Friday, 2015-02-06

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trip_wfhdoes yacto have all the max kernel bits for pwm?02:58
prpplaguetrip_wfh: yes, but there is some "questions" about how it is implemented03:03
prpplaguetrip_wfh: i know mranostay has been looking into that03:03
prpplaguetrip_wfh: the pwm on the baytrail series was more designed for lcd backlight control03:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: and less about generic functionality03:04
prpplaguetrip_wfh: so the range and support is somewhat different than you would expect for a microcontroller such as an atmel avr03:04
trip_wfhas long as I can PWM this LED, i'll be happy03:06
trip_wfhprpplague, is there a good howto on building yacto for the max?03:17
prpplaguetrip_wfh: good question, one i was personally looking into03:20
prpplaguetrip_wfh: yocto/oe and i have had a love/hate relationship over the years03:20
prpplaguetrip_wfh: i do know there is a lot of info up on the wiki but i have been a little busy with some new employee stuff to experiment03:20
trip_wfhmaybe I'll hack on it tomorrow since I have time03:22
prpplaguetrip_wfh: you are out of jones farms right?03:22
trip_wfhright now, I've got to figure out how to use opencv with gstreamer03:22
prpplaguetrip_wfh: ahh dany03:22
givemefive912trip_wfh: are you going to use an appsink04:03
trip_wfhgivemefive912, right now I'm trying to write my own muxer gst plugin that does the image analysis with opencv04:04
warthog9trip_wfh: it should have the pwm bits04:13
warthog9trip_wfh: core-i7-64-bit I think04:13
warthog9I'd have to go dig up the kernel config on it, but I *THINK* that's on by default04:14
warthog9if dvhart was on he could confirm for sure04:14
givemefive912warthog9: how do you test for it, i have that image built04:15
warthog9givemefive912: before or after you boot it?04:17
givemefive912it's running right now so I was just saying I could confirm04:18
warthog9givemefive912: do you have /sys/class/pwm ?04:19
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givemefive912warthog9: sorry ftdi was bugged, yea I do.04:27
warthog9anything under the directory?04:27
warthog9lsmod | grep -i lpss ?04:27
warthog9do you have /dev/config.gz ?04:28
warthog9 /boot/config-* ?04:29
givemefive912i looked there, only bzimage and bzimage-3.17.104:29
givemefive912guess i could look at my config on my build machine04:29
bcran /proc/config.gz ?04:29
givemefive912bcran: yea04:29
* bcran wonders if warthog9 meant /proc instead of /dev04:30
warthog9err /boot04:30
givemefive912ok I got the config04:30
warthog9givemefive912: grep for LPSS in it04:32
warthog9I'm guessing it's commented out04:32
givemefive912ok it's module04:32
warthog9should be there04:37
givemefive912in a core image minimal no modules are added04:37
warthog9so the module was built, but not in the image04:37
givemefive912so i'm adding it to my local.conf04:37
givemefive912Still pretty new to yocto, i need to setup some virtualization so i can iterate faster.04:40
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tellendilhey ! I'd need a bit of help, I just received my repaired board and I'd need to update the firmware. However, I can boot to the efi shell, but I'm unable to find again which are the instructions to access the disk :/18:07
tellendilnevermind, it was sufficient to ask x)18:07
tellendilOk, now serial is on "Shutdown system in 1 seconds..." Does it reboots automagically or not ?18:13
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calculuswarthog9: I like having the microusb for the serial port over having headers, but I can see the argument the other way19:42
calculussmartphones charge with microusb, so people tend to have spare/extra usb cables for the serial console19:42
calculusothers just want headers, which normally means another 'speciality' cable has to be bought in order to connect19:43
calculushaving both with a jumper to select is probably not a possibility19:44
warthog9calculus: what if, this is a bit crazy, we mirrored the rx/tx of the serial to both the ftdi headers and a usb port?19:53
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tellendilwarthog9, that would be much easier ;)20:15
warthog9tellendil: I'm going to push that approach if we add the usb20:16
warthog9it's not without it's own problems20:16
warthog9but I'm seeing value in both, and I started questioning if having both would be good20:16
warthog9try to have my cake and eat it to ;-)20:16
tellendilwarthog9, yup, I agree, but for example I think the first minnowboard has usb for serial no ?20:17
tellendilBy the way, I hoped the 0.76 firmware would solve my screen problem, but no... I'll really have to investigate the model20:17
warthog9tellendil: I've actually seen a possible way to fix it20:18
warthog9it's *DUMB* though but it might fix it20:18
tellendiloh ?20:18
warthog9so, if the problem is fundamentally the HW issue that the differential pair for hdmi isn't high enough for your monitor, it's possible a powered hdmi splitter (or I've heard claims of 1 unpowered one) may resolve it by boosting the signal quality through a level shifter IN the splitter20:20
warthog9dumb, but it's possible a $5 hdmi splitter could solve it20:20
* warthog9 hasn't had time to try this mind you20:20
warthog9both reports of "fixing" the hdmi issue that way have been passed to me from internal people trying things20:22
tellendiloh ? well, that would be a great news ! (even though it won't be 5$ in switzerland x)) but ... I don't get exactly what these hdmi splitters are20:22
warthog9so the reports are reasonably reliable20:22
warthog9their intention is to make a single hdmi port on a TV support multiple input devices, like dvd's, blu-rays, cable boxes, etc20:23
warthog9but they have to be active devices because of how hdmi works, so there's power being fed into them20:23
warthog9and they have a tendency to have a level shifter to boost the signal as it gets shunted around inside so it's an appropriately powerful signal20:24
warthog9when it leaves the switcher/splitter thing20:24
tellendilOk great ! I will try to by one of these then thanks !20:26
tellendilOh and just a little check : MinnowBoard Max' Cpu is a silvermont right ?20:26
warthog9tellendil: just make sure the return policy is decent ;-)20:26
tellendilwarthog9, well... don't know If I would have any luck with this x)20:27
warthog9tellendil: yes it's silvermont20:27
tellendiland well... I've pay well enought for this minnow, a bit more or less... x)20:27
tellendilOk, so I'll have to update to gcc 4.9... will take a bit of time ^^'20:29
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tellendilwarthog9, oh I was thinking : before, when I have a video driver loaded, the screen would show what it should, nuz now never ^^'20:36
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warthog9guessing you are hitting the hardware bug20:41
warthog97027 I think is the right bugzilla number (and man I really need to get us moved out and off of the yocto bugzilla)20:41
tellendilyeah that's it, I can confirm x) so no luck as my board is too old right ?20:43
ahollerwarthog9: mirroring doesn't work. It would be much cheap to just add a cable for the header20:54
warthog9aholler: why wouldn't it work?20:54
ahollerbtw. is the header usable for all the arduinos and similiar too20:54
ahollerwarthog9: how do you mirror the input?20:55
warthog9aholler: I think it would have to be assumed you are using one or the other, but you normally don't see the serial input until it's echoed back at you20:56
warthog9if it's echoed back at you20:56
warthog9the only issue comes if you have both inputs trying to speak at the same time20:57
aholleryou could some dip-switches to change, but imho doesn't that make sense as just getting some cables would be much much cheaper20:57
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ahollerI assume they are already produced in millions because many phone use them too20:57
warthog9aholler: there's a discussion that it may be possible to do the usb port for somewhere in the $1-$2 range20:58
warthog9but there seems to be some pretty compelling use cases for keeping the ftdi serial header around as well20:58
ahollerI've no idea how much these cables do cost if bought in quantities20:59
warthog9ftdi serial to usb?21:00
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warthog9*BEST* price I've found is $6.50ish21:00
warthog9most places, for qty 1, charge $12-$1521:00
ahollersimiliar, something else than ftdi is likely cheaper21:00
tellendilaholler, you can even get just ftdi-micro-usb adapters, they are quite cheap and work well21:00
ahollerI have two prolifc here21:01
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warthog9ok I'm going to snag some lunch21:04
warthog9and then work on stuff for scale :-)21:04
ahollerhere is one of them:.
ahollerwas a nokia-phone-cable ;)21:04
warthog9gotta get the boxes ready to ship so they are there in time21:04
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* trip0 suffers post-lunch coma...21:37
calculuswarthog9: having both serial would be fine, if electrically possible21:58
calculuswarthog9, prpplague: yay for having a scale booth!21:59
tellendilOh, is there somewhere documenting all kernel modules required for linux on the minnowboard or not yet ?21:59
givemefive912tellendil: there's a config on the wiki
tellendiloh thanks !22:35
tellendilgivemefive912, thanks a lot, I forgot so many modules x)22:38
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