Friday, 2014-12-19

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Saadiminnow max board is short? I am not able to place order05:21
warthog9if by short you mean not in stock?05:22
Saadiyup not in stock05:22
Saadisecondly is there is any discount for university program?05:24
SaadiI am a faculty member of CASE university, Pakistan05:25
warthog91) the distributors should accept your order despite 0 stock, they are getting stock regularly05:25
warthog92) The MinnowBoard program itself doesn't have any discounts, the distributor itself might05:26
warthog9Saadi: the main reason there aren't any discounts is the margin on the board is very very small05:26
* inflex should put in his order05:27
inflexBeen a year now since I started salivating05:27
warthog9inflex: you should!05:27
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inflexWaht's the build distribution like? Anyone really picking up the 1GB single-core?05:27
inflexOr is everyone mostly just going straight to 2GB dual-core?05:27
warthog9inflex: the single cores have a flaw we've been working through, so those aren't shipping05:27
inflexaaah, thanks05:28
warthog9inflex: the flaw is in the firmware05:28
* inflex needs probably 2... maybe 3 units initially05:28
warthog9I've got a stack of 10, maybe 15 in the office of the single cores and with an exceedingly custom firmware they work just fine05:29
inflexoh okay05:29
warthog9but as our intern proved a day or two ago (flashing a normal firmware for the dual core onto it and bricking it) I shouldn't let those out yet05:29
inflexI'll be using mine as dedicated data-recovery engines05:29
inflexMMax is the only thing on the market that actually meets all my requirements05:29
warthog9inflex: :-)05:30
inflex( compact, low power, x86/64, runs debian/linux, USB3, SATA, gigabit05:31
inflexoh, and sanely priced!05:31
warthog9inflex: we try05:31
inflexIt's a great board, really it is.05:32
inflexWish I'd be more involved in spinning things like that, alas, I had to change careers after China ate my lunch ( electronics engineer )05:32
warthog9inflex: yeah05:33
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inflexNo sooner I'd come out with a new product, about 3 months later there'd be a clone cheaper than my BoM05:33
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warthog9Saadi_: we get all your questions answered before your connection went wonky?05:35
Saadi_unfortunately i have an issue on my connection05:36
Saadi_one more think05:36
Saadi_ Ika Lure i want to order this board too along with other board/card/accessories05:37
Saadi_when this card is avaliable?05:37
warthog9not quite for sale yet, it's close05:37
warthog9it's waiting on approval by a 3rd party corporate entity I can't discuss publicly :-)05:37
Saadi_if this board is safe (as most of u tested) can you guys sale it to me05:38
inflexwarthog9: any recommendation on entity to purchase a unit via? Normally I do most of my stuff via Farnell/Element14 (Australia)05:38
warthog9inflex: mouser might be your best bet05:39
warthog9or avnet, check the shipping in both places05:39
Saadi_because shipmint cost is huge if i order this single board later on05:39
inflexwarthog9: ja, seems Mouser would be most appropriate - already have an account there, so may as well take that router.05:40
Bhaalinflex: shipping was moderate with Mouser...05:50
Saadi_@ warthog9 if this board is safe (as most of u tested) can you guys sale it to me05:50
Saadi_because shipmint cost is huge if i order this single board later on05:50
warthog9Saadi_: I'm confused05:50
warthog9can you elaborate?05:50
Saadi_i am saying you guys tested this board (i trust you guys) is it necessary for third party approval?05:52
warthog9Saadi_: who would be that 3rd party?05:52
Saadi_since shipment and custom duty cost me app. $100 to $15005:53
Saadi_i dont know yuo just write that05:53
warthog9Saadi_: have you checked w/ Tigal?05:53
warthog9Saadi_: ohhhh05:53
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warthog9Saadi_: no the design can't be produced till it is approved by entity who originally requested it's creation05:54
warthog9that entity was not the MinnowBoard team05:54
Saadi_ok thats ok05:54
warthog9Saadi_: I expect that entity will approve it shortly, but with the US holidays about to whisk us all away it might be the first week of Jan before it's approved05:55
Saadi_can you help me to design that daughter card (schemetic and pcb layout)?05:55
warthog9case in point, I'm looking forward to the holiday and being mostly offline :-)05:55
warthog9(not that I don't love you guys but I need some time to recharge)05:55
warthog9Saadi_: when the ika starts shipping the schematics, bom, etc will all be posted under the same license as the other existing lures05:56
warthog9which is a Creative Commons, Share Alike, Attribution license05:56
warthog9(very similar to the GPL)05:56
Saadi_ok then that cool for me05:56
warthog9Saadi_: if it's not up by mid Janurary twap me with a stick to figure out what's going on and who I need to bother to finish it up05:57
Saadi_ok thanks05:58
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inflexwarthog9: what could possibly be more enticing in the "real world" ?06:02
warthog9inflex: sleep06:03
warthog9and poutine06:03
warthog9significant other is06:04
warthog9going to go visit her family for x-mas, as is tradition06:04
inflexSleep, yes, I suppose I can appreciate that. I'm getting tired of people waking me up at 8:30~9am without appointments because of an "emergency".06:04
inflexwarthog9: ah right - well, I suppose you should enjoy that - would be nice to be in such a lovely climate06:05
warthog9yeah, I do miss me the snow06:05
warthog9so it's a nice chance to go frolic in the snow06:05
warthog9and cold and winter and ice06:05
inflexBlisteringly hot here06:08
inflex40'C+ :(06:08
inflexFor us though, getting rain is akin to a "White Christmas"06:08
warthog9I'd ship you some of ours, but we are apparently in a drought06:09
inflexOregon, Maine, Victoria?06:09
warthog9the "real" Portland ;-)06:10
inflexOnly thing I know about Maine is that it has favoured lobsters, and it makes Gordon Ramsay angry if you buy them from other places.06:10
warthog9not those fake hangers on that came well before us ;-)06:10
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Bhaalwarthog9: Has anyone started putting Max's into Blade platforms yet?06:52
Bhaalinflex: It was the cops waking me up at 8am this morning...  They could have waited 30mins for my alarm to go off darnit!06:54
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warthog9Bhaal: haven't heard of anyone18:02
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