Monday, 2014-12-01

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warthog9trickstarter: I moderate it and I've been eating turkey ;-)04:19
trickstarterhi :)04:19
warthog9trickstarter: it would also help a *LOT* if you actually signed up for the mailing list, as your messages are getting held because they are posts to a members-only list by a non-member04:20
trickstarterOdd. I had signed up for it04:20
warthog9posting from a different address?04:20
trickstarteroh, shucks04:20
trickstarteryes, had the gmail +minnow in the email I signed up from04:21
* warthog9 just approved the two esx messages that were in the queue04:21
trickstartersorry, one is a dupe.04:21
warthog9I couldn't do them individually04:21
warthog9the dube won't hurt04:21
warthog9err dupe04:21
warthog9(sorry just got off a plane back from thanksgiving, and now doing prep / packing for the trip tomorrow to Guadalajara for work stuff)04:22
trickstarterI’ve since progressed my investigation since then, it looks like the older esxi 5.1 was blowing up during ACPI, where as the recent esxi 6.0 rc blows up right around a message indicating X2APIC is disabled04:22
trickstarterthis was noteworthy04:23
trickstartermaybe (?) SC: 1703383910 cpu0:1)ACPI: 874: <INTEL > <EDK2    >04:23
trickstarterTSC: 1710608530 cpu0:1)ACPI: 682: ACPI ID: 1, APIC ID: 0, flags=0x0000000104:23
trickstarterTSC: 1720588600 cpu0:1)ACPI: 682: ACPI ID: 2, APIC ID: 2, flags=0x00000000 (disaTSC: 1732012500 cpu0:1)ACPI: 682: ACPI ID: 2, APIC ID: 4, flags=0x0000000104:23
trickstarterTSC: 1741991880 cpu0:1)ACPI: 682: ACPI ID: 2, APIC ID: 6, flags=0x00000000 (disaTSC: 1753420700 cpu0:1)WARNING: IOAPIC: 186: IOAPIC has no pins or more pins (87TSC: 1768522710 cpu0:1)WARNING: ACPI: 754: IOAPIC 2 @ 0xfec00000 : failed to get number of interrupt pins; ignoring.04:23
trickstarterand then… it blow sup like this this04:24
trickstarter0:00:00:00.073 cpu0:1)Cpu: 1029: id1.version 3067304:24
warthog9it would not surprise me at all that our firmware has something bad in the acpi table04:24
trickstarter0:00:00:00.079 cpu0:1)APIC: 156: X2APIC disabled04:24
trickstarterVMB: 398: Unexpected exception 14 @ 0x41800dee599304:24
trickstarterVMB: 405: cr0 0x8001003f cr2 0xfffffffffffff020 cr3 0x430000 cr4 0x3804:24
trickstarterVMB: 407: error code 0x0 rip 0x41800dee5993 cs 0x804:24
trickstarterVMB: 409: rflags 0x10002 rsp 0x410006418c68 ss 0x004:24
warthog9trickstarter: pastebin that04:24
warthog9the wrapping in irc just makes my brain hurt04:24
trickstarterwill do, i’m a bit out or practice in irc etiqute these days.04:24
warthog9trickstarter: no worries :-)04:26
warthog9eek yeah that's not in the Linux kernel where it's going boom04:27
warthog9not sure what's going on there, the x2apic looks to be a coincidence, not the root cause04:28
trickstarterI sent in a SR to vmware. They invite you to do so as part of the beta. You never know..04:28
warthog9trickstarter: my guess is that they will declare the minnowboard unsupported04:29
trickstarterI wouldn’t be surprised either. I always had a plan B in mind. Xen perhaps. It’s been a while, I think they were on V2 the last time I ran any hardware with that..04:30
warthog9I wouldn't go Xen myself04:55
* warthog9 actually likes kvm + qemu04:55
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* tbr mostly uses libvirt nowadays (which is kvm/qemu) and some lxc for smaller stuff06:59
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prpplaguego vote people!18:06
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tbrso you have to be logged in to vote?18:09
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prpplaguetbr: yea i think so18:13
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* seaLne thinks after a few months of having a max that he now knows why pressing SW1 never seemed to reset it20:04
seaLnepress once turns it off and then a second press turns it on?20:05
prpplagueseaLne: yea its a power button20:05
prpplagueseaLne: and if you hold it for 10 seconds it hard powers off20:05
seaLnei'd always been assuming it was a reset button and therefore only one press needed :-)20:06
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zer0c00li am using this usb to  TTL 6pin serial converter to get a serial console on minnowboard max
zer0c00li don't see anything on the console.20:57
zer0c00lThe OS  boots with console=ttyS0,11520020:58
prpplaguezer0c00l: are you able to see the UEFI loading via the UART when booting?21:02
prpplaguezer0c00l: did you use this information when connecting the wires?
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zer0c00lprpplague: yes21:16
prpplaguezer0c00l: yes to which question?21:16
zer0c00lprpplague: i did see the info. i connected the 6 pin wire as mentioned in the wiki21:16
zer0c00l6-Wire Serial Console21:16
zer0c00lI do not see uefi related stuff on the console21:17
prpplaguezer0c00l: for the one you listed, you should ue the 4-wire21:17
zer0c00li see21:17
prpplaguezer0c00l: do you get any uefi related stuff on the HDMI display?21:17
zer0c00li do not have a hdmi cable21:17
prpplaguezer0c00l: when you plug in power to the max, do you see see any LEDs light up?21:19
zer0c00l2 LED's21:19
prpplaguezer0c00l: i would suggest trying to use the 4-wire instructions21:20
zer0c00li can use the existing 6 pin serial connector?21:20
zer0c00ljust remove the 2 pins out?21:20
zer0c00lwill it work?21:20
prpplaguezer0c00l: yes that is correct21:20
prpplaguezer0c00l: as it really only needs the 4 wires to operate21:20
zer0c00lThanks prpplague21:24
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zer0c00lVCC is 3.3?21:25
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prpplaguezer0c00l: technically you can just use GND, TX and RX21:29
zer0c00lIt says it is (not connected) on the wiki21:29
zer0c00lwhyat does that mean21:29
zer0c00lshould i just pull the red wire?21:29
prpplagueso you should have three wires21:31
zer0c00lyes i have21:31
zer0c00lGROUND, RX and TX21:31
zer0c00lstill nothing on the console21:32
zer0c00li guess i need to connect it to a monitor21:32
zer0c00lminicom says "offline"21:33
prpplaguezer0c00l: could of things21:34
prpplaguezer0c00l: first, you need to make sure you have connected to the correct /dev/ttyUSB device21:35
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zer0c00lyes it is /dev/ttyUSB021:35
prpplaguezer0c00l: second you need to make sure that you have permissions to access that tty21:35
zer0c00lcp210x converter now attached to ttyUSB021:35
prpplaguezer0c00l: ahh dandy21:35
zer0c00lrunning as 'sudo'21:35
prpplaguezer0c00l: depending on your distro and how you have it setup, you may need to run minicom as root or su. some distros add the ttyUSB ports by default to have open permissions21:36
zer0c00lI have a Fedora 19 machine.21:36
zer0c00lThe usb stick i am using to boot minnowboard is Fedora 2021:37
zer0c00lSupports UEFI21:37
zer0c00ltried to boot it on my UEFI enabled thinkpad it works!21:37
prpplaguezer0c00l: yea you should get the UEFI info no matter what you are using21:37
zer0c00li see21:37
prpplaguezer0c00l: ok sounds like you have the terminal setup properly21:37
prpplaguezer0c00l: the next thing you should try is swapping the tx/rx wires on the minnowmax21:37
prpplaguezer0c00l: it is possible that the adapter you have them mismarked21:38
zer0c00li see21:38
zer0c00lThe adapter i have "RXI and TXO"21:39
zer0c00li hope it is same as RX and TX21:39
zer0c00li have another serial usb to TTL cable coming from amazon21:40
zer0c00li will try it21:40
zer0c00lsee if it works21:40
prpplaguezer0c00l: yes, just swap those on the minnowmax21:42
prpplaguezer0c00l: i see a lot of the cheap chinese made adapters with swapped lines21:42
ka6soxtime to see how much I can heat up the DC Max building its own kernel.21:47
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