Sunday, 2014-11-30

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* trickstarter wanders around05:54
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freqWill there be a quad core board?16:37
timthelionfreq: no idea, but is it a good idea to plan ahead based on what other people say about their plans?16:41
freqno. we should pay full attention to our own reality.16:43
timthelionfreq: given that the minnowmax's feature set changed from the time it was on pre-order to the time it was shipped, I wouldn't rely on any promises about future plans.16:45
freqwhat changed?16:45
timthelionfreq: the preorder board had real audio ports and a full sized HDMI port16:46
timthelionfreq: now it is micro-hdmi and no audio16:46
freqthat was a quick change16:48
freqi was thrown off when i realized there was no stereo out16:48
timthelionMy boards came with stickers over the old design, but there is no "news" on the site that would indicate the change ;)16:48
freqi'm perfectly happy with the board. but that should be available info16:50
timthelionanother example, not related to the minnowmax is the radxa rock pro( on there website they say that the rock is a linux computer with bluetooth, but there is no support for their bluetooth module in the kernel16:50
freqi have one of those too16:50
timthelionSo you really cannot tell anything in advance with deb boards ;)16:50
timthelionRight now, I am using a radxa to ssh to a minnowmax to talk to you...16:51
freqi'm using a minnow to ssh to a beagle rev C16:51
timthelionMine is a wearable settup, the lack of bluetooth really hurts :/16:52
timthelionI have to use a big old clunky IR keyboard.16:52
timthelionI'm also pretty happy with the minnowmax. Only real problem I've had with it is that the video driver is buggy(artifacts), but at least xrandr works :P16:53
freqno artifacts on jessie so far16:56
timthelionI never had them too badly, I only experienced them after having maxed out memory.16:59
timthelionBut I never had any problems like that on my laptop(with the same wheezy instalation) so I presume it is the minnowboards fault17:00
timthelionI was also a bit surprised at the fact that xscreensaver animates slowly...  Those animations ran fine even back in the days of pentium 2, so I guess either they've gotten bloated over the years or atom is slow.17:02
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