Wednesday, 2014-11-26

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warthog9einneu: pushing the button doesn't do anything?00:13
warthog9einneu: do you have a serial cable?00:13
einneuNope, nothing00:19
einneuI do. Suggesting I add the debug firmware and boot that?00:19, looking at faq I don't have the right serial cable00:24
einneui'll order one from amazon, but not hopeful, tried several different fw images, never seen d2 light up00:26
warthog9einneu: e-mail and cc on it00:33
warthog9I'm *GUESSING* that's a DOA and that concerns me00:33
einneubummer, yeah, I was thinking so too, but wanted to get some feedback before I went that route00:34
einneuappreciate the time00:34
warthog9einneu: that smells of the cap problem00:35
warthog9which has cropped up more recently00:35
einneu"the" cap problem.. hm00:35
warthog9einneu: there's a couple of caps near the edge of the board00:35
warthog9if the board gets banged wrong the caps can get damaged, and fail00:35
warthog9so if the board isn't packaged into the box well it's possible the shipping banged the edge, damaged the caps and they failed00:36
einneuwasn't exactly packed super tight. just the board in a static bag in the old minnowboard box with a "minnowboard max" sticker00:36
einneuthe box looked fine, though.. board looks fine00:37
warthog9was the bubble wrap on the edges?00:37
warthog9or just top/bottom?00:37
* warthog9 guesses just top/bottom00:37
einneuYeah, trying to remember, but don't recall exactly the wrapping job00:38
warthog9which means you it might have been banging the board edge in the box in transit00:38
freqi got very lucky on my shipment from techno dist00:39
einneui got from techno disti too, so likely same packing job00:39
einneuwhy were you 'lucky'?00:39
warthog9einneu: like I said e-mail rma@ and me00:39
freqnothing wrong with mine00:39
freqi'm running debian on it right now00:39
warthog9einneu: sorry :-(00:39
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) clocked at 1000 Mhz Kernel~3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64 Up~12:07 Mem~404.4/1918.9MB HDD~NA(-) Procs~133 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.1.2800:39
freqmoving all of my files from my other atom box00:40
einneunice, I was planning on playing with it over the holiday, guess i'll just have eat turkey and watch football00:40
freqoh god i'm sorry00:40
einneuthanks.. fortunately it's a year with friends & not relatives, so it'll be a pleasant one :)00:41
freqah good00:41
warthog9freq: I think there's a fix for the 1Ghz clock thing in 3.1800:41
warthog9freq: or you can turn off p-states and get an extra 300mhz or so00:41
freqah it's very fast as is00:42
warthog9freq: up to you :-)00:44
warthog9freq: you are likely limited by storage vs. cpu anyway00:44
warthog9ok I'm heading home00:44
warthog9I'll be around :-)00:44
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freqwarthog9: i dunno what that means for me00:47
freqprobably nothing because i have all of my files stored remotely00:47
freqthis is just my controller for the many machines i host00:47
freqand my general desktop00:47
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freqthis is a very awesome computer02:49
prpplaguefreq: may i quote you on that?02:53
freqquote me on anything02:54
freqhow about02:54
freqThis is a very nice, minimal, Openbox Debian desktop board.02:55
freqrunning on 5 volts, it's the best compromise between power and performance.02:55
freqrunning on 5 volts, it's the best compromise between power usage and performance.02:56
prpplaguefreq: hehe i like the spontanity02:56
prpplaguefreq: thanks for the comment....02:57
prpplaguefreq: i greatly appreciate it02:58
freqI'd write up a review sometime if you'd like02:58
prpplaguefreq:  feel free to do so, but you've already rewarded me with my "bonus"02:58
freqokay. how should i format it when i get to it03:00
prpplaguefreq: hehe, freestyle, whatever you would like, just send me a url when you are done so i can reshare it!03:01
freqi'm not gonna get to it tonight03:02
freqTue Nov 25 22:02:13 EST 201403:02
freqi'm gonna sleep03:02
* prpplague wanders off to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy" streaming from via his minnow max03:02
prpplaguefreq: no worries friend03:02
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zoba_any idea what the price will be for the quad?03:53
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freqwhere what when04:03
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