bug00:05
HoloPedI wish I didn't have to use Win8.1 on it00:06
HoloPedbut the camera drivers are all Windows00:06
HoloPedthey have linux support, but it's spotty00:06
HoloPedand I don't have time to waste on that00:07
warthog9HoloPed: those cameras you were showing me yesterday?00:08
HoloPedI might try to use this00:10
HoloPedIf I can work in Python, that would speed up things00:10
* warthog9 reads up00:11
HoloPedC++ makes me want to bang my head on a table full of broken glass00:11
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warthog9HoloPed: you are not alone in that00:22
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zobaWoohooo!  Booted to EFI shell!00:43
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warthog9zoba: :-)01:16
zobatrying to get ubuntu installed now - looks like I can't install it to a drive I'm booting the installer off of01:16
warthog9I'm sitting here bisecting the kernel trying to figure out what the freaking firmware devs did to break 3.15+ on this pre-released firmware01:16
warthog9zoba: don't think so01:17
warthog9most installers don't like that idea01:17
zobawarthog9: makes sense, but, I was like "Hmm, you know its almost 2015...maybe we've moved past that by now?"01:17
warthog9I so want my network booting setup now01:21
zobawarthog9: think I'll be able to make it work with two usb drives - one for the installer, one for the install location?01:23
zobaand then I'll also have to use a usb hub so I can use the keyboard01:23
zobaI tried using microsd card as installer location, but, got an error about the CD Rom drive not being a suitable place to install from, heh01:24
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trickstarteris it possible to get the max board to do a legacy non efi boot? Coudlnt see it but I may have missed an option somewhere02:41
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blitz__good morning09:36
tbrgood moaning09:40
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tellendilhey ! I've got a question. I'm currently trying to install a system on my minnow max, but as I don't have a screen, I would need to have serial access, but I can't get it on the system. Uefi is ok though10:28
tbrthat will depend on the distro kernel and settings to get it over serial10:33
tellendilok, heading to the distro's irc, thanks !10:37
tbrnot sure if there is a minimum kernel version for this10:37
tbrdid you check the elinux wiki?10:38
tellendilme ? The kernel I use is 3.17 so there shoudln't be any problem ;)10:39
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aholleryou still can configure it wrong. Likely if you don't see output before the distro gets control11:05
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blitz__installed arch on microsd an now it always fails to boot (Failed to boot EFI Hard Drive)12:21
tbrhave you looked at the elinux wiki on installing distributions on the Max?12:31
blitz__arch isnt on that list12:32
tbrstill things might apply12:33
blitz__ok, i will head to this. thanks12:36
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tellendil_I'd need an access to the serial console once I booted in the operating system, any idea of what I should do for a linux machine ?14:05
ahollerlook at inittab14:13
tellendil_aholler, ok, thanks !14:13
ahollerand the kernel cmdline (console=...)14:14
tellendil_ok thanks !14:15
tellendil_any idea which driver is needed for this ?14:15
ahollerserial 8250 likely14:16
tellendil_ok, thanks a lot14:16
ahollerbesides that no idea, I don't have a minnowboard14:16
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freqmy board showed up14:17
freqit's smaller than i thought it would be and that's good14:17
freqi wanna thank you guys for your work in getting them out quicker14:23
freqseemed as soon as i joined this chat the process began14:23
freqwill this board boot from SD card14:25
freqoh nvm i don't want it to14:27
freqnot on first boot anyway, not until i've installed to sd from USB14:28
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dvhartfreq, yes it will15:42
freqokay now if i want to say, do a debian netinstall, is that possible to do from usb and install to an sd card right on the board? dvhart15:44
dvhartfreq, it should be, yes15:44
dvhartsee the debian section on mmax wiki15:45
dvhartI haven't tried that specific scenario, so let us know if you run into problems15:45
freqdvhart: how did you do it15:45
dvhartI do lots of different things, just not that specific one.15:46
dvhartBut I focus on enabling, so I tend to be working with Linux well before the distros have updated15:46
dvhartor even pre-mainline15:46
dvhartso I tend to build my own distributions15:46
dvhart(mostly yocto project)15:46
freqokay. i just want to simply install crunchbang to an sd card15:47
dvhartyup, as you should15:47
freqis there any need to configure uefi15:47
dvhartand we have folks testing those scenarios and documenting them on the wiki15:47
dvhartthe wiki documents any firmware requirements15:48
freqmy board didn't come with feet15:48
dvhartYeah, they don't ship with feet15:48
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freqdvhart: someone going to make a case for these?17:31
freqthe openbed case looks nice17:32
dvhartI've heard people threatening to do so :-)17:34
dvhartI'm a little surprised I haven't seen more, but I do expect them to come17:34
dvhartfreq, any ideas on what you would like to see from a case?17:34
freqdefinately an open top17:36
freqaccess to every port17:37
trickstarterstill working my attempt to get esxi booting on the max17:37
trickstartergot the kernel outputing info to serial now17:37
freqmild ambient lighting17:37
trickstarterpanics like this17:37
trickstarterTSC: 1460789300 cpu0:0)@BlueScreen: NOT_IMPLEMENTED bora/vmkernel/hardware/ioapic.c:16117:37
trickstarterTSC: 1472461930 cpu0:0)Code start: 0x418008c00000 VMK uptime: TSC: 147246032017:37
trickstarterTSC: 1482832720 cpu0:0)base fs=0x0 gs=0x417fc8d8bbc0 Kgs=0x017:37
trickstarterTSC: 1490986070 cpu0:0)Dump system not initialized.17:37
trickstarterTSC: 1497951830 cpu0:0)Debugger not initialized.17:37
trickstarterTSC: 1504517310 cpu0:0)Panic: 946: Halting PCPU 0.17:37
freqdvhart: making it hover might be hard17:38
freqit should have small dotted feet under for airflow and also perferation underneath17:39
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