Sunday, 2014-11-23

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BlitzBlizzarch doesn't boot on minnowMax17:42
BlitzBlizzi've got Grub and during boot it shows only "Boot failed: arch_grub"17:43
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BlitzBlizzand sd card isn't shown on device mapping table17:49
BlitzBlizzany suggestions?17:51
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: arch isn't one of the ones we have tested -
BlitzBlizzi know. but i want arch. i spoke already to warthog9 about arch and the minnowMax18:18
BlitzBlizzbut it has nothing to do with the missing sdcard. can you help me with this issue?18:19
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: the only real key is you need to make sure that you are using the 64bit version of the distro18:19
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BlitzBlizzi do use 64 bit version18:20
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: i am not where i can help you currently18:21
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: have you install arch linux before on a standard pc that uses UEFI?18:22
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: did warthog9 say he was going to add arch to the test list?18:23
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* prpplague sends email to warthog9 18:24
BlitzBlizzhe said, that i should document it, that he can put it online for arch18:24
BlitzBlizzif i get it running ;)18:25
BlitzBlizzindependent of this, that arch doesnt boot. Why is the micro SD not listed on the UEFI shell?18:27
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: normally this only occurs if it is not writable or if the card is not partitioned18:32
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: or if the slot has been disabled in the bios18:32
BlitzBlizzbut i already installed arch on the sd. so it is partitioned and writable18:33
BlitzBlizzwhere can i enable/disable the sd card?18:36
prpplagueBlitzBlizz: how did you install it on the sd card if it wasn't visible?18:37
BlitzBlizzi booted from a usb stick, an there the sd card was visible18:38
prpplaguethen i suspect it is something to do with boot order and configuration18:39
prpplaguei'd check the setting in the bios to see what has been set18:39
BlitzBlizzscc sdio support is enabled and scc sd card support also18:42
BlitzBlizzwill be back online tommorow evening. bye19:15
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freqbluelightning: how did you boot from a usb stick20:45
freqmine would not work20:45
bluelightningfreq: it was some weeks ago when I did it... what happens in your case?20:46
freqjust says failed20:47
freqright now i'm following a guide to make an sd card bootable with a system installed20:47
freqi'm a couple steps away20:47
freqi can't wait to have a 5v desktop20:48
freqgot my powered usb hub ready to go20:48
dvhartfreq, is this for a Minnowboard?20:48
freqfor a max, yea20:48
dvhartthe instructions will not work20:48
freqi dont know why not20:48
dvhartthose using syslinux/isolinux which is legacy PC BIOS, not UEFI20:49
freqgoing to make the disk ready to be booted20:49
freqwhat's the point of UEFI20:49
freqisnt that for windows20:49
freqcan't i disable uefi in the bios20:49
dvhartThe stock firmware is UEFI and works with bootloaders like gummiboot and grub-efi. Most Linus distributions support this now.20:50
dvhartYou can't disable it20:50
freqso, how about just regular debian jessie20:50
dvhartyou can build alternative firmware, like coreboot, which provides various other mechanisms20:50
dvhartfreq, yes, that's supported. Instructions are on the wiki.20:50
freqthat's fine too. i will just move all of my configs over and make my own crunchbang20:51
dvhartAn EFI payload like gummiboot or grub-efi isn't too difficult to prepare, and could be applied to this crunchbag thing you linked to.20:51
freqdvhart: how?20:52
dvhartA quick google search turned up this:
dvhartI don't have #exactsteps for you, but the above might help20:53
freqwell, that's fine and all20:54
freqbut will stock jessie netinstall work without the added steps?20:55
dvhartHave you read the minnowboard max jessie install wiki?20:55
freqa direct write method was used20:55
freqit doesnt say anything about a netinstall20:55
dvhartAh, I see. Not something I've tested myself. The NIC is supported by Debian Jessie, so I would expect it to work.20:56
dvhartIf you run into trouble with it, please let us know, this is how we get the wiki updated. If it just works, it would be great to get that added to the wiki as well.20:58
freqi'm going to test this:
freqi like very minimal21:00
dvhartgreat. let us know how it goes21:01
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freqgot the netinstall, going to dd it to a thumb21:16
freqso far it's working as usual21:28
freqgoing through the graphical installer21:28
freqnetinstall showing mercy21:28
dvhartglad to hear it :)21:41
freqit just smacked me in the face that there is no stereo jack on this board21:42
freqwhat's everyone doing about soung?21:44
freqis there a spot to solder one in?21:44
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freqi guess the gpio would have sound. i will look at the schematic later21:54
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freqalso, i will let you know how openbox runs. i'm installing cinnamon22:27
freqi just want something to log into22:27
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warthog9freq: 3 ways to get sounds22:32
warthog9freq: use sound straight from hdmi22:32
warthog9freq: add a usb sound device22:32
warthog9freq: add bluetooth and use bluetooth speakers22:32
freqno gpio?22:32
warthog9for sound?22:34
warthog9there's an I2S interface in the low-speed headers, and assuming you don't need mclk for your codec you can get sound out that way, but so far that's not common22:34
warthog9(and by common I mean I think I know of 2 people who have been playing with it)22:34
freqi'd use that22:35
warthog9freq: there's nothing off-the-shelf for that right now22:35
freqwill i need to build a circuit or just connect wires22:36
warthog9unclear to me, I've never done one myself22:36
warthog9I'd have to punt to prpplague22:36
freqi will use hdmi to my monitor and stereo out from my monitor instead22:37
warthog9that should work without issue22:42
freqfor sure22:42
warthog9assuming you've got a newer kernel22:43
warthog9think, to get sound all happy, you need at least 3.1422:43
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freqwell, you can mention in the wiki that someone can choose to bypass the desktop environment option in the netinstall23:49
freqthen you get to a tty and just install i3 or openbox23:49
freqdebian fans don't usually install the weighty DE's23:49
freqthis is taking forever to install all of the garbage23:50

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