Monday, 2015-02-09

givemefive911warthog9: where do you see a 1T msata00:13
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givemefive911warthog9: oh, says $462 for me03:18
warthog9givemefive911: I didn't say it was cheap and/or cost effective ;-)03:19
warthog9the 1T ssd for $389 was a full size sata one03:19
warthog9well 2.5in sata03:19
givemefive911warthog9: oh gotcha thought you meant msata was that price which would have wowed me03:21
warthog9yeah, msata being about $100 more isn't bad though03:21
givemefive911warthog9: no intel employee purchase program :o ?03:32
warthog9for the msata / sata?03:32
warthog9there's one for the Intel branded ssds03:33
warthog9haven't looked to see if they have a 1T one yet03:33
warthog9think there's a new one that is03:33
givemefive911warthog9: believe Intel targets more towards embedded and servers so the power consumption is a bit higher. Think the Evo is one of the best03:34
warthog9givemefive911: I will admit to waiting to snag a T450s03:36
warthog9my old T420s is getting long in the tooth03:36
givemefive911warthog9: some reason I have this Texas Dell loyalty... like my latitudes03:38
warthog9the latitudes are reasonable machines03:40
warthog9can't fault your loyalty there03:40
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HoloPedmorning all15:04
HoloPedhow do access the serial port on the max ?15:04
HoloPedvia pythong15:04
HoloPedomg pythong is the best typo ever15:05
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HoloPedwarthog9, beep ?15:25
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aholler_how funny, don't photograph your rpi2 ;)15:49
givemefive911aholler_: Shit's hilarious15:52
givemefive911HoloPed: You want the debugging serial port via python running on the max?15:53
HoloPedgivemefive911, I need to read serial commands in python15:54
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HoloPedwhy is the port called 'debugging' ?15:55
HoloPedI have ubuntu install on the max15:55
ahollergivemefive911: I assume a point of wax or some good paint might help, but it's still funny15:56
HoloPed"dmesg | grep tty" returns nothing15:56
givemefive911HoloPed: There's 3 'serial' ports on the max I think, 2 uarts and 1 serial console with the ftdi headers.15:56
HoloPedI need the FTDI one15:56
givemefive911what kernel15:56
HoloPedI dont understand the quetion15:57
HoloPedlinux noob here15:57
givemefive911uname -r15:57
HoloPedubuntu kernal ?15:57
HoloPedwhat does that mean ?15:57
ahollertoo old ;)15:57
givemefive911I would compile 3.18 for Ubuntu with a config appended to the stock ubuntu kernel15:58
HoloPedoh god15:58
givemefive911There's plenty of guides out there for ubuntu. I'm sure in 3-4 hours you'll be fine ; )15:59
HoloPeddo I need a CPU that runs on light refracted from Saturn ?15:59
givemefive911No, might take you 3-4 hours to compile.15:59
givemefive911on the max locally15:59
givemefive911less for cross compile15:59
HoloPedI see15:59
HoloPedok, so no /path/to/linux16:01
HoloPed404 not found16:03
givemefive911 go to the site..16:03
HoloPednot found16:03
HoloPedwhich version ?16:04
givemefive911Sure.. that was released today16:04
HoloPedmore bugs for me16:05
givemefive911or less bugs ;)16:05
HoloPeddownload now16:06
HoloPedwhat do I do with it ? untar ?16:06
givemefive911Before you install a mainline kernel I would read the ubuntu docs. Here's some to start:
HoloPedwhat is upstream ?16:07
HoloPednewer ?16:07
givemefive911unmodified kernel source from Linus16:08
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HoloPeddo I unzip the file16:09
HoloPedand thanks for the help, btw16:09
givemefive911for ubuntu, the ubuntu kernel team applies patches and then puts it in their repository/images.  For your first time it might be easier to download a deb source of a 3.18.x kernel and then apply the minnow config changes and then compile16:09
HoloPedI really appriciate it16:09
givemefive911I'm sure there's a guide for that somewhere. More steps than I can walk you through on IRC..16:09
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HoloPedoh boy16:10
HoloPedwhat is a "deb source"16:10
HoloPedI'm not married to ubuntu16:10
HoloPedwould this be easier with another distro ?16:10
HoloPedall I need is to access the damn serial port16:11
givemefive911lol, maybe maybe not.  I think on F21 all I had to do was make getty listen on the /dev/ttyS0 or whatever16:11
givemefive911cant promise you that though16:11
HoloPedI'll compile16:12
HoloPedwhat is the guide I'm looking for ?16:12
HoloPedhow do I apply the minnow config changes ?16:14
givemefive911take the ubuntu config and use the script I think is the best way. scripts/kconfig/ ubuntu_config Minnowmax-3.18.txt16:15
givemefive911 here's a short guide..16:16
HoloPedthis means I'm not compiling ?16:16
givemefive911no you are, you're just getting the source from ubuntu with their patches already applied/tested instead of getting the upstream kernel16:17
givemefive911not a big difference really16:17
givemefive911might wanna clone your sdcard or whatever. you might not figure it out the first time.16:19
givemefive911Seems like this step on the wiki hasn't been completed yet: (TODO: find a PPA or something with newer kernels in it so people don't have to compile them.)16:27
givemefive911Maybe I can put some images out there later this week with 3.19 jessie/ubuntu/f21..  or do a copr/ppa don't know.16:29
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ram_hi, I've read that Minnow supports android 4.4, does the board support BLE (using a dongle for example)16:50
givemefive911ram_: don't hear much about android in here.. I'm sure with the source and the kernel it could.16:57
dvhartram_ that's more of a question for the Android kernel/stack than for Minnow17:01
dvhartI'd suggest asking on the list, and I can help make sure the right person from the android team sees it17:02
ram_Oh thanks!17:02
givemefive911dvhart: are there more reference releases planned? or is the last? It's been a while it seems.17:03
dvhartI'm not sure, I've been meaning to connect with the Android team to get their plans.17:05
givemefive911dvhart: ok cool, thanks for all the yocto documentation with your name on it, been learning a lot recently.  Would be nice if the terminal screenshots were done with a light background for printing though.17:07
dvhartOooh, good point. That didn't occur to me. I'll keep that in mind for the future.17:07
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ram_thanks for the suppor givemefive911 and dvhart17:12
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HoloPedI am so lost18:25
HoloPedwhat is an xz file18:25
HoloPedhow do I extract the kernal18:25
givemefive911tar xvf kernel.tar.xz18:26
givemefive911HoloPed: you might want to look at some linux command line tutorials/references before you try to compile a kernel <.>18:27
givemefive911maybe make an free amazon web services account or something so you have a virtual machine you can create and destroy.. Don't know what you've done before or what you ahve access too18:28
dvhartHoloPed, what are you trying to do?18:32
HoloPeddvhart, access the max serial port18:33
HoloPedwhich seems like I need a new kernal to do18:33
HoloPedits a slippery slope with you linux guys :)18:33
HoloPedI started the day thinking this would be a 2 line python thing18:34
HoloPednow I'm reading how to compile kernals18:34
dvhartHoloPed, still need some context.18:34
dvhart1) What OS is on your host?18:34
HoloPedminnowboard max18:34
dvhart2) What OS is on the Minnow?18:34
dvhart3) Which cable are you using to connect to the serial port?18:34
givemefive9113.13.0-32-generic is his kernel18:35
dvhartWhich OS on the mmax?18:35
HoloPedubuntu on the max18:35
HoloPedlatest stable18:35
dvhart14. something?18:35
dvhartand the kernel you think you need to rebuild is for the Host or the Max ?18:36
HoloPedhost is a windows machine18:36
dvhartthe Minnow MAX uart uses the 8250 driver18:36
dvhartthe FTDI driver is seen by your host computer18:36
dvhartyou need the FTDI driver for your windows machine18:37
dvhartnot the max18:37
HoloPedthat I have18:37
HoloPedwhat I don't know is, how to read data from the serial port - on the max18:37
HoloPedI've done the grep tty thing, and nothing came out18:37
dvhartSo from Windows you can see the serial device from the USB FTDI cable?18:37
dvhartand connect to it via HyperTerminal or whatever?18:38
dvhartconfigured to 115200 with no flow control?18:38
HoloPedI have not gotten that far yet18:38
HoloPedbut I've used this cable with other devices18:39
HoloPedso I know it works18:39
dvhartthe speed is not determined by the cable18:39
HoloPedI know18:39
dvhartso set the speed and flow control in hyperterminal18:39
dvhartthen, when you power the board on, the firmware should print messages to hyperterminal18:39
HoloPedok, I can try that18:40
dvhartverifying that should be step one, no need to deal with Linux at all yet18:40
HoloPedI like first steps18:40
HoloPedwill do that now18:40
dvhartonce you have that working, just make sure you boot with "console=ttyS0,115200"  and your kernel boot messages will also appear18:40
dvhartYou shouldn't ever need to recompile a Linux kernel to talk to ttyS0 on the max, it's a standard 8250 UART which pretty much everything supports.18:41
dvhartIf you want the 4Mbps HSUARTs on the LSE, that might be another story18:42
HoloPedbut why can't I see ttyS018:42
HoloPedin the list18:42
dvhartwhich list?18:42
HoloPeddmesg | grep tty18:42
HoloPedreturns nothing18:43
dvhartThat's interesting. Did you happen to disable the UART via the firmware?18:43
HoloPednot that I know of18:43
dvhartdmesg | grep -i tty18:44
dvhartmodprobe 825018:44
dvhartdmesg | grep tty18:44
HoloPeddmesg returns a lot of stuff about CPU temp18:45
HoloPedcore temp above thershold18:46
dvhartpastebin the dmesg?18:46
dvhartdo you have it in an enclosure?18:46
dvhartdoes it have the heatsink on?18:46
dvharthrm, first I've seen that.18:46
HoloPedhow do I dmesg into a file18:47
givemefive911dmesg > dmesg.txt18:47
dvhartdmesg > log.txt18:48
HoloPedok sec18:48
dvhartright, that is one noisy kernel18:50
dvhartthat is not a complete boot log18:50
dvhartwhich is porbably why you aren't seeing ttyS018:51
dvhartyour first timestamp is 69635.419135 (should be 0)18:51
dvhartWhat else do you have connected to the board?18:51
HoloPeda camera18:51
HoloPedI can disconnect18:52
dvhartYeah, that would help a lot - that driver isn't happy18:52
HoloPedmaybe beause its a usb3 camera in a usb2 port18:52
HoloPedit works, but probably not  happily18:52
dvhartSO pull the camera and reboot with hyperterm configured as described above18:53
dvhartthen immediately capture dmesg18:53
dvhartI'm concerned about your cpu core temp warnings18:53
HoloPedme too18:54
HoloPedits not hot to the touch18:54
HoloPedslightly warm18:54
HoloPedbut thats it18:54
HoloPedI get msges in the terminal18:56
HoloPedbut the boot failed18:56
HoloPedcannot find required map name18:56
dvhartthat's a firmware issue18:57
dvhartor rather, not issue, but config18:57
dvharttype exit18:57
dvhartthen navigate to the boot manager configuration18:57
dvhartand choose your boot device18:57
HoloPedwhat a mess18:59
HoloPedI have both ubuntu and debian there18:59
HoloPedboth fail to boot18:59
HoloPedI thought I overwrote debian, as I could not get it to install to the USB3.0 drive19:00
HoloPedso I swtiched to ubuntu19:00
givemefive911dvhart: I think I remember seeing temp warnings when I installed some older kernels.. Can't remember it was a while ago.19:00
dvhartOK, I haven't tested on anything older than 3.1419:01
dvhartwhich is what we list as minimal supported versino19:01
HoloPedI don't mind installing linux again19:01
HoloPedfrom an image that is suited for the max19:01
dvhartHoloPed, did you follow the distro instructions on the wiki for debian or ubuntu?19:02
HoloPedI don't remember19:02
HoloPedI just remember a lot of frustration and things not working19:02
dvhartHoloPed, sorry to hear that - definitely not the experience we're aiming for, and not usually what we hear back honestly.19:03
dvhartThat link provides step by step instructions for several distributions on the Max19:03
HoloPedyes that looks familiar19:04
HoloPedok, lets do it step by step, I'll try to explain where I failed and what went wrong19:04
dvhartPlease do. If there is something confusing in the documentation, we'd like to correct it.19:04
HoloPedI started with Debian19:04
HoloPedthe first hurdle was that finding the download link for Debian Jessie Alpha 1 AMD64 XFCE is not trivial19:05
HoloPedbut someone here helped, and I d/l it, and wrote the image to a USB drive19:06
HoloPednow I have a USB3.0 drive that I want to use as the system main drive19:07
dvhartAnd at this point, you don't need Alpha19:07
dvhartsince Jessie is further along now19:07
givemefive911HoloPed: You have a really old kernel for a 14.x ubuntu install, if you're on 14.10 you should have 3.16 at least19:07
dvhartgivemefive911, that's what I thought as well ...19:07
HoloPedlet me check which version I d/k19:07
givemefive911you can apt-get install linux-image-3.16.0-28-generic or something to that effect19:07
dvhartHoloPed, if you're new to Linux, you may find Ubuntu easier to deal with than Debian19:07
HoloPedI could not install debian19:08
HoloPedit didn't see the USB3.0 drive19:08
HoloPedI don't know why19:08
dvhartIn time they all start to look alike, but initially the difference really matter19:08
HoloPedyeah, I see now that I installed ubuntu 14.0319:09
HoloPedwhich I guess is old19:09
HoloPedI don't know why that is the image I d/l19:09
HoloPedmy goof I guess19:09
HoloPedwhich image of ubuntu should I d/l ?19:10
givemefive91114.10 server19:10
givemefive911or desktop if you have a monitor..19:10
HoloPedI have a monitor, but I don't want have one int he final product19:10
HoloPedthis will be a headless system19:10
dvhartDoesn't really matter honestly19:11
givemefive911server will be smaller then, but ^^19:11
dvhartuntil you have very specific use cases19:11
dvhartgivemefive911, yes, good point.19:11
HoloPedi'm downloading desktop19:11
HoloPedah yes19:12
HoloPedthe wiki says ubuntu 14.0419:12
HoloPedthats why I downloaded that versaion19:12
HoloPedit was 14.04 (not .03)19:12
givemefive911HoloPed: were you running into issues with the firmware seeing your debian usb install drive?19:12
HoloPedI dont know if it was a firmware issue19:13
HoloPeddebian did not see the USB3.0 drive19:13
HoloPedubuntu did see it19:13
givemefive911oh so you got debian installed ok?19:13
HoloPedI could not install debian because it didn't see the usb drive19:14
HoloPedI could not install debian because it didn't see the usb3.0 drive19:14
givemefive911HoloPed: the max with the uefi firmware doesn't like a lot of Windows image builder tools.  Gotta find something that wraps dd/similar.19:16
HoloPedif I understand you correctly,19:16
HoloPedthats not what happened19:16
HoloPedthe image booted fine (from a usb2.0 drive)19:17
HoloPedI wanted to intall the OS on a USB3.0 drive19:17
givemefive911oh ok gotcha19:17
HoloPedwell, I'm d/l 14.10 now, it will take a while19:19
HoloPedThen I'll try to install it and we'll see how that goes19:19
HoloPeddvhart, better update the wiki, because it says 14.04 on that19:19
dvhartYeah, we can do that - although 14.04 has worked for many.19:20
HoloPed14.04 is what I installed19:20
HoloPedit has an old kernal19:21
HoloPedBAAAAD kernal19:21
dvhartyup, that's noted under "Final Steps"19:21
dvhartbut yes, moving to 14.10 on the wiki is the right thing to do19:21
dvhartflu is getting the better of me, need food and a break19:25
dvhartHoloPed, keep us posted, I particularly want to know if the core temp warnings go away with a newer kernel19:25
HoloPedI hope your core temp doesn't go up19:26
HoloPedonce again I have the issue that the installer does not see the USB3.0 drive20:04
HoloPedcould it be something to do with the drive itself ?20:05
givemefive911Is the drive GPT formatted20:06
HoloPedactually, its MBM that doesn't see it20:06
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warthog9HoloPed: what OS?22:06
HoloPedoh, hey warthog922:10
HoloPedi've just installed a fresh ubuntu 14.1022:11
warthog9and it's not seeing the usb3 drive?22:11
HoloPedit did on the second try22:11
HoloPedI think the drive is defective22:11
HoloPedor doesn't like the minnowboard22:12
warthog9either could be true22:12
warthog9what power supply you using?22:12
HoloPeda beefy 2A22:12
warthog9it *COULD* be possible that's the issue22:12
prpplagueHoloPed: usb3 can draw up to 900mA22:13
prpplagueHoloPed: are you using something on the usb2?22:13
prpplagueHoloPed: do you have other items plugged into to board? i.e. lures?22:13
prpplagueHoloPed: are you running the ethernet and hdmi?22:13
HoloPedUSB2 hub with keyboard, mouse, usb2 drive22:14
HoloPedno lures22:14
HoloPedyes ethernet and HDMI22:14
prpplagueHoloPed: ok, you are probably pushing the limits of the 2A supply22:14
HoloPedyou think I could be pushing the 2A limit ?22:14
prpplague900mA for the usb3, 500mA for the USB2, 500 for the core, and 600 for the ethernet and hdmi22:15
HoloPedI should have a 5A supply somewhere22:15
HoloPeddvhart, no CPU heat messages now22:23
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givemefive911Does the guy hang out in here at all?22:28
HoloPedwarthog9, do you know what is the best way to read data from the serial port ?22:28
HoloPedthe FTDI one22:28
HoloPedin python22:29
prpplagueHoloPed: most of the stock distributions will enable that port as a serial console22:29
prpplagueHoloPed: you will need to make sure that is disabled if it is running22:29
prpplagueHoloPed: once that is done, it's just like any standard uart22:30
givemefive911I'll give a +1 to pyserial. It's easy to use and the examples are copy and paste.22:33
warthog9HoloPed: the main serial port?  Not easily as most systems set it up as the console port22:40
warthog9HoloPed: which means that mgetty has the port22:40
warthog9givemefive911: they do not22:40
warthog9givemefive911: having problems with technodisti?22:40
dvhartHoloPed, yeah, you will need to ensure console=ttyS0,115200 is not in the kernel cmdline (boot loader config) and that it is not being used by a getty (usually in /etc/inittab)22:44
HoloPedat least I dont have to compile a kernal for that22:44
HoloPedam I right22:44
HoloPedmy productivity today has been negative22:45
HoloPedbut at least I'm learning22:45
prpplagueHoloPed: hey don't feel bad22:45
warthog9HoloPed: you don't need to recompile a kernel for that change22:45
Bryansteindvhart, did you see my additions to the minnowboard coreboot page?22:45
prpplagueHoloPed: two weekends ago i destroyed about $200 worth of wood stuff while experimenting22:46
dvhartBryanstein, I have not - been traveling and sick22:46
HoloPedwood stuff ?22:46
prpplagueHoloPed: the remnants made nice fire in the fireplace22:46
prpplagueHoloPed: wooden boxes and materials22:46
warthog9Bryanstein: on the wiki?22:46
Bryansteinwarthog9, yes22:46
prpplagueHoloPed: (i am not skilled at carpentry)22:47
HoloPedI am working on software that controls stage lights, and I had a bug that made the light point at 0,0, which is the base of the light itself, and it melted the base22:47
dvhartBryanstein, I see you made several :-)22:47
HoloPedit was just one light, but a few hours before that I was controlling over 120 lights in a production stage22:47
prpplagueHoloPed: but i did learn enough to make my project22:48
prpplagueHoloPed: so failure is good sometimes hehe22:48
Bryansteindvhart, yes...well I told you I knew how to get the txe spi regions :oP22:48
HoloPedthat looks very cool22:48
HoloPedI want to make a wood box for my pi thermal paper instant camera22:48
dvhartBryanstein, nice22:48
dvhartthanks for that22:48
BryansteinI'm running openbsd on one of my maxs' now but no ethernet...wondering what's missing22:48
Bryansteinsure thing dvhart22:49
dvhartwe need to get this updated for FSP gold 3 now :-)22:49
dvhartBryanstein, nice :-)22:49
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prpplagueHoloPed: please remember that NONE of the uarts on the max, including the console are actually rs-232 levels, they are 3.3V TTL22:55
prpplagueHoloPed: so you need to carefully considering what you are connecting up to those uarts22:55
HoloPedyes, I know22:56
prpplaguehehe just making sure22:56
HoloPedare there separate pins for the other two ports ?22:56
HoloPedwhere are the other two hiding22:56
prpplagueHoloPed: on the low speed expansion22:57
prpplagueHoloPed: uart1 has flow control available22:58
HoloPedand for those I don't need to disable ttys0 ?22:58
prpplagueHoloPed: uart2 is just tx/rx22:58
prpplagueHoloPed: generally those are not enabled with a getty or console22:58
HoloPedwhich port would they be in ununtu ?22:59
HoloPedI see ttys04 and 0523:00
warthog9Bryanstein: did the spi / txe descriptor get dealt with?23:00
warthog9Bryanstein: nevermind, ignore me I clearly hadn't read far enough23:01
givemefive911warthog9: no just wanted to pick something up locally but imagine I'll probably just get it shipped down the block.23:01
prpplagueHoloPed: that sounds correct23:01
Bryansteinwarthog9, I have to figure out what's going on with ethernet23:01
* prpplague switches machines23:01
warthog9Bryanstein: it not coming up?23:01
*** prpplague <prpplague!David@nat/intel/x-caazbbcorlfekxzd> has quit IRC23:01
Bryansteinwarthog9, non existent...I need to thump around on other OS's but in openbsd it can't even be found23:02
warthog9nothing in BSD's lspci equivalent?23:02
Bryansteinwarthog9, oh yes there is pcidump and you can even install doesn't even see it23:03
warthog9is that with gold 2 or gold 3 of the fsp?23:03
*** yokel <yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt> has quit IRC23:03
Bryansteingold 2 i believe23:03
* warthog9 goes to dig up gold 323:03
warthog9it not showing up in lspci tells me it's not initializing pci-e right23:05
*** yokel <yokel!~yokel@unaffiliated/contempt> has joined #minnowboard23:05
*** aholler <aholler!> has joined #minnowboard23:05
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*** prpplague <prpplague!> has joined #minnowboard23:09
warthog9Bryanstein: ok I've got a question out to our internal coreboot experts on where FSP Gold 3 is23:36
warthog9Bryanstein: I'd be curious to see if we can get iPXE working for netbooting with coreboot though23:36
Bryansteinwarthog9, hmm so I was looking at some things and you need a .rom file from gpxe23:37
warthog9to make the ethernet work?23:39
BryansteinI think I built an ethernet rom but never added to my coreboot.rom...I had plans to but never did23:39
warthog9and iPXE subplants gpxe23:39
warthog9(namely iPXE is still maintained)23:39
BryansteinTrue as it did etherboot23:39
warthog9etherboot < gpxe < ipxe23:40
BryansteinWell let me fool around with some things and see if it even acts like it wants to do pxe at all23:41
Bryansteinit's fairly simple to add the .rom file to the coreboot.rom23:43
* warthog9 nods23:43
warthog9and generating an ipxe.rom is pretty simple23:43
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-jlydwvtilafotxio> has quit IRC23:47
*** kierank <kierank!sid5955@gateway/web/> has joined #minnowboard23:50
Bryansteinwarthog9, seems to be here:
warthog9that's got the Gold 3 FSP23:59

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