Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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trip_wfhprpplague: expansion connector power rails...00:02
prpplaguetrip_wfh: the LSE has a single 0.1" pin at +5V rated at 1A00:02
prpplaguetrip_wfh: the HSE has multiple +5V rails, with each one rated at 0.5A00:03
trip_wfhcan I power the max over one of the LSE rails?00:03
prpplaguetrip_wfh: unfortunately not the revA2 version00:03
prpplaguetrip_wfh: there was mistake not caught in that version00:03
prpplaguetrip_wfh: the next rev will change that00:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: yea blame me00:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: i thought i had it connected to the correct path00:04
trip_wfhmy IR LED is 900mA to 1200mA... I should be able to use the 5V rail :)00:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: minor mistake, but something that does affect functionality00:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: that seems pretty high00:05
prpplaguetrip_wfh: got a datasheet?00:05
trip_wfhjust a description:
* prpplague looks00:05
trip_wfhit's a 10W LED00:05
prpplaguetrip_wfh: should be fine, but i would put something in the design so you can use an external power just in case00:06
trip_wfhwhat else is new in the new rev?00:07
prpplaguemostly just minor tweaks00:08
prpplaguewe have a list of hardware items up on the yocto bugzilla00:08
trip_wfh6869 is yours? ;)00:11
prpplaguemine are the ones marked as "David.Anders"00:11
trip_wfhthe usb one is kinda more like a feature00:12
trip_wfhany word on a quad-core version?>00:12
prpplaguetrip_wfh: no design is without it's bugs, but i have to brag that the very first prototypes of max boards booted on the first try, and only required 3 white wire changes, so for a board of that complexity, i am pretty proud of the results00:12
prpplaguetrip_wfh: still working that issue00:12
prpplaguetrip_wfh: but so far it does appear to be a firmware issue and not hardware00:13
trip_wfhi'm dreaming of a project that uses the max for live-video analysis:00:13
trip_wfhuses opencv to get average image color of the video frame and shines a RGB LED with that color00:13
prpplaguetrip_wfh: yea lots of requests for the quad core00:13
prpplaguetrip_wfh: the only real draw back to the quad core is that we are only use one memory channel00:14
prpplaguetrip_wfh: so that tends to create a bottle neck00:14
trip_wfhoh yeh, i remember that was the issue00:14
trip_wfhneeds 2 channels00:14
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givemefive911does the max have support for yocto dizzy01:47
prpplaguegivemefive911: i'd have to look at when actual support was added, but current releases of yocto fully support max01:53
givemefive911prpplague: ok maybe if I have some success I'll update the wiki
smurrayI have successfully done that build with dizzy before christmas, but did not get around to trying to boot it01:58
givemefive911what's the difference between using Intel's firmware and coreboot? what is coreboot trying to provide that the intel firmware doesn't02:14
prpplaguegivemefive911: well technically it's not intels firmware02:14
prpplaguegivemefive911: uefi is an industry effort02:15
prpplaguegivemefive911: uefi tends to be more manufacturer driven, where as coreboot has been done more in the open source community style02:15
prpplaguegivemefive911: but both working towards the same features and such02:15
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givemefive911prpplague: are you based in Dallas?02:20
prpplaguegivemefive911: yea02:21
prpplaguegivemefive911: i'll be relocating to portland by the end of the year02:21
givemefive911was gonna say you should hit up UTD and pass out some propaganda to engineering students.02:22
prpplagueyea its on the agenda02:24
givemefive911Where can I find if something gets scheduled? I would be interested in attending02:25
prpplaguehere or on the mailing list02:26
givemefive911Is there a HW wdt exposed?03:05
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prpplaguegivemefive911: no nothing exposed03:45
givemefive911prpplague: I know the chip has a wdt right? So it would need a patch to firmware?03:48
prpplaguegivemefive911: it's pretty much disabled on the max03:49
givemefive911well that's unpleasant, can I ask a reason?03:49
prpplaguegivemefive911: there are some firmware and such options , but there isn't really enough to work with since max doesn't ship with a rtc battery03:49
prpplaguegivemefive911: trade-offs03:50
prpplaguegivemefive911: can't please everyone, so we have to try and please as many as possible03:50
prpplaguegivemefive911: wdt even on arm dev boards is not a highly requested item03:50
givemefive911so is there a way workaround to a wdt that i'm not aware of? my application is a remote unmanaged embedded sensor device03:52
prpplaguegivemefive911: hmm, i dont know03:52
prpplaguegivemefive911: i can add that to the bottom of my todo list for review03:52
prpplague*cough* bottom03:53
givemefive911hmm ok thanks. just happened to order a max in the summer and was just now getting around to playing with it.  we're using this at the moment:
* prpplague looks04:04
prpplaguegivemefive911: ahh dandy04:04
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bcrananyone around who can give some hints how to get source level debugging working on the MNWMAX, ideally without using a Windows machine?05:24
bcranIt seems to me the protocol should be simple enough for someone to have implemented it in lldb or gdb, but I can't find any information about it05:25
bcran(famous last words)05:25
bcranprpplague: at least all the JTAG stuff works! A product I was involved with a few years ago had mistakes in the JTAG connections so we had to wait for new machines to ship from the US to UK before we could even load new firmware!05:30
Inge-givemefive911: that thing looks WAY more expensive than a minnowboard max :)06:05
tbrbcran: which part of the gdb network features fails for you?06:10
givemefive911Inge-: $50006:22
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bcrantbr: it just always says an invalid packet was received. But I'm also not sure which of the USB ports supports debugging08:21
tbrbcran: um why USB? you could just use serial or ethernet?08:22
tbr(yes I know about the obscure USB debugging interface, I fail to see how it would be useful for something like kernel or userspace due to more convenient tools being available)08:23
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bcrantbr: by 'source level debugging' I mean debugging the BIOS. I was under the impression that unless you shell out >$10k the only option is USB?08:33
bcranbut I'm hoping I'm wrong08:34
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tbrbcran: ok, that sounded like generic debugging to me, sorry.08:35
tbrprpplague or warthog9 might know about the USB debugging08:36
bcranhaha. NetGate is now reporting "Yes, we actually had stock...they sold out quickly.  CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER.  NO ETA."08:36
tbrand yeah, ISTR that the other option is that intel variety of JTAG and carries a massive price tag08:38
av500just wait for systemd-bios09:08
tbrthat would be biosd and uefid?09:13
* warthog9 just got home is going to sleep09:20
* warthog9 will figure out stuff in the morning09:20
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pizzamigI've here a minnowboard and I need to reset the UEFI configuration without display10:00
pizzamigis that possible?10:00
pizzamigis there a hw reset button or procedure?10:01
tbryou could always attach to the serial console10:04
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tbror do it blind, if someone can tell you the exactsteps10:05
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inflexAny commercial cases available for the mmax yet in the vein of the RPi type enclosures?10:07
pizzamigtbr, I'm going blind, using the docs, no luck until now10:09
pizzamigtbr, thanks anyway10:09
tbrpizzamig: why not attach a display?10:09
tbror use a FTDI adapter for the serial port10:10
pizzamigthe defaul serial port configuration is 115200 8N1?10:17
pizzamigtbr, the display doesn't work, that's the problem10:17
pizzamigit's a dvi monitor, I updated the firmware, it was ok10:18
pizzamigbut I cannot boot using FreeBSD, then I changed some parameter and now everything is black :(10:20
tbrpizzamig: ah, ok, yeah 115k2 should work10:22
tbrpizzamig: 3.3V ref level10:22
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bcraninflex: there's
inflexnice & industrial :)10:43
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sjoerdDoes anyone happen to know if the production of minnowboards will be ramped up at some point, they always seem to be sold out everywhere i look :/10:48
Inge-And while we are asking questions - 1. does it support 802.1Q and 2. Does it get close to managing Gbps speed throughput?10:49
Inge-for 1. sounds like it.10:50
BhaalWhen is the Max going to be sold at a reasonable price via e14 or RS?10:53
aholler_reasonable for whom?10:53
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Bhaalaholler: Well, reasonably close to the price paid for in the US...10:54
BhaalI guess it boils down to production levels...10:54
BhaalI notice that Mouser are still showing 0 in stock10:55
Bhaalbcran: That's a nice looking case10:56
bcranI wonder if production is low to avoid stockpiling older board revs? Maybe they'll ramp up with A3?10:56
BhaalA3 ?10:57
* Bhaal wonders what revision he has...10:58
BhaalIt was the newer firmware release, the green dot...10:58
bcranBhaal: yeah there have been several hardware revs. A0, A1 and A2 (which I have)10:58
bcranBhaal: it should be printed in the bottom-right corner of the board11:00
pizzamigtbr, serial port works, but I'm still having several problems11:02
tbrat least something :)11:02
pizzamigtbr, I'm using minicom11:03
pizzamigI can see the first boot11:03
pizzamigwhen I press some key, it doesn't react :(11:03
pizzamigwhen I write fs0: it hangs again :(11:05
BhaalRight, so I guess this is why it's not in high production yet...11:10
pizzamigtbr, minicom => screen and suddenly it works :)11:28
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tbrpizzamig: could have been a wrong handshake setting?11:30
tbr(for me minicom worked and so did screen)11:30
pizzamigthe last question: if I'm using a DVI monitor, which IGD Boot Type should I use? there's no DVI11:31
pizzamigtbr, I guess is kinda keyboard setting11:31
pizzamigthe key F2 doesn't work11:32
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scorpiuswhy minnowboard, when there is intel edison?11:34
pizzamigtbr, thanks for the support, now I'm booting a FreeBSD-CURRENT :)11:36
tbrscorpius: because different use-cases11:38
koen64 bit11:43
koena sane BSP11:44
scorpiusi see. I like the miniature board to board connector of the edison, as an idea for the next minnowboard11:46
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tbrreminds me, need to kick ash, he's supposed to send me some of that edison and galileo foo12:20
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Guest12214New minnowboard doesn't show anything on the display after power up. The blue light is on. There is a micro sd card in. How do you install an OS?14:48
Guest12214Also, is it easy to install the latest firmware?14:50
bcranGuest12214: just to check, what power supply are you using?14:51
Guest12214It is a  5v 2.5a bcran14:52
bcranGuest12214: okay, that won't be the problem then.14:53
Guest12214Is it easy to blow up the minnowboard with an incorrect power supply, bcran?14:53
bcranGuest12214: some people, including me, try to power it using an insufficient power supply like 5V 1.3A and it simply runs out of power before booting14:54
Guest12214ah, ok14:54
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givemefive911Guest12214: Do you have two blue lights15:24
Guest12214Only one blue light on the top, givemefive911. Where is the other blue light? ALso, once the power supply is connected, and the blue light is on, how do you power on the machine? Do you just tap that round, white button, or do you have to hold it down or what?15:26
givemefive911Guest12214: press and release and it will power up15:26
givemefive911once it's on there will be 2 blue lights15:27
Guest12214Ah, where are the 2 lights situated?15:27
givemefive911the other light is opposite of the 8 pin connector between the sata port15:27
Guest12214Near each other? What should I do if the other light never goes on?15:27
Guest12214i ssee the light by the round button, that must be the one near the 8 pin. Where is the other?15:28
givemefive911other side of the 8 pin15:29
givemefive911D2 looks like15:29
Guest12214Ah, so they are both near each other. Well, only one light goes on. Could the board be broken?15:29
givemefive911I would use another PSU first..15:30
givemefive911Disconnect everything but the power and try15:30
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Guest12214Would a 12V 5A psu work, givemefive911?15:31
Guest12214Would that 12v 5a psu damage it?15:32
givemefive911Guest12214: As far as I know.. it will certainly damage other types of boards only expecting 5v15:32
Guest12214 Thank you, givemefive911.15:36
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partyalarmHi! I'm having trouble with updating the firmware on the MB MAX. I'm getting following message Shell: Incorrect redirection syntax18:08
partyalarmAccording to the readme you have to type "# FirmwareUpdateX64.efi  <TargetIA64BiosImageFileName>"18:09
partyalarmand I find that quite odd since the files is named MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateX64.efi and MinnowBoard.MAX.0.76.X64.R03.bin18:10
partyalarmbut using those names didnt help either18:11
partyalarmAnyone with a solution to my (rookie) problem?18:11
partyalarmnvm, found the solution18:17
trip0you are less of a rookie than you may have previously thought ;)18:23
dememorizedpartyalarm: What was the solution?18:59
partyalarmI had to change the <> brackets to [] brackets19:00
ahollerhmm, is someone else using FreeBSD here? I'm seriously thinking about giving Linux a kick on some boxes.19:18
warthog9Quick random poll: For the Serial interface to the board do people prefer the FTDI header or would people rather have a micro-usb serial port?19:21
warthog9aholler: really?19:23
warthog9aholler: also I know folks running BSD on the MAX19:24
aholleryes, I prefer cableless serial ports:
warthog9lol that's a bluetooth adapter isn't it?19:25
warthog9aholler: ok, point!  that's a use case I hadn't thought of19:26
warthog9and THIS is why I ask for feedback like this ;-)19:26
ahollerusing bt for a serial is very convenient19:27
ahollerif you have kernel >=3.16 or below 3.719:28
warthog9aholler: I've actually got a use case for that19:28
* warthog9 might have to pick an adapter up19:29
ahollerinbetween rfcomm is broken and kills the machine if the remote suddenly disappears19:29
ahollerhere is another bt-serial I use:
ahollerthat small thingy is 5v -> 3.3v converter to use the dongle with 5v19:31
warthog9yeah I found the adafruit one but it's out of stock19:32
ahollerthe serial pins usually support both, but power has to be 3.3v19:32
warthog9aholler: yeah, now that you mention it - it would be so much nicer to have the robot's serial ports available over bluetooth19:32
warthog9and not having to tear the whole robot open19:32
ahollerthat hc-06 isn't as good as the rn42 (hc-06 is always visible), but the hc-06 is available for around $1019:33
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smurraywarthog9: I'm curious what your s/w stack on k-9 looks like? ROS on top of OE? or something homebrewed?19:47
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* bcran is a former FreeBSD committer, so may be able to help20:06
ahollerI'm interested in how usable it is. I've used it the last time around 20 years ago.20:07
bcranwarthog9: tbr suggested you might know something about debugging UEFI via SourceLevelDebugPkg on the MAX? Wondering if plain gdb or lldb should work, or if I really need a Windows machine in the chain?20:07
warthog9smurray: I assume you are talking about the old dog, it's angstrom with a staticly compiled binary I push at it20:31
warthog9aholler: re bsd: last I heard it just works, there's some wonkiness in getting it booting but that's it20:32
warthog9bcran: EEK, I got nothing20:32
warthog9bcran: I can try and pull in the firmware guys for you though, if you think it would help?20:32
bcranwarthog9: no problem, it's not a huge issue - I'll keep trying different things and perhaps ask on the edk2-devel list to see if they know20:33
warthog9bcran: that's a reasonable plan20:33
warthog9I *THINK* our firmware guys are supposed to be monitoring edk2-devel20:34
smurraywarthog9: ok, thanks20:43
warthog9smurray: I can dig up the code if people are really interested, but it's pretty hacked up / kludgey20:45
warthog9if someone knows of something better I'm happy to look into porting it20:45
smurrayI'm okay atm, just looking around and wondering what people are using20:46
smurrayROS looks like intimidating, but I've not really dug into it yet20:46
warthog9I haven't dug into it20:48
warthog9lots of people keep recommending it to me20:48
warthog9but I haven't had time to even swap the Minnow v1 out of the big dog in favor of a MAX20:49
warthog9and the Dog's head needs a rebuild something fierce20:49
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ahollerwarthog9: btw, that rfcomm-bug is the one where I've got flamed for a bug_on I've posted to avoid that something more bad happens because of an desastrous memory corruption21:57
ahollerjust one of the many reasons why I wouldn't suggest to anyone to post any patch on lkml.22:01
warthog9aholler: even when I ran I believed LKML had a "here there be dragons" sign above the door22:03
warthog9aholler: trying to remember what the rfcomm-bug was22:03
ahollers.o., bt-serial => kernel-crash with a kernel between 3.7 and 3.15 (including) when the remote disappears22:07
ahollerhard crash, the machine suddenly reboots22:08
warthog9ahhh right22:08
ahollerIn private I would use another word than Dragons ;)22:18
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