Friday, 2015-01-02

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* tbr finds this fascinating, as it looks like a dispute between two companies where one is going around and trying to create facts by having code taken down that was released by the other under a free license.06:57
tbrI can't evaluate the merit of their claim at all as there is nothing to be found beyond the DMCA requests06:58
av500too bad for them its not only github08:04
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tbryes, found both08:36
tbrI wonder what Nuance (bought svox) and google will say to this, but chances are we'll never see that in public08:37
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av500they dont have to say anything10:15
av500until they get a takedown for google source10:16
av500as long as its in android source, it will pop up all over the net10:16
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warthog9av500, tbr: what silliness is going on?19:01
tbrwarthog9: someone is DMCAing AOSP sources and their forks19:04
warthog9tbr: that's going to end poorly19:05
warthog9what's the code?19:05
tbr23:16:46< nicksydney> Interesting one of the external/ project used for Intel-IA hosted in Github has been takendown due to copyright issue  ... the full takedown notice by Cambridge Mobile
tbr08:04:38< av500>
tbr08:05:31< av500>
* warthog9 vaguely reads it over19:06
warthog9those files were pushed out in 200919:07
warthog9IANAL but I'm reasonably sure the court is going to be like "you didn't defend the copyright for the last 5-6 years?  Really?  Case dismissed"19:08
tbrI'd like to see them try to DMCA or sue google19:10
warthog9sadly Cambridge there's only recourse is to sue SVOX19:10
warthog9once the genie is out it can't really be put back in19:10
warthog9that'll be interesting19:11
tbrwell, if they would win against nuance (now owning svox), could they try to have the code removed? I think more realistic is that they'd be awarded damages as the damage can't be undone easily19:12
tbrand probably shipped in quite a few products19:12
warthog9dunno, could be like trade secret19:13
warthog9that'll be interesting, I assume it hasn't quite hit the news rags yet?19:17
tbrheard it here first19:19
warthog9tbr: wheeee19:49
warthog9hmmmm vacation nearly over20:38
ka6soxwarthog9, sssh...don't spoil the illusion20:41
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