Wednesday, 2015-02-11

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warthog9gstreamer might work better overall00:26
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warthog9av500: ping00:41
givemefive911dkeav: I use gstreamer for a couple of projects. I find it pretty reliable and easy to work with.  Plus the devs are active and helpful in solving problems.  I would recommend compiling it from git.00:43
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shallinthenorthI am looking for the memory and i/o mapping for the minnowboard max ver 201:05
warthog9shallinthenorth: in terms of?01:05
shallinthenorththe adress mapping, i.e. port 300h = serial1, memory 8000h - 8FFF etc.01:08
warthog9shallinthenorth: I assume you don't have a MAX, and are you looking for this mapping from Windows or Linux?01:08
warthog9or bsd01:09
shallinthenorthI do have one....bsd01:09
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warthog9I'd have to bug someone else with bsd, as I don't have an install setup here01:10
warthog9I can give you what Linux has01:10
warthog9though if you have a max, and I assume BSD up and running, you should be able to pull the same data...01:10
shallinthenorthsend me linux link it would be helpful01:15
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warthog9shallinthenorth: I believe bsd has /proc/iomem as well as linux01:16
dkeavgivemefive911: yep i'm messing with it now01:19
dkeavi have it working with some gst-launch pipes01:19
warthog9yay for pipes01:20
dkeavi'm going to let this run for a while and see how it does01:20
dkeavif it is stable, i write a python script for it01:20
dkeavsince py-gst exists01:20
givemefive911dkeav: the C isn't too bad either. the documentation is pretty good01:20
dkeavmy C sucks01:20
dkeavheh well my python sucks too, but better than my C01:20
shallinthenorthpurfect that was what I looking for, thanks01:21
dkeavthanks again for the nod to gstreamer, this might wind up being the more elegant solution01:21
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dkeavlooks to be averaging about 30% load on the sending unit01:22
dkeav9% on the reciever01:23
warthog9I wonder what shallinthenorth wanted the iomem map for...01:23
givemefive911dkeav: be warned when looking at documentation (or rather other people's examples) that there is a gstreamer-0.10 api and 1.0 api and they aren't compatible.  so if you're using the git source you're on 1.0 and good to go.01:24
warthog9dkeav: I assume it's doing some encoding on the sending unit?01:24
givemefive911think he was transcoding mp301:24
givemefive911or encoding from hardware01:24
warthog9that would make sense for the load to be higher01:24
dkeavi figured a little load on the cpu is ok anyways, keep it compressed going over the network01:27
givemefive911yeah I would recommend you switch to 1.0 now before you write any code.01:28
dkeavodds are pretty good these will stay rather static though01:28
dkeavthe filesystems are mounted RO after i tinker01:28
dkeavso not like updates later would get me01:29
dkeav...there won't be any01:29
dkeavunless one dies... and gets replaced01:29
warthog9dkeav: you are still on the pi right?01:30
warthog930% from a pi doing encoding is about right01:31
dkeavi thought so01:31
warthog9for a mono stream01:31
warthog9(just back of the paper napkin math anyway)01:31
dkeavit goes to about 65-70 if you do stereo01:31
dkeavhence minnowboard ;)01:31
dkeavdoesn't matter for this project anyways, i'm still getting a minnowboard for me01:32
warthog9I do like, and recommend the MinnowBoard - but I might be a LITTLE biased01:32
givemefive911the pi2 is an option too..01:32
dkeavanyone running FreeBSD on minnow yet?01:32
warthog9dkeav: yup01:32
warthog9there's an oddity in getting it booted last I checked01:32
dkeavno surprising01:32
warthog9but last I checked it just worked01:32
dkeavusb3 chipset?01:33
warthog9think it just worked01:33
dkeavyou have to do some funky bits to boot usb3 to get XHCI loaded01:33
warthog9Dan Mahoney had a video up01:33
dkeavmay have been fixed in 10.101:33
dkeavyep, found it01:33
warthog9 <-- completely silent one01:34
dkeavyea that is the one i was watching01:36
dkeavbrb though01:37
warthog9that's the one I was thinking of01:37
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dkeavi'll give it a watch here after while, gotta do some work01:51
dkeavthanks for the link!01:51
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dkeavwell gst pipe has been going good for about an hour now02:10
dkeavso that is good02:10
dkeavi'll have to tinker with multicast next02:10
HoloPeddoes anyone know how to disable the serial console? I need to free up ttyS0. Distro is Ubunbu 14.1002:14
warthog9ok I'm going to quietly put this out there:02:20
warthog9if you have a project relating to Minnow get the idea up there and discuss things with me02:20
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givemefive911Wish I had known what gsoc was in college. It seems like an alternative to an internship?03:14
ka6soxsummer internship03:17
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gahseyfanjust curious: the wiki notes that the low-speed-expansion pins are not 5V tolerant.  Since one of the pins is +5V power, is it what's on the end of the pins that is not tolerant?06:00
tbrthat refers to signal pins06:09
gahseyfanso that which is on the other side of the signal pins, i.e. something in the SoC, is not 5V tolerant, ya?06:27
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givemefive911gahseyfan: there are bidirectional levelshifters out there if you need to interface with 5v or more06:49
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warthog9gahseyfan: the 5v pin outputs 5v, the 3.3v pin outputs 3.3v, the gnds are grounds08:06
warthog9all other pins either accept or output 3.3v08:06
warthog9beyond that as givemefive911 suggested there are level shifter up and down08:06
warthog9gahseyfan: for example if you try to apply 5v / 9v / 12v power to pin 26 you will damage the board08:07
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dkeavgood news18:35
dkeavthe gstreamer stream is still going strong18:35
HoloPedIs ttyS0 limited to baud 115200 ?18:35
tripz0yay for gstreamer!19:13
tripz0HoloPed: requires more speed?19:13
HoloPednot really19:14
HoloPedwas just wondering why 230400 didn't work19:14
warthog9dkeav: yay!19:22
warthog9HoloPed: never tested it19:23
tripz0HoloPed: did you set the kernel args to do 230400?19:23
warthog9firmware defaults to 11520019:23
HoloPedyou lost me at kernel19:23
warthog9HoloPed: windows or linux?19:23
HoloPedbut really19:23
HoloPedits fine19:23
tripz0you may also have to do some efi-stuff19:23
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HoloPedat this point I'm sorry i asked19:23
HoloPedplease dont make me compile the kernal19:24
warthog9HoloPed: no no it's a kernel command line option19:24
warthog9no compiling needed :-)19:24
tripz0in short: yes, it can probably go faster, but... you may not want to ;)19:24
warthog9thankfully not EVERYTHING needs a kernel compile :-)19:24
warthog9HoloPed: if you are ever curious you can look in your grub config and you'll see something like oot=UUID=643f947a-022d-4952-b4b0-fc7949981773 ro rootflags=subvol=root vconsole.font=latarcyrheb-sun16  rhgb quie19:28
warthog9that laundry list of things are just the options getting passed to the kernel, just like command line options19:28
warthog9if you wanted to try (and see if it works) increasing the speed of the console I'd add something like:19:28
warthog9console=ttyS0,230400n8 console=tty019:29
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sjoerdanyone happen to know if the minnowboard max uart is happy with 1.8v signalling instead of 3.3v?19:53
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gahseyfanthanks warthog9 and givemefive911.  just asking out of curiosity, am not actually wanting to interface anything that goes above 3.3V.  warthog9: you mention applying 5V / 9V / 12V will damage the board.  how is it actually damaged: too much current on the trace destroys the trace?  to much current at the ICs at the end of the trace damages the IC?19:58
prpplaguesjoerd: no, the console uart and the uarts on the low speed expansion are 3.3V20:12
prpplaguesjoerd: operating at 1.8V will most likely just not provide any functionality. no damage would happen20:12
prpplaguegahseyfan: the buffers on the minnowboard max would be damaged20:13
prpplaguegahseyfan: as they are configured to use 3.3V as the voltage reference, and the parts are not rated for anything higher than +5V20:13
gahseyfanprpplague: thanks20:14
prpplaguegahseyfan: has an excellent tutorial on how to work with higher voltages using +3.3V or +5V from devices such as arduinos20:14
prpplaguegahseyfan: that tutorial is applicable to max as well20:15
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gahseyfanprpplague: cool, will check it20:16
sjoerdprpplague: i know they're 3.3v, but it's not uncommon that driving it with 1.8 works fine.. Just wondering as i've got a bunch of spare 1.8v cables here atm and no 3.3v atm.. Guess i'll see what happens depending on whether a 3.3v cable arrives before or after the minnowboard20:17
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prpplaguesjoerd: yea, it just depends on the signal levels from the device20:30
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