Tuesday, 2015-01-27

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warthog9aholler: what does the MAX report on that?00:54
* warthog9 is just curious00:54
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ahollerwarthog9: I don't have a max01:04
ahollerdoes the max eveb has an emmc?01:05
warthog9aholler: we've got an sdcard slot01:09
warthog9I'd have to look up exactly what that slot supports though01:10
ahollernone of my cards seem to support secure erase/trim, just the emmc of the bbb01:10
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ahollerno idea about my ssds, have to look how to look that up ;)01:11
warthog9aholler: lol01:11
warthog9I suspect about half my ssds have secure erase / trim01:12
aholleri really think the kernel should report that interesting detail in dmesg01:12
ahollermaybe I will send the little patch out01:13
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bcranwarthog9: thanks - happened to check earlier and noticed :)06:37
warthog9bcran: awesome06:37
bcranwarthog9: I just posted to the list, but since you're here I was wondering - do I need to do anything special to reset SMBIOS strings?06:38
bcranThe info pages are reporting UEFI 2.3.1, Intel Corporation and the memory size as 4GB06:38
warthog9bcran: with 0.76?06:39
bcranwarthog9: yu[06:39
warthog9errr UEFI 2.3.1 might be right (since that might be the shell version)06:39
warthog9which value is reporting Intel Corp?06:39
bcranthe BIOS vendor06:40
warthog9I think that's "right"06:40
bcranwhich I guess is correct, though I thought there were discussions of changing it?06:40
warthog9bcran: i think we are leaving it at Intel Corp for the bios vendor06:40
bcranok, cool06:40
warthog9I'd have to go dig through the giant mail thread on that one06:41
warthog9but I'm reasonably sure that's right06:41
warthog9and what does /proc/meminfo claim for memory size?06:41
warthog9and is it claiming 4G MAX memory or what?06:41
bcranI don't have an OS installed - purely working at the UEFI shell for now06:42
warthog9that smells like a bug06:42
bcranthough just noticed, the board reports BIOS version MNW2MAX1.X64.0076.R01.1412081258 but the filename I downloaded has 'R03'06:43
warthog9yeah was just reading your e-mail06:43
warthog9bcran: can you e-mail me what commands you were running to see that, and I'll double check that stuff tomorrow06:44
bcranwarthog9: yeah, I'll follow-up tomorrow and check with smbiosview too06:44
warthog9bcran: thanks06:46
warthog9it wouldn't surprise me that some of the values are wrong in there06:46
warthog9grief, was just shifting through a drawer full of network cards and I'm realizing how useless all my pci nics are06:57
koenwarthog9: and suprisingly few PCIe nics available in shops07:16
warthog9koen: yeah07:16
warthog9koen: I do have a couple multi-port pci and pci-e cards about07:16
warthog9but those are far and few between07:16
koenmultiport PCIe is easier to find than single port07:17
koenI only needed single port at the time07:17
* warthog9 nods07:17
warthog9yeah I've got a dual port in my home server, and a 4-port in my firewall07:18
warthog9a pile of companies ago I had access to some 6-port pci-e cards07:18
warthog9those were fun07:18
koenI was looking at 10GB/e PCIe cards a while ago07:19
koenit's weird that the switch is cheaper than the nic07:19
koenfor E300 I can get 16xGBe +4x10GBe07:19
koenbut the nic is E40007:19
warthog9what switch?07:21
* warthog9 has been vaguely pondering playing with some 10GBe07:21
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warthog9koen: I assume you'll be at FOSDEM btw?07:22
warthog9awesome :-)07:22
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warthog9not giving a drone talk I hope07:22
koenwarthog9: dunno which switch, I just looked online at hw shops and used their config utils07:22
warthog9if you are, we should compare notes and make sure NOT to say the same thing this time ;-)07:22
koenno talk, just walking around07:22
warthog9cool, I'm recycling my ELCE talk07:23
koenwork sprint the week before, so I'm hopping on a train later today07:23
* koen has totally lost track of weekdays07:23
warthog9koen: I think it's now technically Tuesday07:23
koenbut I'm travelling, so it must be saturday or sunday07:23
warthog9I know the feeling :-)07:24
warthog9I should probably go crash07:24
warthog9speaking of Tuesday07:24
koenwarthog9: sleep tight :)07:25
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ahollerthere it is: https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/1/27/17911:56
bluelightningaholler: is that something that can be queried from sysfs?12:08
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ahollerbluelightning: unlikely, there isn't much sysfs-info for MMCs. And I don't see any equivalent for SSDs.12:17
ahollerhdparm offers a lot infos, but almost nothing of that can be found in sysfs12:29
ahollerbut as usual, maintainers just want to maintain. I assume I'm already on a internal blacklist. ;)12:34
ahollerI shouldn't have sent the patch :(12:45
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av500aholler: you make friends fast :)12:54
ahollerbecause I'm not a dumb yes-sayer?12:55
ahollerunfortunately the time where individuals could contribute to the kernel is gone. I should really learn that.12:56
aholleralso I've got already very quiet (in regard to contributing to os) compared with past times and stopped most activities like sending bugfixes and patches (not only for the kernel)13:10
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bluelightningaholler: I would say don't be too discouraged, even in the face of rudeness like that... after all, you're doing it for the wider community, not them13:23
ahollerbluelightning: there is no community anymore. It's now all the hands of big companies which prefer silent yes-sayers.13:24
bluelightningwell, I don't know that that's always the case... in the small number of communities I contribute to (which doesn't include the kernel) people generally put the project first and are open to contributions and suggestions13:27
bluelightning(I say that as someone who works for a fairly large company)13:28
ahollertell them to offer ecc to anyone ;)13:32
bluelightningthat sounds like something I'd have to defer to prpplague ;)13:33
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ahollerbluelightning: you mean prpplague can convince them to stop producing cpu's without ecc? ;)13:48
ahollerthe server-fraction would likely shot him ;)13:49
aholleralso producing is likely wrong, I assume every chip already contains it and it's just fused away for consumers13:51
ahollerlike filesystems which can't really delete files ;)13:51
ahollercrazy world13:52
bluelightningspeaking for myself, I don't really have much contact with that side of the company, I spend almost all of my time dealing with software13:55
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HoloPedhey guys15:24
HoloPedI need help with installing debian on my MBM15:24
HoloPedI have a drive in the USB3.0 and I'm booting from a USB2.0 that has debian image on it15:25
HoloPedand the debian intaller can't see the USB3.0 drive15:25
tbrIIRC debian installer loads into ram at some point. so you can just detach the drives and connect to the USB2 port15:43
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HoloPedI managed to intall to the USB16:56
HoloPedthen it wont boot , says debian error and falls into EFI16:56
HoloPedwhich image of debian should I download ?16:56
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HoloPedThis is much more complex than I thought16:56
HoloPedI find so much contradicting stuff16:56
HoloPedI found ISO images of Debian16:57
HoloPedbut there are 8 of them16:57
HoloPeddo I need them all16:57
HoloPedor just the first16:57
ahollerjust the small network-install16:58
HoloPedI tried the CD116:59
HoloPedis that why it wont boot ?16:59
ahollerno idea if you need a special image with a newer kernel16:59
HoloPedwhat do you use ?17:00
HoloPedon the MB17:00
ahollerlook at elinux.org (see topic), they usually have working instructions17:00
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HoloPednothing there about the MB17:01
ahollerbtw., that's not for mbm (the max)17:05
HoloPedyeah, I have the max17:05
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HoloPedwhat is XFCE ?17:08
HoloPeddoes the NET version have to be online during install ?17:09
HoloPedand XFCE doesnt?17:14
ahollerxfce is a desktop like kde or gnome, just a bit smaller17:15
aholler(in size of binaries)17:16
HoloPedand what are the CD1 through 817:17
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ahollerdebian without net17:20
ahollerall of it, including gnome, kde and an unbelievable amount of free software17:21
HoloPedI see17:21
HoloPedI installed the CD117:21
HoloPedit should boot, right ?17:21
HoloPedbut it doesnt17:21
HoloPedah ok17:22
HoloPedI may need to upgrade grub17:22
HoloPeda steep learning curve, this linux17:23
HoloPedI'm going crazy17:40
HoloPedIt wont boot17:40
HoloPedwarthog9, you around ?17:40
HoloPedaholler, the XFCE one doesn't see the USB3.0 drive17:45
HoloPedthe others did17:45
warthog9HoloPed: yup17:49
HoloPedcan you think of a reason that debian installer can't see the USB3.0 drive ?17:50
HoloPedthe XFCE doesnt, the CD1 image does17:51
HoloPedbut the CD1 image wont boot after installtion17:51
warthog9during or after install?17:56
warthog9it's possible it's not loading the USB stack in the initrd17:56
HoloPedUSB2.0 pluggin into the USB3.0 port is detected17:56
HoloPedbut a USB3.0 drive is not17:57
HoloPedDo you run debian on your max ?17:57
HoloPedor some other distro17:57
HoloPedi'm not married to debian17:57
warthog9I usually run Fedora17:57
warthog9but I could bring up Debian easily enough17:57
HoloPedat this point I just want something that will boot17:57
HoloPedlets start at step one17:58
HoloPedwhere do I find the iso17:58
HoloPedhere ?17:58
HoloPedis "testing" = Jessie ?17:59
warthog9I've lost track sadly17:59
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warthog9unstable is always sid17:59
HoloPedit is surprisingly hard to make heads or tails of this18:00
warthog9HoloPed: yup18:00
warthog9testing is jessie right now18:00
HoloPedok so I must use Jessie ?18:00
HoloPedthats what it says on the MBM page18:01
warthog9I think that's all we've tested with18:01
warthog9(from a Debian perspective)18:01
warthog9HoloPed: I assume your following: http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMaxDistros#Debian_8.0_Jessie_.28testing.29_Alpha_1_AMD6418:02
HoloPedbut where do I download the iso18:02
warthog9they might not have an iso for 8 yet...18:05
HoloPedthe guide says18:06
HoloPed"This was tested with the Debian Jessie Alpha 1 AMD64 XFCE CD image"18:06
warthog9there we go18:06
HoloPedok !18:08
HoloPedhow did you find this18:08
HoloPedwhat I found was old18:08
warthog9google "iso for debian jessie" first link was https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/18:09
warthog9found the breadcrumbs from there18:09
HoloPedI'll give this one a try18:11
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tripzeroi have libmraa, beignet and opencv all packaged for tizen for the max :)18:25
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HoloPedwell that didn't work as well, usb3.0 not recognized19:12
HoloPedtrying the DVD iso now19:12
HoloPedthat doesnt work as well19:58
HoloPedi'm going nuts here19:58
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gahseyfanhiya, I am accessing serial console on a MMB with gnome-terminal on  a machine connected to the MMB via an FTDI cable.  I am trying to use the BIOS menu.  How many characters should the terminal be (apparently not 80).  I had the right width at some point a few days ago, but I lost it...20:53
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gahseyfantrial and error for the win, it looks like the menu is happy with a 100 character width.  new terminal profile added.21:29
gahseyfan@HoloPed are you running the latest UEFI? (looks like ver 76)?21:33
gahseyfanaha, and from the EFI shell I can see that mode will tell me that 100 col and 31 row is what is expected21:53
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bcrangahseyfan: you might also want to play around with the terminal types - I think VT100+ or something provided the best display (in terms of borders etc.)22:56
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