Thursday, 2015-01-08

warthog9nicksydney: unlikely00:09
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warthog93.18 seems to have changed gpio :-/19:12
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ranixhmm in what way20:51
warthog9ranix: ea584595fc85e65796335033dfca25ed655cd0ed20:52
warthog9they changed how the numbering works, which is why things are borked for the people with the newer Ubuntu20:52
ranixlooks like more changes coming soon too20:54
warthog9ranix: yeah20:54
warthog9I'm e-mailing Linus W to see how I *SHOULD* be supporting that :-/20:54
warthog9the gpio# is clearly a mess and I'd like to get his thoughts on something with a real name involved (even if that means an ACPI change)20:55
ranixkeeps you on your toes I guess20:55
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trickstarterSay would I be right in thinking that by disabling the integrated graphics I’d see a little extra memory when the host boots?21:48
warthog9trickstarter: little21:52
trickstarterI think I have 64MB set for one of the graphics attributes, which after factoring the kernel size, is roughly how much is “missing” on boot, i presumed it was carved out for the graphcis shared mem21:55
warthog9trickstarter: should be22:06
warthog9it's a shared memory graphics card22:06
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