Monday, 2014-12-15

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nicksydneyHi all...I've got PCA9306 breakout board that I need to connect to MPU6050 for MinnowMax and was wondering if someone can talk a look at the wiring diagram that I've created and tell me whether this is correct  ? as I don't want to fry my MinnowMax :)
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aholler_looks wrong12:26
aholler_hmm, no, looks good12:27
aholler_got confused as both 3.3 and 5v are coming from the minnowmax ;)12:28
aholler_what's with that en? doesn't that mean enable and has to be conneted too?12:29
aholler_btw., I'm a softworker, so don't trust me in regard to hw. ;)12:30
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aholleraccording to the ds, en has to be high12:34
ahollerthe ds also says that pullup-resistors are still needed12:37
ahollernicksydney: does the max and the mpu already have these pullups?12:38
ahollerhmm, a bit further the ds says the pca has these pullups. confusing ;)12:39
ahollerand that en is connected to vref2 through a pullup12:40
ahollerso your thingy might be ok12:40
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ahollerbut in the the wiring further below they still use pullups.12:43
ahollerwhat a confusing ds12:43
ahollerI would think pullups are still required.12:48
ahollernicksydney: 11.2 in the ds has a formular for the pullups12:49
ahollerah, the breakout already has these resistors12:56
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nicksydneyaholler: thanks....but now i'm lost :)18:58
nicksydneyaholler: so is the wiring correct ?18:59
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ahollernicksydney: yes19:33
ahollerdisclaimer ...19:33
ahollerif you're lost you probably should do such things ;)19:36
nicksydneyaholler: thanks19:48
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macmeckprpplague: is there any further info on the updated/final seacat lure available?20:37
prpplaguemacmeck: nothing currently20:37
macmeckhow are connectors arranged? you have some pictures available?20:37
macmeckor even a test board? ;-) then I could work on the case over the holidays...20:38
prpplaguemacmeck: i do know there are at least 2 third-party developers creating similar items such as the seacat lure20:38
macmeckhm, who?20:38
prpplaguemacmeck: can't say atm20:38
prpplaguemacmeck: but there are several configurations i have seen20:39
prpplaguemacmeck: one with the the msata and the mpcie side by side20:39
prpplaguemacmeck: the other is the msata is on top side of the board, while the mpcie is on bottom20:39
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macmeckdo you know anything about their timeline?20:40
macmeckI was expecting the secat in summer already ;-)20:41
prpplaguemacmeck: unfortunately no20:41
macmeckprpplague: okay, but you're still working on "your" seacat lure but no expected release date, right?20:46
prpplaguemacmeck: seacat design is basically done, it just needs to go to preproduction testing20:46
prpplaguemacmeck: but since all resources are being pushed for max production it may be a while20:47
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