Thursday, 2014-12-11

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warthog9trip0: LSE or USB audio might be good options00:32
warthog9or bluetooth00:32
trip0ooo... bluetooth00:37
warthog9trip0: you'd still have to add a bluetooth dongle ;-)00:37
warthog9but it would work00:37
trip0or a PCIe card... right?00:38
warthog9there's a lane in the HSE00:40
warthog9but there's not a normal mPCI-E or PCI-E slot00:40
warthog9the seacat or jetsam lures provide mpci-e00:40
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warthog9and I've been talking to a group that will, eventually, make up a full size pci-e lure00:41
warthog9but I don't have ETAs or prices00:41
trip0ahh, so there is a HSE lure that does mPCIe00:43
warthog9trip0: yeah, if it's not up on technodisti I'll have words with CCo tomorrow00:43
warthog9trip0: I'll apparently be having words with them00:44
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trip0I found the lures on the wiki...
trip0however, no info on "where to buy" tm00:50
warthog9trip0: technodisti.com00:50
warthog9but the mpci-e ones (seacat/jetsam) aren't up00:51
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captain1181lol wow this IRC channel isn't very active.01:47
captain1181I ordered from Mouser last week.  Are we still on schedule to have stock this week?  I'm hoping to get it in for a project before Christmas.01:49
ranixit's pretty active. How would you know whether it is or not after 4 minutes lol01:51
captain1181Ah I made a bad assumption.  I'm using a new client and when I rejoined the room it showed my previous messages as if it was the last message sent.  My previous client didn't do that.01:53
captain1181Did any of you attend Blackhat this year?01:56
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* tbr boots his max, finally to play with it17:11
* tbr is confused because apparently the UART0 documentation is "reversed"17:14
* tbr did the usual of RT→TX and TX→RX and it didn't work17:14
tbrwarthog9 / prpplague - any specific reason why UART0 is _never_ mentioned as such? It's only mentioned as "Serial console", which didn't help me finding it as I saw UART1 and UART2 and kept looking for UART017:17
prpplaguetbr: i am not sure what you mean17:18
tbrprpplague: the UART with "FTDI standard" pinout, on elinux it's only referred to as "Serial console"17:18
prpplaguetbr: right17:19
tbrif you look for UART, you will only find UART1 and UART2 on one of the expansion connectors17:19
prpplaguetbr: ahh17:19
prpplaguetbr: i guess it would be wise to add that the serial console is actually UART0. is that what you are saying?17:19
tbrso is it ok to add the word UART or UART0 to the wiki page describing it?17:20
prpplaguetbr: sure add it17:20
tbr*nod* will do17:20
prpplaguetbr: that's what the wiki is for of course!17:20
tbryes, but there might have been a good reason. that's why I asked. (I have the edit window already open)17:20
prpplaguetbr: we also need to add a note that lots of times the cheap Chinese usb->uart adapters have the pin labeled differently with regards to RX/TX17:21
tbralso the pinout description is "reversed"17:21
prpplaguetbr: no good reason other that it did not occur to me or warthog917:21
warthog9good reason for?17:21
tbrat least the chinese crap I have here and the Sparkfun page listed the pin order: RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS, GND (as seen from the cable)17:22
tbrwarthog9: not saying that "serial console" is UART017:22
* prpplague looks17:22
* warthog9 thought that was assumed17:23
* warthog9 can add that to the wiki17:23
tbrwarthog9: I have the edit window open, but if you are bored, feel free :)17:23
prpplaguetbr: RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS, GND17:23
warthog9tbr: naw, credit where credit's due17:24
prpplaguetbr: that matches what i see on the wiki17:24
* prpplague looks again17:24
warthog9tbr: as for that pinout being reversed did you notice that there's a pinout for A0 and A117:24
tbrprpplague: yes, but I'm pretty sure that RX is TX and TX is RX17:24
warthog9err A1+17:24
prpplaguetbr: that pinout is the stock ftdi connector17:24
warthog9and that the pictures attached to that section have the number of the pins different17:24
tbrmine is REV___17:24
warthog9hmmmm someone wiped out the A0 info17:25
prpplaguetbr: A1+17:25
prpplaguewarthog9: i did17:25
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* warthog9 blames prpplague 17:25
prpplaguewarthog9: since only intel folks and a few people had the A017:25
tbrprpplague: yes, and that's convenient for beginners. but someone who's used to wiring RX to TX and TX to RX like me gets confused17:25
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warthog9prpplague: that explains why the internal folks who have the a0's keep claiming the serial doesn't work17:25
prpplaguetbr: hmm17:26
tbrI'm perfectly fine with how it's there, just a note "pins as labelled on your adaptor or cable" or such?17:26
prpplaguetbr: this is really a catch 22, no matter how we label it there will be some people will be unhappy17:27
prpplaguetbr: understood17:27
tbrabsolutely, and I realize that17:27
warthog9I think labeling it form the cable perspective makes slightly more sense17:27
tbrit's like plugging in USB-A connectors. you get it wrong at least once, rather twice17:27
warthog9we can note the rxd/txd are from the cable perspective if that would help17:28
prpplaguewarthog9: the note about the pinout on A0 is still there17:28
prpplaguewarthog9: just not the diagram17:28
prpplaguewarthog9: it was confusing for the general public17:29
warthog9prpplague: yeah, which is why the internal folks keep getting confused ;-)17:29
warthog9(there are far fewer of the internal folks, I'm fine with them being confused)17:29
prpplaguewarthog9: yea but the note is still there17:30
tbrwarthog9: you could consider that. just wanted to mention that lack of that confused me, but I also knew to just reverse and retry.17:31
warthog9tbr: true17:31
prpplaguetbr: sufficient?17:33
tbrprpplague: yes17:33
tbrand now to do something more productive than issuing random UEFI commands...17:33
warthog9tbr: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/ttyS017:35
tbrwarthog9: yeah, that's what I did when I was looking for the hidden UART on my Nexus417:36
tbrit magically shows up if you apply 3V to the mic line or such17:37
prpplaguetbr: hehe17:39
prpplaguetbr: blame me for that one17:40
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GPSFanwarthog9, I added a bit to the wiki about the hs uarts. been a while since I did any wiki editing.18:05
tbrit's UART-day!18:08
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warthog9GPSFan: :-)18:44
warthog9GPSFan: if I hate it, I'll go clean it up later18:44
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GPSFanwarthog9, ;>))19:02
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trip0need 4" OLED for max20:43
trip0prpplague: make it happen!20:43
trip0want to make one of these:
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warthog9trip0: think I've got a 3in one sitting in my cube somewhere20:55
trip0oooo.  where did you get it?21:03
warthog9just bought one off adafruit21:04
warthog9or was it sparkfun21:05
warthog9not 3in21:06
warthog9think my larger one is lcd vs. oled21:06
trip0an LED would probably work.  Those are a little easier to get in that size.21:07
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trip0OLED would be ideal because of the available contrast21:09
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warthog9holtmann: can you check on bug 6722, I'm getting yelled at in the triage meeting about it ;-)23:23
yoctiBug normal, Medium, Production Release, marcel, NEEDINFO , Boot entry for partition not exposed23:23
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holtmannwarthog9: I don't have a minnowboard around at the moment.23:30
holtmannAnd I still need to update the damn firmware on mine, but I decided to wait until version stuff got sorted and I have clear instructions which one I should try.23:31
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