Friday, 2014-11-28

Bhaalfreq: I haven't run gnome on an atom in a while, I guess things have changed, but my ASRock ION330 used to handle it just fine...00:06
freqit's "fine". it just doesn't have the lean feel and speed00:08
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nicksydneyable to boot ChromiumOS on MinnowMax if anyone is interested
nicksydneyfor some it's not too stable as can be seen in the video when wanting to start youtube it just shuts down :)...not sure what's going on didn't look into it07:03
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timthelionAnyone experiencing instability with X11?10:52
timthelionI have the minnowboard MAX and I have managed to get it into a state where it displays nothing.10:53
timthelionSSH works fine(I'm on IRC now via SSH) but the screen is black10:53
timthelionA while before it went black everything was slow and there were artifacts on the screen10:53
timthelionI tried restarting lightdm and nothing happens10:55
timthelionThere are errors in Xorg.0.log, FBIOP invalid argument10:58
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fabsAnybody running linux on a uSD card? I'm having a few performance issues and I'm now trying to figure out whether it's a limitation of my slow uSD card or the card reader itself12:11
tbrlet's start with the obvious: what class of card is it?12:19
fabsNot sure. It's just an old 2 GB card I had as a leftover, so there's a good chance that the performance is bad. I just thought I'd ask if someone has a running system before I buy a new class 10 card12:25
tbr2GB card is likely very old and will have horrible performance12:33
tbrbuying reasonably perfoming SD cards is an art, as for installing an OS you likely don't want a card that's /just/ optimized for linear read or write, but something that will perform OK on random IO12:33
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fabsyep, already looked at some benchmarks which look promising for the high speed models. thanks for the answer!12:53
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ghulandsHi, I was just wondering if eDisplayPort is available on the HS port of the MAX?19:08
prpplagueghulands: sorry not currently19:09
prpplagueghulands: only HDMI19:09
ghulandsprpplague: thanks19:09
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freqeverything is speedy on this board with jessie/sid19:29
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