Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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sjoerdI'm sure this has been asked far to often already, but is there any news/plans on resolving the apparent shortage of minnowboard max boards for the longer term?09:52
tbrI think the situation has improved recently10:07
tbrno idea if production is now able to fulfill demand10:07
sjoerdI looked at some reseller sites this morning and they indicate lead times of several months10:09
sjoerde.g. mouse tells me the factory lead time is 26 months...10:09
aholler_longer term doesn't exist for hw ;)10:27
sjoerd*26 weeks10:37
sjoerdaholler_: Depends how you define longer term and what guarantees you make wrt. being able to supply :)10:37
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tbrthe distributor estimates suck royally10:47
ahollerthe long term vision of almost any manager is to take over the world. Fortunately it's just a vision.10:48
tbrI've seen them actually _in_ stock a couple of times now10:48
ahollersjoerd: so some evil plan does exist for sure ;)10:50
sjoerdI'm pondering using those boards as reference hardware for some project, which would be slightly awkward if they tend to be quite hard to get with a reasonable lead time, hence the wonderings10:53
seaLneroughly once a week new batchs are shipped out to the distributers. from comments others have made recently even though it may show as out of stock you are likely to get it in a week or two11:03
sjoerdseaLne: Cool, thanks for that info11:05
ranixI would contact circuitco directly to ask about availability and whether we could set up a bulk buy if I was going to use the max in a large project11:08
ranixI don't know if they can easily increase quantities or if there're any parts availability issues11:09
ranixmaxes did just come out so everyone who was camping them waiting for the release bought em all11:10
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xnoxis minnowboard max suppose to have a heatsync?18:24
xnoxprpplague_afk: ^ i was told you might know18:24
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smurrayxnox: I believe they ship with a small one glued on.18:49
seaLnethe prototypes had a larger heatsink on them but it isn't needed for the current CPU version available on the max, more powerful CPUs in the range would need bigger ones18:58
warthog9xnox: the single and duals need a basic heatsink19:09
warthog9the quads need something with a small fan19:09
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core, not showing stock anywhere currently Dec 23, 2014 | Note: Most MinnowBoard core people recovering from vacation"19:09
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