Sunday, 2015-01-11

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nicksydneytook out minnowmax from drawer as has not been playing with it for 3 weeks and when plug it on nothing came out....normally it just boots up from the sdcard but now nothing came out and even the HDMI monitor is saying no signal...restarted few times with the monitor too no luck...what is the best way to troubleshoot ?02:52
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warthog9nicksydney: do both lights come on, and do you have an ftdi cable?04:30
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nicksydneywarthog9: yes both blue led is on .... i have serial console sable05:37
nicksydney*cable i meant05:37
nicksydneywarthog9: managed to use serial cable and saw the EFI Shell07:00
nicksydneythis is what i get
nicksydneysomething is not right with the HDMI...managed to see it working just now and reboot it again and it's not working07:09
ranixplayed with the efi shell or the bios yet07:10
nicksydneywhat kind of mini HDMI cable works for MinnowMax..i use this one and normally it works but now it doesn't07:10
nicksydneyranix: the efi shell works fine...i can boot up the OS but it's not showing up on HDMI07:11
ranixah ok07:11
ranixI've not used hdmi for anything, I just ssh to mine07:11
ranixnetboot and all that07:11
ranixit's pretty sweet07:11
nicksydneyas per this wiki says don't connect VCC (red cable) should i or shouldn't i do that...i can see the EFI shell coming out from serial but when kernel boots up nothing comes out07:12
ranixit is ok to connect the red cable to the pin07:13
ranixthe pin is just not connected to anything in the max, it's a stub trace07:13
nicksydneyranix: thanks07:19
nicksydneyok looks like the bloody HDMI connector that i have is creating issue...after pressing here and there it shows up on HDMI monitor07:19
nicksydneyok completed the test on my MinnowMax ...besides Android-IA the Android-x86 (4.4.4) ( also works on MinnowMax ..the last release add 3.18 kernel which add support for BayTrail07:28
warthog9nicksydney: that sounds like a bad adapter :-/07:33
nicksydneywarthog9: yeah seems like it.....what kind of micro hdmi cable do you use...i've got a micro hdmi that i bought off ebay and that doesn't wondering if there is anything specific that i need to look for when buying micro hdmi07:34
warthog9I bought random ones off of amazon07:34
warthog9let me see if I can find the ones I bought07:34
warthog9 look promising, but I haven't bought any07:35
nicksydneyupload video of minnow running android-x86
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nicksydneyhas anybody bought any kind of standoff like this one for MinnowMax ? .... i checked with ruler the hole size is 4mm ... is that correct ?09:27
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warthog9nicksydney: 4mm is correct22:18
nicksydneywarthog9: thanks....going to hunt around ebay to look for it now :)22:18
warthog9think it was Koen had an interesting case for the beagleboard up online, it was basically a plastic plate with standoffs on it22:24
* warthog9 is kinda tempted to do one up for the max22:25
inflexHow's the supply of MMax's now?22:35
tbrwarthog9: also saw something scroll through my g+ feed and thought it nice for such boards in general22:44
tbrinflex: seems better, now it's the lures that are made out of unobtainium (except the few you might get through technodisti)22:45
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warthog9tbr: working on that problem23:29
* warthog9 needs new batteries in is cattleprod23:30

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