Wednesday, 2014-12-31

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nicksydneyHappy New Year all !13:36
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ranixhappy new year14:09
ranixwell it's not the new year quite yet14:09
ranixnicksydney: don't turn down 2014 before the replacement service is available please14:10
nicksydneyranix: can't help to turn back time :)14:10
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ahollereasy for most parts of the world, just travel west14:20
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warthog9nicksydney: so is 2015 a disaster yet?19:48
trickstarterI’d like to put a screw terminal block at j2/fan on the ‘Max, does anyone have the specs on the distance between the pins, is that called “pitch”?19:51
prpplaguetrickstarter: let me get that info for you19:52
prpplaguetrickstarter: but you should be able to use some of the screw terminals that sparkfun sales19:52
prpplaguetrickstarter: give me 10 minutes19:52
trickstarteroh, sparkfun, my eyes have just been opened wide19:54
prpplaguetrickstarter: you never heard of ?19:54
trickstarterHonestly, this is my first foray in to this area. I am usually software only19:55
prpplaguetrickstarter: oh19:55
warthog9trickstarter: you choose a good board ;-)19:55
prpplaguetrickstarter: just wanted to double check, but it is indeed 0.1" spacing19:56
prpplaguetrickstarter: let me find you a part19:56
warthog9trickstarter: sparkfun, adafruit seeed studio are all your friends19:56
warthog9should be a coma after adafruit19:56
prpplaguetrickstarter: i just tested with one of those19:57
prpplaguetrickstarter: fits pretty good19:57
trickstarterperfect, thank you19:57
prpplaguetrickstarter: sparkfun is your friend when it comes to easy to use parts and such20:16
prpplaguetrickstarter: a lot of the things designed on the max are done so to easily use parts/boards from sparkfun20:16
trickstarterprpplague: thanks. I am still browsing around. somewhere I think sense my wallet breaking in to a sweat20:18
prpplaguetrickstarter: hehe20:19
trickstarterhere are all the standoffs I need to20:19
prpplaguetrickstarter: you have no idea how much the big tech players depend on sparkfun20:19
trickstarterone stop shop20:19
prpplaguetrickstarter: there are dozens of recognizable products that were prototyped and proof-of-concept with sparkfun boards20:20
prpplaguetrickstarter: that demo has about $1500 of sparkfun parts in it20:21
prpplaguetrickstarter: hehe along with panda5 aka omap5432evm20:22
trickstarterI got my 7 yeard old snap circuits for christmas, I can see sparkfun is going to be the next step20:24
trickstarterI can’t let him near a soldering iron yet though, he already nearly burnt the hosue down accidently already20:25
trickstarterBut for me, I can see this being interesting for my z-wave stuff20:25
prpplaguetrickstarter: my children have been soldering since they were 4, hehe, of course with supervision20:27
prpplaguetrickstarter: and of course neither are really interested in engineering20:28
trickstarterI just finished wiring my house door bell system in to my z-wave setup, so the doorbell pushes triggter z wave events, and the z-wave devices can issue doorbell rings, but it’s a mass of tangled twisted wires, relays etc. what I need is more screw terminals, a board etc20:28
prpplaguetrickstarter: it's more like arts-n-crafts to them20:28
trickstarterprpplague: I am sensing that from my son, what’s funny it’s my 5yer old daugter who is being railroaded in to arts by her mom has far more aptitude for cause and effect based stuff, and way greater concentration than my son. I think she will do better than him20:30
trickstarterOk so here’s a non max question, more electrical engineering i guess; I have  both 16V AC and 5V DC in a low voltage panel. I need 9V DC for a device, is it more power efficient to pull up the existing DC or pull down the 16V AC? Or is it a wash, negligible either way?20:39
trickstarterOooh my replacement lure shipped.21:04
prpplaguetrickstarter: much easier to run the 16V through a rectifier and then use something like a wide range LDO to drop it to 5V21:29
prpplaguesorry you said 9V21:29
nicksydneywarthog9: nah...2015 is positive as far as i can see :)22:33
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