Monday, 2014-11-24

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freqokay debian netinstall is go00:11
freqtime to get openbox on it, though00:11
freqminnowboard is swift even under a heavy DE00:11
freqi'm impressed00:11
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zoba_Can I control the blue lights from linux?00:17
zoba_freq how?00:18
zoba_(I just want to turn them off for now)00:18
freqi know that the cubieboard has a tut for that00:19
freqsearch it for cubieboard and the procedure should be the same00:19
zoba_root@minnowboard1:/sys/class/leds/mmc0::# echo none > trigger00:29
zoba_root@minnowboard1:/sys/class/leds/mmc0::# echo 0 > brightness00:29
zoba_sadly, doesn't work00:30
zoba_same for mmc0, mmc1, and mmc200:31
freqyeah the sound via monitor to headphone jack works well00:36
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freqman this is awesome00:45
zoba_maybe prpplague or warthog9 will know about these lights00:46
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warthog9zoba: what?01:27
warthog9zoba: is a v1 page, not a v201:28
warthog9(v2 = MAX)01:28
warthog9zoba: the two blue lights on the MAX right now are not software controllable, a later rev of the board may change that01:29
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freqhi flatface02:03
flatface...Hi? Do I know you?02:03
freqno, i like your nick is all02:03
flatfaceOh, uh-- thanks then02:03
freqwhat are people doing for cases?02:19
freqjust putting feet on?02:19
freqanother suggestion for the case if anyone is making one...02:51
freqdo something to dim these blue lights02:51
freqopenbox wins.03:06
zoba_warthog9: ah ok, thanks03:12
warthog9freq: I've either been doing feet, or printing the case I have up03:12
freqdo you sell a case?03:14
warthog9I don't know of anyone explicitly selling a case03:16
warthog9you might be able to convince shapeways to print the case I've got up there though03:16
freqso far this is my setup:
freqdidn't quit get netmon installed yet03:17
warthog9freq: are you actually chatting *FROM* a MAX?03:17
warthog9freq: I think you may be the first ;-)03:18
freqi've hosted an irc server from a raspi03:18
warthog9servers aren't hard03:18
warthog9it's the gui bits that are03:18
freqwell, i've set up so many debian netinstalls that it's natural03:19
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freqi would recommend a netinstall to any new user but that might confuse people without enough cheetos03:19
freqi need to kill a lot of processes03:20
freqi'd also recomment getting rid of the wlecome screen and just startx'ing03:20
freqDarryl_: hello03:21
freq/bin/sh: 1: imxi: not found03:21
freqi thought this was going to take a lot more work to get going03:24
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freqdid a reboot and all of those other removed programs flushed out03:30
freqthis is just as fast as my desktop D270003:30
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freqyoutube works03:39
freqso far this is just a debian desktop with no issues03:40
freqopenscad works03:42
freqblender um03:42
freqit loads03:43
freqit's ready03:43
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) clocked at 1000 Mhz Kernel~3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64 Up~21 min Mem~345.9/1918.9MB HDD~NA(-) Procs~128 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.1.2803:48
zoba_yeah it seems pretty snappy to me03:49
zoba_I'm running ubuntu server with zero issues03:49
freqwell i am having one issue03:49
freqi can not connect to websites03:50
zoba_why not?03:50
freqlike it's warning me of an attack site03:50
zoba_oh heh03:50
zoba_that doesn't sound like a minnowboard issue03:50
freqnot at all03:50
inflexSounds like your clock is way out of time04:00
inflexIt'll be the browser finding that the certificates are expired04:00
inflex(or "from the future" )04:00
freqAdapter: Virtual device04:09
freqtemp1:        +26.8°C  (crit = +90.0°C)04:09
freqAdapter: ISA adapter04:09
freqCore 0:       +48.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:09
freqCore 2:       +50.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:09
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zoba_freq nice.  I have been running mine all out, maxed CPUs for several hours now04:19
zoba_Adapter: Virtual device04:19
zoba_temp1:        +26.8°C  (crit = +90.0°C)04:19
zoba_Adapter: ISA adapter04:19
zoba_Core 0:       +65.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:19
zoba_Core 2:       +66.0°C  (high = +110.0°C, crit = +110.0°C)04:19
freqthis is going to be a simple desktop04:19
freqi'm fascinated with the big power in a small form factor04:20
freqthat's not that hot04:21
zoba_yeah its great04:21
freqzoba_: what task is it running 100%04:21
zoba_some software I wrote to solve this unsolved math problem04:22
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zoba_Did you see the Xeon freq speaking of lots of power, did you see the Xeon Phi is being sold at a crazy low price?
zoba_Normally like $2k, its being sold at like $19504:23
freqyou're kidding04:23
freqthat's nice maybe for altcoin?04:24
zoba_not sure04:25
zoba_Saw some people saying it wouldn't be great for litecoin04:25
zoba_but yeah perhaps other altcoins04:25
freqboth of my miners saw a power surge04:26
freqi need to repair them sometime04:26
freqif they were running since i bought them i could have bought car tires with their output04:26
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hrwprpplague: hi there16:00
prpplaguehrw: hey buddy!16:00
prpplaguehrw: did you get your RMA handled?16:00
hrwprpplague: nope, not even mail16:00
hrwunless it is one of 315 mails in spam16:01
prpplaguehrw: lovely16:01
prpplaguehrw: can you resend to and cc me on it?16:01
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hrwprpplague: sure16:02
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hrwprpplague: you or other?16:03
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prpplaguehrw: please16:04
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hrwprpplague: thanks16:17
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BlitzBlizzstrange behaviour of sd card. couldnt see any partitions on my laptop but when i'm on arch live system17:29
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warthog9BlitzBlizz: odd17:44
warthog9BlitzBlizz: sure you had it cleanly inserted into your laptop?  (I've had that happen a few times)17:44
BlitzBlizzyes i'm sure tried it 5 times17:49
BlitzBlizzi overwrite the whole card with zero ant than partiton it before i install arch17:50
warthog9BlitzBlizz: assuming that works the card is in there, what are you using to make the partition table and what kind of partition table (msdos, gpt?)17:54
BlitzBlizzi used gdisk and GPT17:58
warthog9BlitzBlizz: do you see the partitions immediately after creation?17:59
BlitzBlizzyes. i mounted them during installation17:59
warthog9and then putting it back in afterwards your system couldn't find the partitions?18:04
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BlitzBlizzfirst time i installed arch, i created the partitions during installation on the MinnowMax and they weren't visible in the uefi shell and also not visible on my laptop18:06
BlitzBlizznow i've created the partitions with parted on my laptop and i can see them. now i will install arch again hoping that it is now working :D18:07
BlitzBlizzwhy does the minnow show me "arch_grub" as boot option? or how can i delete this entry?18:14
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warthog9BlitzBlizz: it's part of how EFI works18:42
BlitzBlizzbut there is no arch-grub. how can bios detect this option?18:45
warthog9if arch-grub existed at one point, and you set it as a primary bootable, it saves it18:46
warthog9thus the "delete boot option"18:47
BlitzBlizzim now in grub. obvisouly something worked after wiping the sd card :D18:53
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BlitzBlizznow i need the grub entry and it will work19:24
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ka6soxis there a reason most of the distro kernels I've been trying to use don't support SPI?22:20
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freqdumb question...23:11
freqis wheezy supported?23:11
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