Tuesday, 2015-02-03

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Inter_CarlosHello, I just got a Minnow Max. I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04LTS to a flash disk on Minnow Max through USB. Unfortunatelly, the Minnow Max will randomly shuted down. I also tried Ubuntu 12.04. But it failed either.09:30
av500just get an rpi209:32
* av500 hides09:32
Inter_CarlosDoes anyone know how to resolve it?09:33
aholler_2? Oh I missed something ;)09:36
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Inter_CarlosI just got a Minnow Max. I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04LTS to a USB HDD on Minnow Max. Unfortunately, the Minnow Max will randomly shuT down. I also tried Ubuntu 12.04. But it failed either. I don't know how to resolve it!!! Ask for help. Thank you so much09:38
ahollerMaybe your psu is too weak.09:39
ahollerOr what do you mean with shut down?09:40
Inter_CarlosMy psu is 5V 2A09:40
ahollerI think that might not be enough09:41
Inter_CarlosShut down means it will suddenly power off09:41
ahollerthe usb hdd likely already draws 0.5A09:42
Inter_CarlosSo maybe I should try a bigger psu?09:44
Inter_CarlosBut the official seems suggest adapt of 5V,2A??09:45
ahollerI would assume they don't take attached devices into account09:49
ahollerIn fact they can't, otherwise someone would be angry because it doesn't work with 4 usb-hdds which are needing 2A leaving nothing for the board itself09:50
Inter_CarlosOK, I am going to try a bigger PSU. Thank you so much. Waiting my good news.09:53
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Inter_CarlosThe problem is solved. The adaptor cannot output 5V,2A, though it said it can. I replaced another one and the problem fixed. Thank you aholler, thank you so muck12:20
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bcranaholler: the MNWMAX actually needs 5V 2.5A - http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#Power_Plug15:56
bcrani.e. 0.5A more15:56
tbrit depends™15:56
ahollerbcran: I might have forgotten that the next time someone asks.15:56
tbrthat page also lists 2A PSUs...15:56
tbrit's all about how you use the board15:57
tbrif you fit into the power envelope, all is dandy15:57
av500downhill it only needs 1.5A15:57
bcrantbr: oh, so they do. I tried with lower amperage PSU and the board randomly stopped15:57
ahollerMaybe post it more visible and explain it better.15:57
ahollerPSUs often don't care about their own descriptions ;)15:58
tbrbcran: yes, it depends. Also on how good/bad the PSU is. But if you run cpu-burn, then e.g. 2A might not be enough, or have 2 external drives, etc.15:58
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bcranactually, checking the plug I got it only supports 1.3A, which is way off15:58
ahollerand drives might draw even more than 0.5A on the usb-port. Especially when they are getting older and starting spinning (maybe after having gone to sleep)15:59
ahollerI don't know if the board would recognize such15:59
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ahollers/recognize/has protection/16:00
bcrantbr: yup, that makes sense. I wasn't even getting past SecMain until I got a more capable plug16:00
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bcranaholler: disks spin? :)16:04
ahollerno, and they don't delete anything16:04
* bcran has 5.4TB of non-spinning storage in his computer 16:04
ahollerAlready though about how you can securely retire this storage?16:08
bcranaholler: yup. A utility runs and erases the media to DoD sanitization standards16:10
ahollerbe happy that the storage still isn't fixed to some device you can't boot from something else and you can run such a tool.16:11
bcran'some device' - like a PCIe card?16:12
ahollerI'm more thinking at stuff like phones or tablets16:13
bcrananyway, since I work for a flash storage company I think we can find /some/ way of destroying the media :)16:13
ahollerfine, and I've already spend too much time talking about that topic the last days. ;)16:13
bcranbut yes, in general it is a problem.  Just not in the space I work in.16:14
prpplaguejust fyi the 2.5A recommendation is just a simple calculation of 500mA(USB2) + 900mA (USB3) + 500mA (core) + 500mA (other peripherals) = 2400mA16:15
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prpplagueif you add other devices such as lures or power something off J2, you will need to take that into account16:16
tbrmind if that gets added to the wiki page?16:25
prpplaguetbr: have at it16:30
tbr*nod* on it16:30
prpplaguetbr: hehe thanks!16:30
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tbrdone http://elinux.org/Minnowboard:MinnowMax#Power_Plug16:35
prpplaguetbr: dandy16:36
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* mranostay notes prpplague says dandy a lot20:58
warthog9mranostay: he does21:01
warthog9but he's a dandy guy!21:01
warthog9how's everyone doing today?21:01
* mranostay raids warthog9's cube21:02
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warthog9mranostay: Jolley will tackle you ;-)21:03
* warthog9 alerts sjolley to mranostay's cube attack21:04
*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://www.elinux.org/MinnowBoard | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core, no stock showing Jan 13, 2015"21:08
prpplaguemranostay: hehe, it's just one of those things that is said in the deep south21:10
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trip_wfhhow many amps can I expect to get out of the 5V out on the max?23:56
prpplaguetrip_wfh: you will need to rephrase the question as it is somewhat ambiguous as to your intended question23:57
prpplaguetrip_wfh: are you asking how man amps you the minnowboard max is expected to use? or asking about one of the expansion connector power rails?23:58

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