Monday, 2015-01-26

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tripzeroanyone use sata with their max?03:21
warthog9tripzero: on occasion03:30
tripzerowhat do you use to power the sata drive?03:31
tripzeroi've got a USB -> sata adapter that does power too, but that's not optimal03:31
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warthog9tripzero: most of the time I use an external power adapter for the drive03:33
ka6soxwarthog9, got a model or picture of this arrangement?03:34
ka6soxmodel #03:34
warthog9ka6sox: I obviously ignore the usb3 adapater portion03:37
warthog9tripzero: if your disk was 5V only you can tap into J2 and pull power there03:41
ka6soxwarthog9, thanks!03:42
tripzeroi just discovered J2 :)03:42
warthog9tripzero: :-)03:42
tripzeroand the drive is 5V.  w00t03:42
warthog9yay! \o/03:42
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tripzerowarthog9, knows mraa?04:03
warthog9tripzero: I did push a patch at them recently04:10
warthog9I wouldn't say I know it "well"04:10
tripzerojust wondering what number I should pass to the pwm04:12
tripzerothe "mraa number" for pin 22 is "22"... but that gives me a "Error initialising PWM on pin"04:12
warthog9tripzero: you didn't turn off pwm in the firmware did you?04:14
tripzeroi hope not :P04:14
tripzerowhere are the device nodes for the gpio's located04:14
warthog9gpio's don't show up under /dev04:15
tripzero /sys/* right?04:15
bcranwarthog9: is there any news you can share about when we might see binary bits for 0.76 firmware?04:15
warthog9tripzero: yup04:16
bcranor rather, 0.77 since it looks like the version was bumped recently04:16
warthog9bcran: 0.76 is still in flight, should see it this week04:16
warthog90.77 is following quickly04:16
bcranwarthog9: awesome - thanks04:16
warthog90.76 has been in the can for a while, but various things non-technical have been holding it up04:16
warthog9bcran: any specific rush for the newer firmware?04:17
bcranwarthog9: not really - I'm mostly looking forward to being able to build using a single edk2 tree (i.e. build both the BIOS and driver from the same sources)04:18
bcranI've submitted a patch to support building using VS2012 and VS2013 that I'm hoping will be committed this week04:19
warthog9bcran: for the edk2 tree?04:19
bcranwarthog9: yup. It's a bit frustrating being able to build 0.77 but not run it due to the binary bits being too old04:20
warthog9I'm hoping this week04:21
bcrangreat. I'm not really in a rush for it, but was just wondering when it might happen04:21
warthog9don't hold me to it, but "soon"04:22
warthog9tripzero: what kernel are you running btw?04:23
bcranoh, and I also want to see what typos etc. have been spotted/fixed :)04:24
warthog9bcran: yup04:28
warthog9tripzero: can you ask about that pwm thing out on the mailing list?04:29
warthog9I'll pull in a person or two from work who might be able to answer your question tomorrow04:29
tripzerosure.  which mailing list?04:29
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tripzeroodd... even if I "echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio248/value" my volt reader reads no difference..04:40
tripzerowell, something is happening.  If I set any of the other pins to output, the go from 3v to 0v04:44
warthog9tripzero: you seen the MAX extras repo?04:44
warthog9take a look at that04:44
warthog9there's some example code that uses gpios, pwm, etc via sysfs04:45
tripzerointeresting... I don't have a /sys/class/pwm04:48
warthog9tripzero: who's kernel you using?04:50
tripzerowarthog9, tizen ivi's kernel04:51
warthog9tripzero: do you have the kernel config?04:52
tripzerowarthog9, yes:
warthog9tripzero: second, I'm on completely the wrong laptop to be checking kernel things ;-)05:00
tripzeroNot having /sys/class/pwm might be why mraa.Pwm also isn't working05:03
warthog9tripzero: line 370905:04
warthog9I should develop a quick test script to check these things05:06
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warthog9bcran: 0.76 is up17:35
warthog9bcran: well everything but a single source package, but if all the source is in the tianocore edk2 repo, you've got everything17:36
warthog9(single source package = tarball of source + binary blobs in the right place)17:36
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aholleromg, the emmc on my bbb supports secure erase/trim18:52
aholler[    2.794523] mmc1: card supports secure erase/trim18:56
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