Monday, 2014-12-29

prpplaguetrickstarter: we sent out pre-release minnowmax to a number of projects including buildroot folks00:18
prpplaguetrickstarter: to make sure we had support from the very start00:19
trickstarterprpplague: awesome. Turned out I had chosen most of the options that were in the defconfig anyway, with the exception of the rtl firmware00:22
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* warthog9 sings the compiling song01:31
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* trickstarter grumbles something about yajl and missing dependencies02:39
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mranostaywarthog9: do i even want to know? :)04:07
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warthog9mranostay: the compiling song?06:41
warthog9mranostay: be careful what you ask for, I may ear worm you forever06:41
* tbr thinks it could sound like that "whalers of the moon" song from futurama ;)06:45
tbrmoo ka6sox07:10
* ka6sox wonders how much +5v and +3v3 the LS connector can provide...07:22
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av500ka6sox: about 54 jiggawatts07:24
ka6soxfor how many Picoseconds?07:25
tbrwill it also disappear into a rift in spacetime?07:25
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