Monday, 2014-12-08

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HoloPedFound this cool thing16:18
prpplagueHoloPed: cute16:23
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warthog9so many things in my cube17:27
prpplaguewarthog9: so many things in boxes in my cube, hehe17:36
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koenwarthog9: did you assimilate everything17:41
koenwarthog9: I should have some time this week to dig down on the mmax problems I have17:41
koenI strongly suspect a broken hdmi framer, but I have to break out the scope for that17:42
koen(assuming the board has a framer)17:42
prpplaguekoen: what issue are you seeing?17:45
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trip0has anyone tried beignet on the max?17:46
koenprpplague: no picture on monitor, 'fbset' returns proper resolution for EDID17:51
koenno picture in EFI either17:51
prpplaguekoen: ahh17:51
prpplaguekoen: but you have serial console?17:51
prpplaguekoen: we've had several reports of that17:52
prpplaguekoen: hdmi or dvi?17:52
koenEFI booting didn't work properly either, I had to trick it using EFI stuf and startup.nsh17:52
koenboth, dvi on monitor, hdmi on tv17:52
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prpplaguekoen: what version of the firmware?17:52
koenwhatever was latest a month ago17:53
koenreflashed it after I received the board17:53
prpplaguekoen: ahh17:53
koen64 bit non-debug version17:53
prpplaguekoen: i wonder if it is the microHDMI connector17:53
koenof course all the versions it displays on serial don't match the actual version17:53
prpplaguekoen: it's the same one used on black which we had some issues with17:54
prpplaguekoen: huh?17:54
prpplaguekoen: it's suppose to17:54
* prpplague makes a note to look17:54
koenit might display it at some point17:54
koenbut not where it makes sense17:54
prpplaguekoen: i'll check into that17:55
koene.g. it displays the *shell* version at the point where I expect to see the fw version17:55
prpplaguekoen: yea, that could be considered confusing17:56
koenand the #*%(*%(##*# shell matches on extension, not header17:56
koenso trying to run 'bzImage' will fail17:56
warthog9prpplague: you should see my cube17:56
koenmv bzimage bzimage.efi ; bzimage.efi17:56
koenthat will work17:56
koenand of course the error message implies the file is not a proper EFI app17:57
prpplaguekoen: welcome to UEFI18:01
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warthog9prpplague: I have a pile more pci-e devices on my desk18:04
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GPSFanprpplague, do you know off hand if the 2 uarts on the low speed connector need anything special to enable... Linux Mint 17 kernel.18:14
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prpplagueGPSFan: as long as you have at least 3.14 kernel, iirc they should be there18:41
prpplaguedrath: hey buddy!18:41
prpplaguedrath: how the heck are you?18:41
prpplaguedrath: long time no see!18:42
drathprpplague: hey prpplague. just the one i've been looking for :-).18:49
prpplaguedrath: uh oh... hehehe18:49
prpplaguedrath: what did i do now?18:49
drathprpplague: nah, i just saw you posting lots of things about intel based hardware, and i'm wondering if you also know something about edison?18:51
prpplaguedrath: not as much as on the edison18:51
prpplaguedrath: since minnow-max is my baby, i've been concentrating on the baytrail-i series for now18:52
prpplaguedrath: although i expect to be coming up to speed on quark and edison stuff soon18:52
drathprpplague: yeah, looks like Intel's attacking on several interesting areas at once :-)18:53
prpplaguedrath: indeed!18:53
prpplaguedrath: i've got to run to a meeting, but look forward to seeing you around in the channel!18:55
drathprpplague: see you!18:55
warthog9mmmmm coffee18:56
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GPSFanprpplague, OK, I'll do some more poking, I wasn't able to get anything out of either of them. They are just PC 8250 like serial ports, so they should be supported. I'm running kernel 3.17.18:58
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dvhartGPSFan, I believe the UART2,3 use the HSUART driver19:08
dvhartas they can run at 4Mb19:09
dvhartAlso, make sure they are enabled in the firmware19:09
dvhart(and not configured for GPIO)19:09
GPSFandvhart, is that in the "bios" setup?19:23
warthog9GPSFan: yeah19:26
warthog9second let me pull up the existing path19:26
* warthog9 really needs that to be a collapsable thing19:27
warthog9so it's more obvious19:27
GPSFanwarthog9, thanks19:28
GPSFanwarthog9, so under misc connfiguration "UART Interface Selection" should be "SuperIO" ??19:30
warthog9GPSFan: second let me see if I can find exactly what that does19:31
GPSFanwarthog9, internal uart is the default the link you provided didn't give any hint as to why you would select one vs the other.19:32
warthog9GPSFan: yeah19:33
warthog9I copied that data straight from the firmware menu screens19:33
warthog9GPSFan: I'm looking up what it does in the code right now19:34
* warthog9 hates the code as documentation19:34
warthog9GPSFan: ohhhhh I am so not going to be happy if what I just discovered is what I just discovered19:36
GPSFanwarthog9, do tell...19:36
warthog9GPSFan: it's *POSSIBLE* the firmware team decided the entire menu was "proprietary" and stuck it in one of the binary blobs19:37
warthog9GPSFan: want to guess what's going to happen if that's the case? ;-)19:37
GPSFanwarthog9, swell.19:37
* GPSFan ducks and looks out for flying fish.19:37
* warthog9 raises an eyebrow at all of this and goes to try and find a different text string19:39
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe, i have some flying fish in the freezer at home19:40
* GPSFan has some sheep19:41
* GPSFan in the freezer19:41
* warthog9 has been in Guadalajara for a week and has no idea what's in the fridge/freezer right now19:42
prpplagueGPSFan: hehe -
GPSFanwarthog9, you may not want to know what whats in your fridge is doing now ;>))19:43
warthog9GPSFan: I assume my significant other has thrown away anything that was growing that shouldn't have been19:45
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HoloPedDoes anyone know how to access the I2C port under Win8.1 ?20:23
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warthog9HoloPed: i2c there's a document, let me find it quick22:23
warthog9HoloPed: might be the same one I pointed you at last week22:23
warthog9(where I thought might have the GPIOs)22:23
HoloPedwhich didn't really help :L22:23
HoloPedit seems that accessing the GPIO under windows is voodoo22:24
HoloPedI'm pretty much the first that wants that22:24
warthog9HoloPed: can you send me an e-mail with the request and I'll pull our Windows guy in?22:25
HoloPedsure thing22:25
warthog9once we've got the info we'll try and write up some better documentation22:27
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HoloPedAny reason why a usb wifi dongle is not recognized on the MinnowBoard? It works on my desktop Win8.1 machine22:33
HoloPedit doesn't even show up on the device managed, it's simply ignored22:33
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warthog9HoloPed: you mean it's not showing in `lsusb`?22:49
gaumlesstaking too much power?  try it in a powered hub.22:54
HoloPedIt is powered22:57
HoloPedwarthog9, what is lsusb ?22:57
trip0how easy is accessing the GPIO's under linux?22:59
prpplaguetrip0: depends on the level of functionality you want23:00
prpplaguetrip0: simple bit back is very very easy23:00
trip0pwm output?23:00
prpplaguetrip0: pwm is similar23:01
prpplaguetrip0: both are accessable via sysfs entries23:01
prpplaguetrip0: but depending on what you want to do, you may want a higher level of access23:01
trip0ahh... so I can just open() and write() to the right sysfs device?23:01
prpplaguetrip0: yes if you want to23:01
prpplaguetrip0: there are tons of tutorials on the net for that23:02
trip0cool :)23:02
HoloPednot cool23:02
HoloPedwhy not windows23:02
prpplaguewarthog9: this one breaks out the USB and is a half-card adapter23:18
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warthog9prpplague: that's an interesting card (the second one)23:42
warthog9I've got several of the other ones23:42
warthog9all sitting on my desk right now23:42
prpplaguewarthog9: ordered a couple23:42
warthog9HoloPed: `lsusb` show's what's attached to the USB bus under linux23:42
HoloPedoh, I'm talking about windows ( as usual with me)23:43
warthog9HoloPed: ohhh I thought you said it didn't work under Linux23:43
warthog9HoloPed: my bad I miss-read that completely23:43
warthog9HoloPed: does it not show up in device manager, usb2 or usb3 port?23:43
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gaumlessanyone know if there are GPIO(s) I could look at on the max to see if it's a 1GB SKU or a 2GB SKU?23:50
warthog9gaumless: strangely enough, yes23:50
warthog9but why not just check the memory?23:50
warthog9or the cpu?23:50
gaumlessI'm trying to initialize the memory...23:50
warthog9gaumless: in the firmware>23:51
gaumlessI could check the CPU.23:51
gaumlessI'd like to have one rom that works with either sku.23:51
warthog9give me a second to finish this e-mail search and I'll find the diagram for that in my inbox23:52
gaumlessthanks much.23:52

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