Sunday, 2014-12-28

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trickstarterOk I give in, what key sequence is needed on the serial console to get in to the efi firmware? Anything I send seems to just speed up the boot process. I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere but I just can’t find it now16:06
tbrI thought it was just disconnecting all boot devices, but probably there is some signal too16:07
prpplaguetrickstarter: easiest way is just to make sure that all boot devices are unplugged18:09
freqdebian jessie is solid on these19:57
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trickstartersurprised to notice a minnowboard max config in the uclibc buildroot configs dir. Never occured to me to look22:11
warthog9trickstarter: can you get to the uefi shell?22:20
trickstarterwarthog9: I can if I remove all boot devices, I was just hoping for a smoother way of getting in there without having to yank the sata cable23:36
warthog9trickstarter: you are supposed to be able to hit del or f2 on bootup23:38
warthog9f2 from a serial line is nearly impossible23:38
warthog9and del seems to be wonky (no idea what character sequence they are expecting but there's a bug open on it)23:38
trickstarter10-4 thanks23:53
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