Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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nicksydneyhi all..according to this page http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax under the section "Low Speed Expansion (Top)"  pin 13 and 15 have issues "have issues with firmware prior to 0.71 " .. how to check the firmware that I have on my MinnowMax ?00:51
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trickstarternicksydney - the bios front page setup screen has something like MNW2MAX .X64.0072.D30.1408201534 on it, the x64 means 64 bit, and I think 0072 is the version and then the last string of numbers appears to be a date, in this case 14/08/20 15:34.01:08
nicksydneyok let me reboot and check01:08
nicksydneymine says MNW2CRB1.X64.0071.R30.140812165801:09
nicksydneyhmm...so looks like my firmware has issues for those pins01:10
nicksydneythe question is are there any wiki page on how to update the firmware ?01:10
nicksydneyok got the page https://uefidk.com/content/minnowboard-max01:12
trickstarteryeah there’s a zip on there with pdf's01:13
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trickstarterOh, just realized I don’t have the latest firmware either01:26
nicksydneyupdating the firmware now....let's see whether this helped with the I2C issues i'm having01:27
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warthog9nicksydney: instructions are on the uefidk site, there's a link from the wiki03:15
martinrwarthog9: When would you be able to test the combined 1GB / 2GB coreboot rom?03:49
warthog9martinr: stick it up somewhere where I can download it and I can have the intern test it tomorrow if I don't get to it03:53
martinrsounds good.03:54
martinrI'll post it to http://martinroth.com/minnowmax_rom.zip  it'll be up in a few minutes - I'll write up a readme for flashing.03:56
warthog9martinr: can you e-mail john.hawley@intel.com that too03:56
warthog9pretty sure the work machine is still on IRC so it's sitting there, but if it's in e-mail it's harder to forget03:57
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nicksydneywarthog9: thanks...i've managed to update the firmware04:32
warthog9working better?04:32
nicksydneybtw....i managed to fix the I2C issue...it's not an issue per say..it was my stupid way of using i2cdetect04:33
nicksydneywhen i used sudo i2cdetect -y -a -r 0 it showed up04:33
nicksydneyearlier was using i2cdetect -y -0 (all the way to 7) and nothing shows up04:33
nicksydneythat shows that no matter what you always learn something new everyday :)04:33
nicksydneyin the process managed to learn how to wire I2C devices using PCA9306 :)..lesson learned04:34
warthog9if you are using the low-speed i2c it's likely on 704:34
nicksydneywarthog9: used like i2cdetect -y 7 didn't came out but using i2cdetect -y -a -r 0 it came out..so don't know what i've done wrong04:35
warthog9nicksydney: https://github.com/MinnowBoard/minnow-max-extras/blob/master/calamari/calamari-i2c-eeprom.sh04:36
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prpplaguenicksydney: you didn't do anything wrong04:36
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prpplaguenicksydney: just the kernel you are using has the detect order different04:36
warthog9prpplague: I'd be surprised, I've yet to see a kernel evaluate it differently04:37
nicksydneyprpplague: ahhh  ok......for a while i was banging my head there :)04:37
prpplaguewarthog9: yea he showed the info earlier04:37
warthog9nicksydney: what kernel you using (I'm curious now)04:37
prpplaguewarthog9: from i2cdetect04:37
warthog9prpplague: crazy04:37
warthog9prpplague: and obnoxious ;-)04:37
nicksydneyLinux nanik-VALLEYVIEW-B3-PLATFORM 3.16.3-custom #4 SMP Sat Oct 18 22:38:28 EST 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:37
nicksydneywarthog9: Linux nanik-VALLEYVIEW-B3-PLATFORM 3.16.3-custom #4 SMP Sat Oct 18 22:38:28 EST 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:38
warthog9nicksydney: what distro?04:38
warthog9yocto based?04:38
prpplaguewarthog9: it's that evil ubuntu stuff04:38
nicksydneywarthog9: nanik@nanik-VALLEYVIEW-B3-PLATFORM:~$ cat /etc/lsb-release04:38
nicksydneyDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn (development branch)"04:38
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prpplaguewarthog9: you see that news report i posted?04:38
warthog9prpplague: the the ML?04:39
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prpplaguewarthog9: https://plus.google.com/101339419642360856354/posts/C8YjrQ16QEw04:39
warthog9prpplague: i had not seen that04:49
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Saadihello I am new in this chat i want to know few thing about minnowboard max05:06
Saadiany one there?05:07
Saadiavaliable daughter cards of this board?05:07
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warthog9hmmmm people need to hang around for more than a few seconds05:23
* warthog9 is playing diablo 305:23
* warthog9 is not going to respond immediately05:23
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Saadiavaliabe daughter cards for minnow board max??05:25
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prpplagueSaadi: there are a number of them05:25
prpplagueSaadi: the two so far are the calamari and prototype lures05:25
Saadican you please send me the links of those?05:26
prpplagueSaadi: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MaxLures05:26
prpplagueSaadi: http://www.technodisti.com/online-store/boards.html05:27
Saadithank you let me check05:27
warthog9Saadi: something you are specifically looking for05:28
Saadiyou i am looking for more ethernet ports and camera module for this board05:29
warthog9Saadi: camera - usb05:30
warthog9Saadi: ethernet ports: usb05:30
Saadii think usb 2 doesnot support that rate05:30
warthog9we have usb305:30
warthog9that being said I think usb2 has enough bandwidth for compressed 1080p video05:32
Saadiany camera module that you used with this board?05:32
warthog9I've used a number of usb cameras, yes...05:33
Saadican you name any module that you used with minnowboard max05:34
warthog9can you define "module" for me05:36
warthog9as we may be talking at cross terms here05:36
Saadisorry it camera module daughter card05:37
warthog9what interface are you expecting this card to make use of?05:37
Saadiany daugher card not using usb port05:38
Saadi*camera module daughter card05:38
warthog9Saadi: what I'm getting at right now is that your question doesn't entirely make sense05:40
warthog9what protocol are you expecting the camera to communicate over, that will actually let me know if the MAX even supports what you are looking for.  "Daughter card" is nebulous as that could be anything from USB, PCI-E, I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART05:40
warthog9Saadi: specifically, the MAX does not have a MIPI-CSI lane available, so if you are looking to attach a camera via that - we don't support it05:42
warthog9(the SOC does have MIPI-CSI, we just didn't pin it out for a variety of reasons)05:43
Saadiok thankyou05:43
warthog9Saadi: were you looking for MIPI-CSI?05:46
Saadinop i find my answer!!! i think that was a wrong question since many camera module are avaliable with usb interface!! i think that fine with me05:48
warthog9yeah USB2/3 make a *LOT* of things easier05:48
warthog9just keep track of your expected bandwidth05:51
warthog9you don't want to overrun the bus05:51
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Saadi@warthog9 i did not find ang detail of "Nic Lure" from elinux.org05:57
Saadican you help me please05:57
warthog9there are no explicit details05:57
warthog9it's still in vague concept stage05:57
Saadiexpected date for publicallically avaliable?05:58
Saadiand what about "Seacat Lure"05:58
warthog9on the nic lure? no eta05:59
warthog9seacat: I've got prototypes, they need some re-working in the schematics05:59
warthog9and layout05:59
Saadiok thankyou06:00
warthog9jetsams should be available any day now06:00
warthog9if you are looking for mpci-e06:01
Saadilet me check the detail06:02
Saadiyeah it a good board06:03
Saadiexpected cost?06:03
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warthog9under $40usd I think06:04
warthog9I'd have to go find spreadsheets to double check06:04
warthog9if prpplague is still awake he might know off the top of his head06:04
Saadiis this "MaxLure-Ika" card avaliable06:07
warthog9the ika?06:08
warthog9should be, check technodisti.com06:08
warthog9if it's not let me know and I'll check into it in the morning06:08
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Saadii didnot find it06:09
Saadiok please check06:09
warthog9ok I'm off for the evening06:15
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aholler_haha, technodisti shows a rtc-backup-battery under the title "beatifully crafted" ;)07:02
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nicksydneywarthog9: MPU6050 in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCXf2GEf-fs :)11:28
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Saadi@<nicksydney> nice effort12:13
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ozelon the MAX board, anyone ever had the USB error “xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: ERROR no room on ep ring” contantly appearing in the syslog?12:39
ozelwith Debian 7/wheezy running kernel 3.2.0-4-amd6412:40
tbrmmmm, ancient kernel is ancient12:40
koenhe said 'debian' already12:41
koenthe 'ancient' is implied12:41
tbrfyi, AFAIU >>3.14 is recommended, >3.10 is supported12:41
ozelah, ok thats something!12:41
ozelI’ll try updating. The error is not much documented on the web, even with 3.x kernels12:42
ozelso the recommended debian is then 8.0?12:44
tbrany debian will do. kernel is relevant.12:45
tbryou might as well check backports12:45
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ozelrts: thank you. installing linux-image-amd64 and firmware-realtek from wheezy-backports did the trick13:26
ozelnow I have kernel 3.16 and the tiny usb wifi stick with rtl8188cus chip works13:27
ozelis the > 3.14 recommendation somewhere listed on the web? didn’t see it on elinux.org13:28
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PuffDragonhey all15:41
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HoloPed2Does anyone know why sometimes it takes a very long time to boot into win8 on the max ?15:42
HoloPed2Is there any way to speed up boot time ?15:42
HoloPed2How long does it take to boot into linux ?15:42
ahollerhmm, you've foreseen my answer: use linux ;)15:43
ahollertypically it needs some seconds. somewhere < 10s, depending on the machine and configuration15:44
HoloPed2the minnowboard max ?15:44
HoloPed2takes 10 seconds ?15:45
ahollerno idea, don't have one15:45
ahollerbut even my slowest arm-box boots below 10s15:45
ahollerso until the bios is horribly, the max should boot below 10s too15:46
ahollerjust download a linux-image for the max and try it out15:49
ahollerif you're using a sd-card. that might be your problem15:51
ahollersome of these are unbelievable slow15:52
HoloPed2i use usb315:54
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warthog9HoloPed: what usb3 drive you using?  Not all flash media is created equal17:05
* warthog9 has drives that range from single digit MB/s to 245MB/s - the difference is great17:06
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ahollerusb3 is just the transport, it doesn't make the media faster17:23
trip0it's magic!17:32
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zobajust an update folks: my minnowboard is running a bitcoin trading bot that has lost me 33% of my wealth in about a week.21:24
zobaThankfully, its only running in simulated mode ;)21:24
trickstarterwhen you firmware upgrade are the settings defaulted or maintained?21:28
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trickstarterwell that was unexpected. was at 0071, working xen setup. upgraded to 0073, xen bust. downgraded to 0071, xen working again. ho hum.  Am I msising much staying at 0071 for now?21:36
prpplaguetrickstarter: no you aren't21:36
prpplaguetrickstarter: stick with 0.71 for now21:36
trickstarterwill do thanks21:37
trickstarterIs there a feeling for how far out the seacat lure is? If it’s literally around the corner I’m going to hold off but if it’s a month or two out, I might sink the cash in to the flotsam so I can move things along21:40
prpplaguetrickstarter: a seacat lure from circuitco is probably a couple months out21:41
prpplaguetrickstarter: there are some third party folks doing some21:41
prpplaguetrickstarter: but i'd recommend getting a flotsam for now21:41
trickstarterprpplague - thanks. will do21:41
PuffDragon__is there any way to speed up boot time with Win8.1 ( on the max) ?21:41
prpplaguePuffDragon__: that's something you'd probably have to ask on the MSFT web site/forums21:42
prpplaguePuffDragon__: very few folks here are running windows on max21:42
PuffDragon__can you link to the forum ?21:42
prpplaguePuffDragon__: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn781278%28v=vs.85%29.aspx21:43
prpplaguePuffDragon__: iirc everything is linked from there21:43
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trickstarterHm not getting warm fuzzy feelings from the techno disti experience. First my password turned up in the cleartext activate-your-account email. Then I tried to pay by Paypal, and it complained I hadn’t provided a CC number. Then I paid by CC and on screen it says: “PayPal Transaction Id: 4LX…….” .21:55
trickstarterOh well21:55
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zobatrickstarter: yeah TechnoDisti is a little... weird.  The team in IRC can make things right with TD if you have issues though.22:56
prpplaguetrickstarter: the TD folks are working on it now22:58
prpplaguetrickstarter: we've already brought it to their attention22:58
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