Wednesday, 2014-12-03

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HoloPedHey all15:09
HoloPedis there a CAD file of the max board ?15:09
HoloPedI need to know the phisical layout15:17
seaLneHoloPed: they are on the wiki
HoloPednone of those is a 3d model15:20
HoloPedI want to design a case15:21
seaLneHoloPed: warthog9 has done a 3d printed case which might be a start15:22
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HoloPedseaLne, all of those are the same case, and the holes don't line up, the HDMI port hold is too small, and it's only half a case.15:24
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hskydenWhen using max, how do I set up to see the kernel messages on boot as well as login prompt via FTDI serial?16:13
prpplaguehskyden: that is very dependent on the distribution you are using16:15
prpplaguehskyden: and how it is configured16:15
hskydenI'm using ubuntu16:15
prpplaguehskyden: most distributions will have a "quiet" option as part of the kernel arguments16:15
hskydenI have to set that off at the bootloader menu?16:15
hskydenaka the grub menu?16:16
prpplagueyea you can google around16:16
prpplaguethere are lots of info on it16:16
prpplaguehskyden: you might register for the wiki and add that info to the ubuntu section for the minnowmax16:17
HoloPedIs there a way to control any of the leds on the MAX board ?16:28
prpplagueHoloPed: not on the current version of the board16:29
prpplagueHoloPed: plans are for the next rev of the board to have D2 as dual use LED16:32
HoloPedis there any simple way to add a LED ?16:33
HoloPedto one of the pins ?16:33
prpplagueHoloPed: yes indeed16:33
prpplagueHoloPed: you can add it to one of the GPIOs on the low speed expansion header16:33
HoloPedcool, how do I address the pins from Windows8.1 ?16:34
prpplagueHoloPed: there are many many many tutorials on the net to explain how to connect a led to a 3.3V gpio16:34
prpplagueHoloPed: sorry can't help you there16:34
* prpplague hasn't owned a copy of a MS product in over a decade16:34
HoloPedthat places you at 12 on the awesome scale16:35
HoloPedsadly, the camera I have to interface with has WIN drivers16:35
ahollerprpplague: you are using warez or how do you desing hw?16:41
prpplagueaholler: i do not understand your question16:41
ahollerBesides eagle there isn't much sw for Linux16:41
prpplagueaholler: there are number of packages available that run under linux16:42
prpplagueaholler: they generally just don't advertise them16:42
prpplagueaholler: i have diptrace and orcad running under wine16:42
prpplagueaholler: and dxdesigner running natively under linux16:42
prpplagueaholler: as well as kicad and geda16:42
prpplagueaholler: plus a ton of EDIF converters16:43
aholleroh, and you've bought your laptop with any windows license? ;)16:43
prpplagueaholler: no16:43
prpplagueaholler: i purchase from system7616:43
ahollerSorry to be skeptical, but here it's still almost impossible to get some good HW without any Windows license.16:45
prpplagueaholler: there about 5 or 6 companies in north america that specialize in non-ms machines16:46
prpplagueaholler: most ship with ubuntu16:46
* prpplague thinks back16:47
prpplagueaholler: i guess it was around 2001 or 2002 i did get refunds on the windows portion of some laptop purchases16:47
prpplagueaholler: but since then i've always purchased directly from companies that only provide linux16:48
prpplagueaholler: i have owned a couple of dell laptops that shipped with linux before16:48
prpplagueaholler: but iirc dell hasn't had linux laptops in some time16:48
aholleryes. anyway, unfortunately I still have to use win sometimes. And m$s new boss seems to be a Linux fan ;)16:51
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prpplagueaholler: indeed16:53
ahollerlikely only because he want to went to the cloud and the silly license managment makes clouds with windows a pain if possible at all ;)16:56
ahollere.g. I don't even know if I can use my win-license on a dual-boot pc to boot plain windows and to boot it in a VM.16:57
aholler(using linux as host on the same machine)16:57
ahollertotally stupid16:58
aholleranyway, real PC's will become dev-only devices again in the near future. so normal users don't have to care. ;)17:01
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sauerkrauseprpplague: Dell still has an XPS 13 developer edition. I think it used to be the XPS 12 developer edition at one point. comes preloaded with ubuntu 12.0419:45
prpplaguesauerkrause: ahh dandy19:45
prpplaguesauerkrause: i've been a big fan of system76 for a number of years19:45
prpplaguesauerkrause: their stuff is always good, and no hassles19:45
* prpplague getting ready to order a new workstation from them19:46
sauerkrauseI've never actually bought anything from system76. I know someone that swears by them though.19:46
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zer0c00lMy minnowboard max doesn't show anything on the serial console as well as monitor21:47
zer0c00lBoth blue lights come up from the beginning21:47
zer0c00lWhat is happening?21:47
zer0c00lIs there a way to debug this?21:48
prpplaguezer0c00l: have you ever been able to see anything on the console or monitor?21:50
tbrdoes it have a green sticker?21:51
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zer0c00lprpplague: Its just blank. Monitor goes to sleep mode21:51
zer0c00lgreen sticker?21:51
prpplaguezer0c00l: latest firmware21:51
prpplaguezer0c00l: so it should be fine21:51
zer0c00lit doesnt have a green sticker21:52
zer0c00lwhere this sticker should be located?21:52
zer0c00ldo i need to flash the firmware?21:55
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prpplaguezer0c00l: unless you have a SPI flash tool you can't21:56
prpplaguezer0c00l: sounds like either U4 is damaged, or your UEFI firmware got corrupted21:56
zer0c00li see21:56
zer0c00li need a spi flash tool?21:56
zer0c00lwhere can i buy one?21:57
prpplaguezer0c00l: there are several on the market, probably the easiest is the dediprog22:00
prpplaguezer0c00l: alternative is for you to RMA the board back testing22:00
HoloPedDoes anyone know how to access the GPIO pins on the Max when running Win8.1 ?22:04
RzRprpplague, hi one more ?22:04
RzRprpplague, I have one other board in the same state I think...22:04
prpplagueRzR: yea we are seeing some DoA's with regards to U422:05
prpplagueRzR: on the last batch that went out22:05
RzRzer0c00l, dediprog saved mines twice22:05
RzRprpplague, btw if you care tizen is now available as a yocto layer
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prpplagueRzR: indeed, i've already opened a ticket on it for the QA/QC folks to review the inspection and testing procedure with regards to U422:07
prpplagueRzR: nice!22:07
warthog9prpplague: are we having problems with U4 again?22:08
prpplaguewarthog9: yea22:08
warthog9prpplague: flog them with wet noodles!22:09
prpplaguewarthog9: passing testing22:09
prpplaguewarthog9: but getting out to DoA status22:09
RzRis there a wiki page that list all batches and details ?22:09
warthog9no, I'm not sure we even are tracking that well enough to share22:10
RzRcrowdsource this22:11
warthog9lol harder to track the batches22:11
warthog9RzR: we are tracking general defects22:11
warthog9I think the U4 is happening enough it needs to go on the wiki now22:11
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RzRwarthog9, prpplague while i am here22:17
RzRif users near my place22:18
RzRor in europe want to unbrick their board22:18
RzRI can help doing this in west of france22:18
RzRor at fosdem22:18
warthog9RzR: dediprog?22:18
RzRsaved my life22:18
RzRmaybe  the same can be achieved using an *other* minnoboardmax 's spidev22:19
RzRnote this as a marketing trick22:20
RzRfar better than planned obsolescence isnt it ? ;)22:20
warthog9RzR: sadly, no22:20
warthog9RzR: the spi pins on the max are still 3.3v, the spi input on that header is 1.8v22:20
RzRthen a levelshifter should be documented too22:21
RzRI will keep you up to date on feb14  about fosdem22:22
warthog9what I should do is poke prpplague to build and publish that little adpater thing I asked him to do FOREVER ago22:22
RzRthis is a good event you probably already know about22:22
prpplaguewarthog9: i know22:22
RzRnow i am gone22:24
RzRlater guys22:24
*** RzR is now known as rZr22:24
* warthog9 waves at rZr 22:24
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "Announcing the MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki resources at | Please update your firmware (see g+/facebook/mailing list) | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core in stock at AVNet right now!"23:29
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HoloPedhey warthog923:56
HoloPedDo you know how to access the GPIO pins on the Max when running Win8.1 ?23:56
warthog9HoloPed: I can honestly say I have no clue23:57
warthog9I think there's something on the MS page23:57

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