Tuesday, 2014-12-09

warthog9gaumless: ok while I look up what the gpio config is the logic should be:00:03
warthog9(1) read the SPD, if it's valid use that, (2) if #1 wasn't valid check gpio and use hard coded value00:04
gaumlessfair enough.  Last time I checked, the SPD wasn't getting programmed....00:05
gaumlessBut that was a bit ago.00:05
warthog9gaumless: it's not yet00:05
warthog9gaumless: there's a huge giant mess/fight/bleh going on about that00:05
warthog9I don't expect that to get properly resolved until Jan right now00:06
* warthog9 will then do up instructions on how people can fill it in on their own, etc00:06
gaumlesssounds good.00:06
gaumlessI don't have the smbus code to read it in coreboot yet, but that shouldn't be a big deal to add...00:07
warthog9hopefully not00:07
warthog9ok found the right thing, I'm going to add it to the wiki, once I figure out where it should go00:07
warthog9I guess in the firmware block00:07
warthog9errr hmmm00:07
warthog9that doesn't entirely make sense00:07
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warthog9gaumless: and in a few seconds once the wiki catches up, it's there00:14
warthog9gaumless: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#GPIO_for_1GB_vs_2GB00:14
warthog9gaumless: if you need, I've got some single core / 1GB boards I can test a build on, if you don't00:15
gaumlessgreat.  Thanks.00:15
gaumlessI don't.00:15
gaumlessI should have something tomorrow, I'll send it to you then.  You have a hardware spi programmer, I assume?00:16
warthog9gaumless: yu00:16
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GPSFanwarthog9, did you ever figure out what the UART INTERFACE settings did in the BIOS setup? I switched to SuperIO and still can't see uart1 and uart2. uart0 works fine (ftdi serial connector) I looked through dmesg and didn't see any reference to anythig but uart016:42
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dvhartGPSFan, which kernel?16:52
dvhartGPSFan, it does appear that the 8250_pci driver should support those ports16:53
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GPSFandvhart, 3.17 on linux mint 17. This goes under the heading of " what works out of the box on a mainline default kernel" I'm not seeing anything in dmesg that would indicate that there is more than 1 8250 like serial port found. stty -F /dev/ttyS0 produces the expected result, whod stty -F /dev/ttyS1 produces an ioerror.17:04
dvhartwhich firmware version?17:05
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dvhart(I have tested this previously and was able to access them, so trying to understand your specific configuration)17:06
GPSFandvhart, http://uefidk.com/sites/default/files/2014-WW42.4-MinnowBoardMax.73-64-bit.bin_Release.zip17:07
dvhart.73, OK. Thanks.17:22
GPSFandvhart, no problem, I just trying to get a feel for whether I need to rebuild the kernel myself or can I use what comes from the distro.17:25
dvhartfirst step is to verify your firmware is configured properly17:27
dvhartthe UART options under LPSS should be enabled17:28
dvharthave you verifed that?17:28
GPSFanI believe so, let me reboot to the bios shell.17:28
dvhartiirc, with those enabled, I saw ttyS1 and ttyS2 with 3.14+17:29
dvhartso I'd expect that with 3.1717:29
GPSFanok, device manager > south cluster config >lpss17:29
GPSFan lpss & scc set to acpi mode17:30
GPSFaniirc, all that was set to the defaults17:31
dvhartnote there are two dma channels with options under each17:32
GPSFanlpss1 config hsuart1 support enable hsuart2 support enable17:32
dvhartcan you try changing that to PCI mode17:33
GPSFanonly thin disabled in lpss1 config is the flow control17:33
dvhartand then sending me the output of lspci17:33
dvhartyeah, that's fine17:33
GPSFanok give me a few min17:33
GPSFanbooting now17:34
warthog9GPSFan: sorry, I got distracted let me re-start looking at that17:35
dvhart"distracted" haha, that's a nice word for it17:35
GPSFanwarthog9, no problem btw I running .73 firmware and have a complaint that if it doesn't find a goof efi device to boot from that it takes a minute to time out before dropping to the efi shell. I can interrupt the startup with an F2 but if I miss that it takes a minute to time out.17:37
GPSFanbtw, .71 dropped immediately to the shell17:37
dvhartGPSFan, that's the boot order17:38
dvhartGPSFan, move network below the shell17:38
warthog9GPSFan: do you have an ethernet cable plugged in?17:38
GPSFanyes ethernet plugged in17:39
warthog9does it show "._" when it's sitting there being stupid?17:39
warthog9and taking forever to boot?17:40
warthog9(this'll only show on hdmi)17:40
GPSFanwarthog9, yep17:40
GPSFanit shows on the fdti serial as well17:40
warthog9GPSFan: that's the board attempting to network boot with the *WORST* feedback ever17:40
GPSFanswell ;>P17:41
GPSFanok I can deal with that17:41
warthog9GPSFan: think I've got a bug open on that, second17:41
warthog9it's *SUPPOSED* to be fixed in the next release17:41
dvhartYou can change the boot order17:41
dvhartand the problem goes away, it's just a poor default choice17:41
warthog9dvhart: that doesn't always seem to be the case in what I've seen17:42
dvhartoh? hrm... works for me...17:42
GPSFandvhart, lspci reports at 1e.3 and 1e.4 a ValleyView LPI01 HSUART controller17:42
dvhartand "dmesg | grep -i ttyS" ?17:42
warthog9actually dvhart might know what that superio switch in the firmware does17:42
dvhartI don't actually, never have done anything with the firmware menus outside of the LPSS configuration and boot order17:43
dvhartwe are working on those menus17:43
warthog9ok back to trying to find the strings in the source code then17:43
GPSFanyep ttyS4 & ttyS5 now appear and respond to stty -F /dev/ttySx properly17:44
* GPSFan ponders whether ttyS4 & 5 might have also worked with acpi mode since I only tried ttyS0,1,2...17:45
dvhartgood progress17:45
GPSFandvhart, warthog9 thanks a lot!!17:45
dvhartplease let us know what you find about acpi mode17:45
dvhartGPSFan, there's a price17:45
GPSFanI will..17:45
dvhartyou get to update the wiki ;-)17:45
warthog9GPSFan: ok I think I know what I was doing wrong looking for that menu entry17:46
GPSFanwarthog9, I should still have a wiki login from pandaboard days on elinux. I'll put it on the list.... ;>))17:47
warthog9GPSFan: :-)17:47
warthog9yeah I need to get the wiki moved over to the new home so we can add in all the !Linux stuff too17:48
GPSFanttyS4 works ok with minicom17:50
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warthog9GPSFan: do you have an ftdi cable?17:55
GPSFanwarthog9, funny I can't seem to change the boot order. I moved the network boot down to the bottom, saved restarted. it's at the top again... maybe I did it wrong.17:55
GPSFanno, I use a generic usb-serial 3.3v cable.17:55
dvhartGPSFan, you need to use the menu option to save17:55
dvhartnot F1017:55
dvhartthat's also an open bug17:55
warthog9you have to <enter> | move down | <enter> | use the save, not F10 | esc | esc | esc | continue17:56
warthog9I think is the exact steps17:56
* warthog9 might have too many escs17:56
GPSFanah, that's why they put F10=save at the bottom ;>P17:56
dvhartGPSFan, don't get us started17:56
warthog9GPSFan: I know there's a bug about that one17:57
GPSFanyeah, that worked17:57
GPSFanok, booting up mint with acpi vs pci17:58
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GPSFanok, with acpi enabled, lspci does NOT show the ValleyView HSUART, However, ttyS4 & ttyS5 show up in dmesg and work. So, my bad, I must have missed it in dmesg. It's at about 17 seconds into the boot I may have been looking too early. Thanks a lot I'll do something on the wiki when I find that elusive tuit...18:05
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warthog9GPSFan: :-)18:16
warthog9GPSFan: I'm reading how to encode strings for uefi18:17
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tellendilhey ! I've got some problems with my minnowboard. Firmware 0.73, I was able to access a screen on some occasions but now I don't get anything, no internet, no screen :/21:47
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warthog9tellendil: what do you mean by a screen?22:00
tellendilwarthog9, via hdmi22:00
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warthog9are you talking from an hdmi screen?  Do you have an ftdi cable?22:01
warthog9tellendil: does it show anything in the POST, or just from the system start?22:02
warthog9what OS?22:02
tellendilwarthog9, it does not show anything. I tried ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 14.10, gentoo and archlinux, on different ports22:02
warthog9tellendil: does D1 and D2 leds on the board light up?22:02
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tellendilwarthog9, yup !22:03
tellendiland I can't get anything on the serial debug22:03
tellendilI had junk once, then nothing at all22:03
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warthog9tellendil: just checking, are you sure you have the cable the right way around?22:05
tellendilwarthog9, I checked three times, yup I'm sure !22:05
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tellendiland I tried with a ftdi to uart and a simple serial22:05
* warthog9 nods22:05
warthog9what's your power supply?22:06
tellendilit's a 5v 2.5 A22:06
tellendilit worked two weeks ago but I could not get anything from there22:08
*** warthog9 changes topic to "Announcing the MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki resources at http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | Please update your firmware (see g+/facebook/mailing list) | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core, not showing stock anywhere currently"22:12
*** warthog9 changes topic to "Announcing the MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki resources at http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | Please update your firmware (see g+/facebook/mailing list) | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core, not showing stock anywhere currently Dec 9, 2014"22:12
warthog9tellendil: I assume you haven't changed anything in the firmware?22:13
tellendilNo, it's still the 0.73 that worked once or twice :/22:14
warthog9tellendil: e-mail rma@minnowboard.org and cc me, john.hawley@intel.com on it22:14
warthog9sounds like the capacitor failure problem :-/22:14
warthog9prp_plague: --^22:14
tellendilaouch :/ ok, what's your email ?22:15
* prp_plague reads the scroll back22:15
* warthog9 is john22:15
tellendilooh ok sorry :P22:15
warthog9no worries22:15
warthog9I can't convince IT to give me john.warthog9.hawley@intel.com ;-)22:15
trip0stupid IT22:16
tellendilwarthog9, ok done ! thanks for your help22:19
tellendilwarthog9, I'd guess that will mean rma ? or might there be another hope ? ^^22:19
warthog9tellendil: depends on what prp_plague comes back with22:20
warthog9I suspect he'll say RMA22:20
tellendilwarthog9, arf, ok, thanks ! Hope this won't take too long, I'm looking forward to setup my little server, but with all these problems ^22:21
prp_plaguetellendil: how many leds to you have on when you power up the board?22:21
tellendilprp_plague, 2 blue ones !22:24
prp_plaguetellendil: ok that sounds like the U4 mux chip22:24
tellendilthat is ?22:24
warthog9tellendil: rma ;-)22:27
tellendilwarthog9, well ok xD I sent the email, which came back, rejected... I retried, will see22:28
warthog9rma@minnowboard.org claimed rejected?22:28
warthog9can your forward that e-mail to me?22:28
* warthog9 suddenly seems concerned22:28
tellendilthe email telling me it waas rejected ?22:29
*** cpg|away is now known as cpg22:29
tellendilwarthog9, I sent it to you !22:31
warthog9thanks, I see what's going on22:31
tellendilhaha thanks for your help !22:31
tellendildid you received the email ? I'm wanting to go to bed, so just waiting on this ;)22:33
warthog9tellendil: I got it22:34
warthog9let me know if you don't hear anything by tomorrow22:34
tellendilwarthog9, Ok ! thanks again !22:34
warthog9tellendil: go sleep :-)22:36
warthog9tellendil: 'night22:36
tellendilthanks ;)22:37
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zobaMinnowboard is running my Bitcoin trading bot now, woo22:52
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