Sunday, 2015-02-08

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warthog9ka6sox: so you might be in luck00:59
warthog9I got the puppy's motor controller responding today00:59
prpplaguewarthog9: dandy01:00
warthog9prpplague: yup!01:00
prpplague<aholler> warthog9: just to complete the discussion from my side: it's easy possible to add usb to a header, but hard the other side around. So everyone who wants to use the serial to connect something else than a pc would be unhappy with the micro-usb solution01:00
warthog9think I'm going to solder the bits down to a proto01:00
warthog9seems "sane" given it's going to get transported a fair bit01:01
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ka6soxwarthog9, w00h00!01:40
ka6soxgo K-9!01:40
ka6soxwarthog9, I would01:41
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If you don't get a response, take your question to the mailing list | MinnowBoard MAX Dual core, no stock showing Jan 13, 2015 | MinnowBoard at SCALE 13x booth 64 | GSoC? Mentors / projects ping warthog9"06:57
tbrsomeone™ might want to fix the lack of max
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tellendilhello !10:10
tellendilI've got problems while compiling for my minnowboard. I'm using "-march=silvermont -mprfchw -mrdrnd" as flags. But it keeps saying invalid opcodes.... Do you know what I'm doing wrong ? :/10:45
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tellendilhey warthog9 ! Little question about cpu flags ( As I still get segfaults :/ ) : using -march=silvermont -mprfchw -mrdrnd should be right no ? Am I missing something ?12:57
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tellendilI've got a little problem with my microSD card apparently : "sdhci failed to setup card detect gpio" ... any idea of what it could be ? :/18:26
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givemefive911What's up with this lures page vandalism?
givemefive911says .. (Deleted design files for lures by Rod at Circuitco)20:47
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warthog9tellendil: I'd have to go look up -mprfchw and -mrdrnd, silvermont is probably ok20:58
warthog9tellendil: I would have a tendency to make it -march=x86_64 and call it good20:58
warthog9givemefive911: no vandalism, CircuitCo wanted to pull the lures to rework the design files that had been up20:59
givemefive911warthog9: Why'd they delete the whole page then20:59
warthog9givemefive911: you'd have to ask them, my guess is they thought they were the only ones with lures on that page21:00
warthog9which is obviously wrong as ka6sox has a lure up21:00
givemefive911warthog9: but the info about the lures is still good yea? I mean why delete info about lures already available to buy21:00
warthog9givemefive911: I'm not CircuitCo, you'd have to ask them21:01
tellendilwarthog9, ok, though as I'm compiling the whole system, having a thing slightly optimized would be better ;)21:01
warthog9tellendil: I can ping dvhart see if he has any specific recommendations21:01
warthog9calchan, from Gentoo, might too21:02
* warthog9 is pretty sure he's got a board21:02
* tbr remembers when MeeGo boasted how much of a boost SSSE3 would be and it turned out, that despite turning it on everywhere it was a hand full of binaries that had a command here or there...21:02
tellendilwarthog9, that would be with great pleasure ! By the way I'm still unable to go past initramfs x)21:03
warthog9tellendil: what are you using to build the distro?21:03
tellendilwarthog9, My main computer, under gentoo to. I've got weird behavior with dracut calling for password on the consoles, but none showing nor accepting input21:04
warthog9givemefive911: to answer your question on the info being good: to the best of my knowledge everything about those lures is the same21:04
warthog9tellendil: tried a usb keyboard and/or the serial port?21:05
tellendilwarthog9, yup ! tried both21:05
tellendiltried while enabling one, then the second, then both in both order21:05
tellendilI also got conflicts about gpio and sdhci, but as I can mount it manually under the same kernel, this does not seem relevent :/21:07
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givemefive911warthog9: ok thanks for your help, guess I'll back up the files and wait for further development.21:11
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warthog9givemefive911: it SHOULD be cleaned up / resolved this week, otherwise I'll go and see what's going on21:54
warthog9tellendil: weird....21:54
warthog9tellendil: your building Gentoo?21:55
warthog9tellendil: if you are I'll go bug Calchan and have him pop in here this week, see if he has any suggestions (as I am not a gentoo expert)21:55
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tellendilwarthog9, yup I'm building gentoo... I don't what I'm doing wrong though x) I've reproduced approximately the same setup as on my tower... except it is a sd card, not a disk... and it does not work22:17
tellendiland with no screen22:19
ka6soxwarthog9, when I know a prototype is going to be moved…I solder everything after it gets working.22:27
warthog9ka6sox: hehe :-)22:37
warthog9well this is a tracked robot22:37
warthog9so yeah it'll move ;-)22:37
ka6soxI'm more worried about Airline Transport!22:38
warthog9it's survived several of those already22:38
* warthog9 eyeballs 1T ssds for his laptop22:38
warthog9yeah my 1/2T is kinda almost full22:40
warthog9only $389 now22:41
warthog91T msata's too22:41
* warthog9 could upgrade to a full 2T of storage in his laptop22:42
tellendilwarthog9, I'm going to bed. I should be around these next days for more information ;) thanks again !22:57
warthog9tellendil: no problem!22:59
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