Sunday, 2014-12-07

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warthog9aholler: 7.5hrs seems about right, usb storage is *NOT* fast15:14
trickstarterI am close to moving on to trying virtualbox, I don’t have many other options, kvm doesn’t seem to supprot usb2 pass through15:26
warthog9trickstarter: it should...15:27
* warthog9 was pretty sure he was doing it recently15:27
warthog9ohhh that wasn't usb that was block device15:27
trickstarterI havent’ actually tried it, I just read around and saw a lot of docs that said ohci support, no ehci with kvm15:27
warthog9(the block devices being on usb)15:27
warthog9trickstarter: what you trying to pass through?15:28
trickstarterA usb2 802.11ac wifi dongle15:28
trickstarterThe 1.1 would probably work but I need the higher bus speed for the faster wifi..15:29
warthog9trickstarter: why pass through?15:29
trickstarterWell, I was hoping to 802.11q trunk the minnow to my switch, then spin up multiple guests, one of which would be running openwrt for my family firewall setup, including the wifi support15:30
trickstarterTrying to retire redundant hardware. I dont see any point in running a consumer firewall/wifi  device when i can run it virtually. Can eliminate 10 watts used by my current AP :-)15:31
trickstarterI am on the grid, I dont know why I am trying so hard to drive down power usage, I guess it’s just because I can, it’s a challenge15:31
warthog9trickstarter: I assume you've seen:
warthog9trickstarter: I did that a few years ago, massive consolidation and virtualization effort15:32
trickstarterwarthog9 - i have seen that yes, it does say right at the start no ehci15:32
warthog9I'm down to a server and a firewall (and the plethora of access points)15:32
trickstarterI am actually fully bivirtualized already, it’s all runnig on an asus q400 laptop, but that thing chews up 30 watts all day, I am convinced I can get this down to < 5 watts15:32
warthog9trickstarter: it says the howto is specific to uhci15:32
trickstarteroh goodness, yes, right there next to ehci15:33
trickstarterI think I saw no ehci and assumed if that wasnt supported why would uhci.. I will go back and read that again15:33
warthog9trickstarter: yeah it doesn't talk about xhci either, so that might be an old page15:34
warthog9actually I know it's an old page "Fedora 15"15:34
warthog921 just released ;-)15:34
trickstarterI am a little frustrated with the xen testing, it seems so close, i just can’t let it go yet15:34
warthog9or will be released on Tuesday I think15:34
* warthog9 suspects usb2/3 work15:34
trickstarterI wish those lure’s woudl show up, i’ve got my msata ssd sitting waiting15:37
warthog9trickstarter: I'm down in GDC so I haven't heard where things are at on those15:39
warthog9trickstarter: hmmmm not up on technodisti yet15:40
* warthog9 makes a note to grumble about it on Monday15:40
* trickstarter dances around15:48
trickstartera dom0 just booted15:48
trickstarterwell it scrubbedf memory and then blew up before I could see what happened but that’s further than i’vfe gotten before15:49
warthog9trickstarter: ok I'm about to head out for home15:56
warthog9back late tonight15:56
trickstarterCatch you next time.15:58
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