Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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warthog9zoba: lol00:26
warthog9zoba: take pictures, post them on the internet ;-)00:26
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ranixhmmm I've got a minor issue01:58
ranixI thought the GPIO on the low-speed connector was 3.3v01:58
ranixbut it seems to be 1.8v01:58
ranixon the Max01:58
ranixI found which suggests there are level shifters01:58
ranixare they togglable?01:58
ranixthis really threw a wrench into my plans if the GPIO on the low-speed connector is actually 1.8v since all documentation says it's 3.3v02:04
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prpplagueranix: all the I/O on the LSE is 3.3V02:05
ranixGPIO 216, 217, 218, 219, 82, and 83 on my Minnowboard Max are 1.8v02:06
ranixSPI and i2c logic levels are 3.3v02:06
prpplagueranix: basically those are the values as inputs with no pullups enabled02:06
prpplagueranix: if you want them as outputs you need to set them as that02:07
prpplagueranix: which will enable the 0 or 3.3V02:07
prpplagueranix: the default configuration in the bios is to make it compatible with the calamari lure02:08
prpplagueranix: some gpios are configured as inputs02:08
ranixhow do I enable these pullups? Is exporting the pin as output GPIO in sysfs sufficient?02:09
prpplagueranix: yes that should be sufficient02:10
ranixit is not02:11
ranixbefore performing this the gpio is output/high02:12
ranixat 1.8v02:12
ranixafter performing this the gpio is output/high at 1.8v02:12
ranixtoggling it low by echoing to gpio82/value does turn it off, toggling it high by echoing to gpio82/value does turn it on at 1.8v02:13
ranixif there is any way I can enable the 3.3v pullup that would be extremely helpful02:13
freqranix: what programs are you using for gpio control other than the terminal02:16
ranixfreq: absolutely none, this is a 3.17 yocto kernel with a debian userspace on a fresh boot with almost nothing running02:16
ranixit is a board I got quite awhile ago though, before these were publicly available02:17
freqah okay02:18
freqi'm running jessie w/ fluxbox on mine02:18
prpplagueranix: sounds like something isn't set properly or the level shifters are damaged02:18
prpplagueranix: have you updated to the latest firmware?02:19
ranixI can get an unused Max to see if the level shifters are damaged02:19
prpplagueranix: ping me tomorrow and i'll work with you to do some tests02:19
ranixI am currently using the firmware that has a hack fix for the nvram erasing itself02:19
ranixunsure if that is the most recent02:19
ranixprpplague: can do02:20
prpplagueranix: try updating to the latest 0.73 version02:20
martinrin the baytrail spec, it says that the gpios are mostly on the V1P8S 1.8 V rail. On in S0 only.02:21
prpplaguemartinr: correct02:22
prpplaguemartinr: so if you look at the schematic for the max02:22
prpplaguemartinr: you will see level shifters are added to convert all the i/o on the LSE to 3.3V02:23
ranixack prpplague I seem to be using 0.7102:26
ranixwill upgrade to 0.73 and report results02:26
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ranixwow the max can run windows?02:29
ranixit would never have occurred to me to try that02:29
prpplagueranix: sshhhhh02:31
prpplagueranix: we won't tell if you don't02:32
* warthog9 quick finishes up rebooting the server that has minnowboard on it02:33
ranixwarthog9: you have the exact same name as my boss and it causes my team no end of amusement02:36
prpplagueranix: yes but does your boss have a K-9?02:38
ranixiunno what that is02:38
ranixnope ;)02:39
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ranixI think this gpio thing might just be a brain fart02:50
ranixwithout my lure attached the gpio pins do seem to be 3.3v02:51
ranixthe gpios are apparently just having a hard time driving LEDs02:51
prpplagueranix: hehe02:51
prpplagueranix: sounds like you might have some math issues02:52
prpplagueranix: do you have some current limiting resistors in place?02:52
ranixyeah I just assumed the same design I used for the old lure would work02:52
ranixyeah 180 ohms before the led02:52
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freqanyone figure out how to turn off the blue lights?03:59
freqim looking for black paint04:01
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tellendilhey ! warthog9 the second email did not pass either :/14:12
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ldiamondCan I install pretty much any linux distro on a minnowboard?15:21
inflex*sigh* does anywhere have MMax's available? Even single core?15:24
* inflex see's that Mouser has a backlog in excess of 800 units15:24
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tbrmeh, would have told them about technodisti...15:31
tbrldiamond: yes, note the recommended/supported kernel versions though. so while user space might be anything, at least the kernel needs to be moderately recent15:32
av500SLS anybody?15:44
tbryou try, I watch :)15:55
hrwI have to take mmax to post office before xmas...15:56
av500he breaks all hw15:58
av500hw hates him15:58
tbryup, we know that15:58
hrwtbr: it is not again. it just takes me so much time15:59
hrwalways other things to do15:59
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warthog9tellendil: the e-mail passed, there's a specific person on that alias who's e-mail is bouncing16:01
warthog9tellendil: you are fine :-)16:01
tellendilwarthog9, oh ok thanks !16:02
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tellendilwarthog9, no answer though ;)16:02
warthog9tellendil: I'll bug CircuitCo about it later today16:03
warthog9tellendil: actually I'm seeing a response to one of them...16:04
tellendilwarthog9, oh, I'm veryifying16:04
warthog9came in a half hour ago or so16:05
tellendilwarthog9, you're right, sorry !16:05
tellendilwarthog9, do you know where I can see the revision ? :/16:06
warthog9with the board and the writing the correct way up, lower right16:06
warthog9if there's not a sticker there saying "A1, A2, etc" you almost certainly have an A1 board16:07
tellendiloh A2 ! thanks ;)16:07
hrwis there a software way to check a1/a2?16:12
warthog9hrw: no because from the software perspective there's no difference16:12
warthog9hrw: yeah trying to remember exactly what's different16:13
warthog9think some caps got removed and a couple of other minor things on that par16:13
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ranixAre GPIO pins on the Max 5v tolerant?22:52
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warthog9ranix: 3.3v23:27
* warthog9 has been meaning to add that to the wiki23:27
warthog9ohhhh, it's on the wiki23:27
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* warthog9 adds a 5v warning23:29
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trip0how are people using audio with the max?  I'm noticing there aren't many (if any) hdmi audio breakout adapters.23:42
prpplaguetrip0: if you need analog audio the best way to add a codec via the LSE23:44
prpplaguetrip0: are you needing audio without video?23:45
trip0no.  But the video screen doesn't have audio capabilities.23:45
prpplagueyea that's a dvi based display23:48
trip0looks like adafruit has displays with audio over hdmi capability23:50
trip0so maybe I'll get one of those instead23:50
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