Saturday, 2014-12-13

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* trickstarter collaposes in a heap17:38
trickstarterroot@base:~# xl list17:38
trickstarterName                                        ID   Mem VCPUsStateTime(s)17:38
trickstarterDomain-0                                     0  1819     1     r-----      23.917:38
ka6soxtrickstarter, excellent17:43
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trickstartermental note: do not start a kernel make -j4 when you only have 80mb of free ram20:48
* trickstarter slaps himself20:48
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ka6soxtrickstarter, did things get "interesting"?21:17
trickstarterYes, I’ve been hammering away at it for ages21:17
trickstarteroh, the kernel config lol21:18
trickstarteryes the box would ping but otherwise not do anything, processing dieing left and right21:18
trickstartertook 20 minutes to accept a control c21:18
trickstarterThe xen stuff has been hard work. For some reason I couldn’t get the xen efi loader to be happy with any initrd files. I ended up installing a system - without lvm - and building enough support in to a kernel so it didnt need an initrd. that and acpi=off for the dom-0 seems to be the magic combo21:21
ka6soxare you going to put lvm back in?21:21
ka6soxmaybe not use lvm for Dom0 but for VMs?21:22
trickstarterI am going to see if I can dfigure out the deal with the initrd’s, there must be a simple explanation that I21:22
trickstarteram not getting it21:22
trickstarteryes, that’s my fall back stratefy - dom0 in a small boot partition, dom-u’s on lvm21:22
ka6soxthats been what I've done for years.21:22
ka6soxany reason why you chose xl over xe?21:23
trickstarterI havent actually used xen since about 2007 when I had co-hosted hardware, so I just sort of used the first thing I saw21:24
trickstarterare there any advantages to one over the other?21:24
ka6soxthe active development is with xe and xenapi21:24
ka6soxits a efi happy Dom0 with xsconsole and xenapi built in.21:25
ka6soxso you can use front ends like xencenter to control.21:26
trickstarterMy needs are pretty modest, as they should be trying to do this on a m-max i guess. I am trying to virtaulize my wifi/ap router. I already ran openwrt on a tp-link box, figured i might as well run openwrt virtaulized with wifi adapter passed in. So there’s that, then a few guests to run other random stuff.21:28
trickstarterI’m really banking on the pci passthrough working well even though there’s no iommu to help21:29
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ka6soxsounds like a fun projerc21:29
trickstarteryeah I just saw all these people buying $200-$300 high end netgear this and that’s, and it occured to me I could achieve the same and better with a minnowmax and a 802.11ac wifi nic, plus I could bundle in my home media server on to it with virtualization21:31
trickstarterI got disheartened with xen for a few days and switched to virtualbox and got that going pretty wuickly. the virtual opernwrt worked pretty well with wifi adapter passed in via usb, but the latency was pretty sporadic. apparently virtualbox emualte ehci and it can be kinda slow, which is what i saw. virtualbox wont let you do pci pass through, so i couldnt send in the usb3 controller, so i went back to xen21:32
trickstarter(wont let you do it without iommu, i mean..)21:33
ka6soxthere are better drivers out there including the ones that are related to this:
ka6soxthis is a small Dom0 that would work nicely for your project and has pretty good driver support especially for USB devices.21:38
trickstarterI will take a look at that, thanks21:39
ka6soxtrickstarter, I use this for my machines that I host routers on as well.21:39
ka6soxDom0 lives *inside* the FW and router is only exposed element21:39
ka6sox(this is what my home router/server is)21:41
trickstarterWhen I get this thing fully operational, then biggest issue is goign to be what to encase the board and lure in…22:00
* trickstarter wanders around eyeing up various old pieces of consumer electronics that would make a suitable carcass22:00
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