Friday, 2014-12-12

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freqso, does intel own minnowboard?00:33
prpplaguefreq: is the same type of organization as the raspberry pi foundation and beagleboard.org00:41
prpplaguefreq: a non-profit with board members00:41
freqthat's the best kind00:42
freqthat's all i buy!00:42
freqwhat's a good minimal alternative to cheese00:44
freqthat's a great idea. i just can't take pictures with that00:48
prpplaguefreq: i prefer guvcview00:51
prpplaguefreq: works great with my usb microscope00:51
freqdoes it have a similar interface?00:51
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prpplaguebenjamirc: we have limit on intel people in the channel, you have to pay extra.... hehe00:53
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prpplagueguess he didn't have any paypal funds01:06
warthog9holtmann: do you need another one?01:19
holtmannIf you have one. That would help. Also I think the miniPCI part of my Lure is broken.01:20
prpplagueholtmann: seacat?01:20
holtmannSATA part works, but I can not get any wifi card to work.01:20
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prpplagueholtmann: we found an issue with seacat01:21
prpplagueholtmann: i can get you a jetsam and flotsam01:22
prpplagueholtmann: and you can send you seacat back for rework01:22
holtmannThere was already some rework done on that one ;)01:23
prpplagueholtmann: yea01:24
prpplagueholtmann: need to add some caps to the diff pairs on the tx signal01:24
prpplagueholtmann: blame me, i am new to pcie01:24
holtmannI you have spare jetsam and flotsam, I take them, but I liked the seacat having both sata and pcie.01:26
prpplagueholtmann: seacat 2.0 is coming01:26
holtmannI see.01:27
freqcan we transmit fm frequence yet01:30
freqwhere are all of the projects being hosted01:30
warthog9freq: there was a group doing MAX + SDR01:37
warthog9don't know where that's at01:37
warthog9if you need hosting for something you can talk to me, or find somewhere else and let me know where01:37
freqi have a website i would not mind posting pages to01:38
warthog9well post there, let us know what you are up to01:42
warthog9and we'll get stuff going on our main page01:43
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trickstarterHas anyone hard about max lure availability yet? either of the boards with msata on them16:52
prpplaguetrickstarter: the lures are coming out of production now and such be up on shortly16:52
* tbr would not expect anything any time soon, it's CCo after all...16:52
prpplaguetrickstarter: at least the Flotsam and Jetsam should be there16:52
prpplaguetrickstarter: the calamari and prototype lures are already available from technodisti.com16:53
trickstarterIn a way when they’re up on tchnodisti it will be kind of sad, because it’ll break my daily routine of going there and refreshing the page16:53
prpplaguetrickstarter: hehe16:54
prpplaguetrickstarter: you primarily want the flotsam?16:54
trickstarterWell, I was thinking about the flotsam, but now I’m starting to thing the seacat wold be smarter,might as well get that extra mcpie slot and use that real estate16:56
trickstarteror have the option to at lesat16:56
trickstarterstill, all this waiting is giving me plenty of time to bang my head against the wall with virtualization. made slightly more progress wtih xen, the dom0 kernel boots pretty far if you use acpi=off, but then it seems to hang around the random: init stuff16:58
trickstartergets to “write protecting the kernel” .. then it takes 30 second for the first message to pop out from random, then another 30 seconds before “nonblocking pool is initialized” pops out, then it’s stuck.17:00
trickstartergot virtualbox running pretty well though17:00
prpplaguetrickstarter: ahh ok17:02
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trip0can the max boot from ssd or usb?17:17
prpplaguetrip0: from both usb2 and usb317:18
prpplaguetrip0: and for ssd17:18
prpplaguetrip0: you can boot from the onboard sata, or via the sata on the HSE17:19
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Bryansteinwarthog9, ping21:26
* trip0 boots tizen-common on max. 21:27
trip0That was really easy.  Wow21:27
prpplaguetrip0: android is just as easy21:29
trip0oh.  interesting21:30
trip0somewhere there are x86_64 efi images of android floating around?21:30
Bryansteintrip0, android-ia21:31
BryansteinWhen you click download there should be a link somewhere that says minnowboard install or something21:32
trip0wow... why does that reroute me to the chinese language site?21:33
* trip0 sees max installer21:33
trip0only 4.4? :(21:33
prpplaguetrip0: new release expected shortly21:34
trip0"Intel ® platform above Andrews"21:35
trip0google translate is fun21:35
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warthog9Bryanstein: about to head out to an eye doctor appointment, can it wait till this evening?22:35
Bryansteinwarthog9, sure thing SEE you later22:36
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zoba_man, Bryanstein is on fire22:39
BryansteinZing :oP22:39
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