Tuesday, 2015-02-10

warthog9Bryanstein: yeah same thing :-)00:00
warthog9try that, I *THINK* you can use a newer coreboot revision too00:00
warthog9(than the one listed)00:00
warthog9but we've found that things "break"00:00
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ka6soxwhy would I choose debug over release for the 0.76 firmware?00:10
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dvhartka6sox, only if you're have boot failures that you can't explain01:09
ka6soxdvhart, okay I'll chose the release then.01:11
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HoloPedmorning all14:55
HoloPeddvhart, you feeling better ?14:55
prpplagueHoloPed: probably a little early for him on normal days, probably even so for today14:58
prpplagueHoloPed: i think he's still feel a little under the weather14:58
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HoloPedprpplague, how do I get to the grub menu ?15:38
HoloPedholding shift doesn't seem to work15:38
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prpplagueHoloPed: depends on what is enabled15:42
HoloPedhow do I check ?15:43
HoloPedI need to get rid of the serial console15:43
HoloPedto release TTYS015:43
prpplagueHoloPed: you can edit the grub boot options from linux15:44
prpplagueHoloPed: decided not to use one of the other uarts?15:44
HoloPed /etc/default/grub ?15:44
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HoloPedis the other UARTs 6 or 4 pin ?15:44
HoloPedI have a 6 pin cable15:44
HoloPedcan I use it with a 4 pin urat ?15:45
prpplagueHoloPed: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19486/how-do-i-add-a-kernel-boot-parameter15:45
prpplagueHoloPed: the console uart is just 2 wire anyway, it's tx/rx only15:46
prpplagueHoloPed: uart2 on the LSE is the same as the console uart in that it only supports tx/rx15:46
prpplagueHoloPed: uart1 on the LSE supports flow control with tx/rx/cts/rts15:46
HoloPedi'll try to use that15:46
prpplagueyou are going to find things a lot easier using either uart1 or uart2 on the LSE15:48
HoloPedroger that15:48
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gbissonhi guys! I've been playing around with the edk2 with my MinnowBoardMax following the instructions available at http://firmware.intel.com/sites/default/files/2014-WW51.4-MinnowBoard%20MAX%20Rev.0.76-ReleaseNotes.txt16:10
gbissonnow I'm to the point where I'd like to change some of the default setting such as the LPSS mode from ACPI to PCI16:10
gbissonalthough the instructions clearly specify to have the PCI mode disabled in the FSP I kept it as enabled but hasn't seen any change in the menu16:10
gbissonthen I've tried looking at the source code, trying to force it to enabled but still didn't have any luck16:11
gbissongrep'ing LpssPciModeEnabled didn't help much so I was wondering if anyone here would know where to look at16:11
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HoloPedhey prpplague , lets say that for several reasons I still want to use TTYS016:59
HoloPedI opened /etc/default/grub, but there is nothing there about TTYS016:59
dvhartgbisson, hey17:04
dvhartgbisson, sorry it's been hard to conenct17:04
prpplagueHoloPed: first, do you know for sure there is a getty running on that uart?17:04
prpplagueHoloPed: and/or if it is being used as a serial console?17:04
dvhartgbisson, I'd like to run your questions by the fw devs17:04
dvhartI'll do that and get back to you17:05
prpplagueHoloPed: what distro are you using?17:05
HoloPedI dont know for sure17:05
HoloPedUbuntu 10.1417:05
prpplagueHoloPed: ok, first17:05
HoloPedI'm just writing some python code to open the port and see17:06
prpplagueHoloPed: after booting up to ubuntu, are you able to get a login prompt on the serial console?17:06
HoloPedI'll try17:07
prpplagueHoloPed: just curious while you are doing that, why you still prefer to use the serial console uart instead of one on the expansion header?17:07
HoloPedthe physical layout is easier for our needs17:08
prpplagueHoloPed: i am guessing you mean that it has a 6-pin header making it easier to connect to a host pc?17:09
HoloPedno, meaning I prefer something that plugs in the side instead of the top17:09
HoloPedtrying to keep this low profile17:09
prpplagueHoloPed: hehe, not sure how that explains it other than you don't have the resources to make a right-angle header17:10
prpplagueHoloPed: if i have time this this evening i will boot ubuntu 14.10 and have a look at what the default settings are for the serial console17:11
HoloPedyes, I know I can made an adapter17:11
HoloPedbut also the pin layout is different, so we would need a breakout board or special cable17:12
HoloPedand it just works better for us if it's plugged in the side, in terms of making a case, etv17:12
prpplagueHoloPed: understood17:13
prpplagueHoloPed: just want to understand the reasoning for future reference17:13
gbissondvhart: no problem, let me know what I can do to help17:21
dvhartgbisson, did you send an email to edk2-devel?17:22
dvhartgbisson, until I hear otherwise, I would start there for questions like these.17:23
dvhartI've asked the firmware team how they would like to receive questions17:23
gbissonyes I've sent the question on edk2-devel17:24
gbissondvhart: let me find the link17:24
dvhartHrm, I should have it in my inbox then, I'm subscribed17:25
gbissondvhart: actually the archive link seems broken: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=edk2-devel17:25
dvhartmind forwarding it to me? dvhart at linux.intel.com17:26
gbissonshould be sent now17:27
dvhartgbisson, got it, thanks17:31
dvharthope to have a response to you within 24 hours17:31
gbissongreat! that's even faster than I expected17:32
gbissonthanks for spending time on that one17:32
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dkeavmax has no audio-in right?21:20
prpplaguedkeav: no external analog audio21:22
prpplaguedkeav: audio is fully supported via the HDMI interface21:22
prpplaguedkeav: the Low Speed Expansion header has I2S signals that can connect most generic audio codecs21:22
dkeavwould wind up using USB device most likely21:23
dkeavsame as raspi21:23
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dkeavtinkering with a better RTP audio relay21:31
dkeavcause the pro level stuff is damned expensive21:31
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warthog9dkeav: that it is21:58
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dkeavwas looking at the digigram pyko setup22:11
dkeavlike $800 a piece22:12
dkeavi've got a setup now with a couple raspi's (minnow board wasn't available) but i may need to redo it with a bit more horse power ;)22:12
warthog9the extra umpf is kinda nice22:13
dkeavit works as long as i'm doing mono audio, if i go to stereo it doubles the CPU usage and tends to become less stable22:13
dkeavmono  is find for its intended usage, link to a PA system22:13
dkeavbut is kinda nice to have stereo when other users want to connect to the stream from a PC or the likes22:13
warthog9little surprised stero is an issue22:13
dkeavwell the setup crashes after a few hours no matter what22:14
dkeavseems more a limitation of arecord or possibly avconv than raspi22:14
dkeavbut it crashes faster with stereo vs mono22:14
dkeavi'm just doing a while true; do loop so meh, works fine22:15
warthog9is it ooming or just crashing?22:16
dkeavjust stops22:18
dkeavdoes it on a pc system too22:19
dkeavarecord -f cd -D plughw:1,0 | avconv -i - -acodec libmp3lame -ab 96k -ac 1 -re -f rtp rtp://
dkeavworks for about 3-6 hours usually22:20
dkeavthen will just halt22:20
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givemefive911dkeav: have you tried gstreamer22:39
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