Sunday, 2014-12-21

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[1]captain118I need help setting up my minnowboard max00:25
[1]captain118I have it plugged in.  I have 2 LEDs on.  I have the mini HDMI connected to my monitor and nothing is being displayed.00:26
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_trancer_Hello everybody. I’m waiting for my Minnowboard MAX to arrive soon. How can I get analog audio out of it? I’m going to craft a car pc for myself. And thinking about routing the sound from the Minnowboard to an amplifier.08:12
tbre.g. usb sound card08:22
tbror HDMI to audio converter (haven't checked if hdmi audio works, but would expect it)08:23
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tbryou're welcome...08:23
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_trancer_In the MAX’s spec it is said that analog audio is (will be?) available via a Lure. But I cannot find any expansion boards that I can buy online..09:46
ranixi2s is exposed09:49
ranixI am using usb sound cards, like tbr suggested when you were here last09:49
tbror HDMI audio break-out09:50
tbrthough would need to check if hdmi audio works09:50
ranixnever had a kernel that had support for it either09:50
_trancer_last time when I was playing with cubieboard 2, it was running Android and the HDMI audio was OK09:51
_trancer_seems to me that the audio via HDMI will be playing09:52
ranixbeware this answer, for I have not tested it; only proven it to be true09:53
tbrsays HDMI has audio09:53
_trancer_yep, I saw this09:53
tbrso your options are: usb sound card or hdmi-audio-break-out09:53
ranixor i2s09:54
tbrthat's probably the most complicated option though09:55
tbrthat's why I didn't mention it09:56
_trancer_I see09:59
_trancer_do you know if it’s possible to split HDMI audio and video?09:59
_trancer_ok, nevermind, I’ll google it10:00
_trancer_but still the question remains - are there any official expansion boards for MAX? Or it is supposed they are DIY?10:01
tbryes, but haven't heard of audio yet10:01
ranixthe lures strike me as pretty diy10:02
ranixthere are a few lures in production and a couple of them look pretty cool10:02
tbra few of them became available recently10:03
ranixbut they have eagle libraries and stuff so you can make your own and the headers are easy to work with10:03
ranixthe low-speed port is just a 100-pitch connector now10:03
tbrI think Calamari, Ika, Jetsam, Flotsam are available10:03
_trancer_thanks for the link!10:05
_trancer_OK, thank you guys :)10:07
_trancer_one more question: can you advise me a touch screen lcd display for MAX?10:08
tbrLC-display </nitpick>10:09
_trancer_I’m think of a display without any case since I’m going to craft the case by my self with hardkeys around the display10:09
tbrI think there are displays with HDMI and a usb touch controller10:09
ranixI'm just using a little 40 character display10:10
_trancer_my goal is to make a kind of multimedia center in my car, so I want the display to be 8’’ to 10’’ and full color10:12
tbrI'd have a look at aliexpress10:12
tbrif it comes with a case, just strip it and build your own10:12
_trancer_tbr, did you mean this ?10:12
_trancer_ok, thanks10:14
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* RzR
tbrit's "MinnowBoard MAX" *nitpick*14:14
RzRMinnowMax is also called MinnowBoard Max but this name is better to avoid confusion between previous MinnowBoard (which is a 32bits CPU).14:41
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freqsounds like they maxed out17:31
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