Thursday, 2015-02-12

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dkeavsender and receiver :)01:30
warthog9dkeav: for your audiot thing?01:37
warthog9err audio01:39
dkeavmoved the gstreamer into python, so i could daemonize it easier01:44
dkeavtesting it now, if it stays up all night i'll fix up the init scripts and set the filesystem RO01:44
dkeavwe'll have a streaming "appliance" then01:45
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tripzerodkeav, nice!03:44
tripzeroi wish my gstreamer-python stuff would work03:45
dkeavhard finding good info03:45
dkeavlots of differences between versions and syntax or so03:45
tripzeroyeh.  the gst 0.10 and the 1.0 stuff is annoying03:46
tripzeromy problem is my custom video filter doesn't work and I don't know why03:46
tripzeroseems very few people try and that makes googling for those answers difficult03:49
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Bryansteinwarthog9, so far ipxe is a no go...I get nada04:17
warthog9loaded it into the coreboot image?04:17
BryansteinIt's in there nice and tight...I'll try a few more things but I get nothing04:18
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warthog9does coreboot have a menu to check the boot order?04:21
* warthog9 hasn't played with coreboot in a while04:21
Bryansteinwarthog9, sure press f1204:22
BryansteinI'll thump it around a few more times...I'm flashing it again right now actually04:23
tripzerolast time i used coreboot it was named something else04:54
tripzerospeaking of "something else", warthog9 what do you use to create 3D models to 3D print?04:55
warthog9tripzero: software wise?04:55
warthog9Bryanstein: does ipxe show up as a boot option?04:55
Bryansteinwarthog9, no it doesn't show up anywhere it should show that it is loading/initialized05:02
warthog9I suspect that means it's not integrated right :-/05:02
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MinnowBoardGSoC1testing 1, 2, 3, 405:03
MinnowBoardGSoC1ohhhh good this DOES work still :-)05:03
tripzerowarthog9, yes.  softwares05:04
Bryansteinwarthog9, well it's pretty straight forward...the only thing that might be wrong is the rom is borked but that is straight forward as well05:04
* MinnowBoardGSoC1 decides to stop being the schizophrenic tester of warthog9's mind05:04
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BryansteinI tried adding it myself and letting coreboot add it while building the image05:05
warthog9tripzero: sketchup05:05
warthog9there USED to be a Linux version05:05
warthog9and I got used to it :-/05:05
warthog9I'm told blender is good05:05
warthog9but I haven't tried to make it work05:05
warthog9Bryanstein: yeah I would have guessed it was straight forward05:06
BryansteinWell hmmm...I'll fart around with this far no dice :o(05:06
warthog9Bryanstein: :-(05:06
warthog9I was hoping that would be super easy05:06
tripzeroi was thinking blender...  I'll have to learn it05:07
tripzerosketchup is free?05:07
Bryansteinwarthog9, well it should be...I'll start turning knobs and do a funky dance and see if that helps05:07
Bryansteinttyl...back to the cave05:08
warthog9tripzero: there's a free version05:08
warthog9or was05:08
warthog9Bryanstein: remember to sacrifice the chicken on the black square in your server room05:09
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givemefive911tripzero: warthog9:  I believe SketchUp works ok on Wine. Trimble is not very open to Linux. They use all MS internally even afaik.08:02
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warthog9givemefive911: yeah I've gotten it working in wine, no major issues but I always wonder16:32
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programmerqhooray! my minnowmax will be here tomorrow!17:44
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warthog9programmerq: good to gear :-)17:53
warthog9programmerq: who'd you snag yours from?17:54
warthog9awesome :-)17:55
programmerqnow I just have to figure out a power supply and case option that can support the minnowmax and a laptop HD.17:56
warthog9haven't seen a case that supports a laptop hd17:58
warthog9if you are handy with 3d modeling there's a 3d printable case that wouldn't be hard to mod17:58
warthog9the case from netgate doesn't fit a laptop HD18:02
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programmerqwarthog9: yeah, I was bummed the netgate case covered the sata port.18:17
programmerqI don't have a 3d printer, but I have designed a thing or two18:17
programmerqI might just grab an old rackmount switch and repurpose it18:17
programmerqor maybe an old optical drive housing18:18
warthog9programmerq: it does and doesn't18:23
warthog9it's got two height holes, the taller one doesn't cover the sata, but it does make getting at USB annoying (and likely requiring a few minutes with a dremmel)18:23
warthog9programmerq: I've been meaning to build a pile of MAXes into a 2U case18:23
warthog9do a data center in a box kind of deal18:24
programmerqpart of the draw for me on this board is the fact that it's x86_6418:24
warthog9it's gimiccy but the idea of running on minnowboards is kind of an amusing idea18:24
programmerqyes indeed. :)18:24
programmerqin order to have this minnowboard replace the 10 year old desktop I have running a few service, I'd have to get a usb->serial convertor for my 56k modem. I use it for a fax server. (phone line comes with my internet, so why not?)18:25
prpplagueprogrammerq: no real need to get a usb->uart18:27
prpplagueprpplague: you can add a standard rs-232 level shifter to the low speed expansion18:27
programmerqoh neat.18:28
programmerqprobably more reliable than a usb->uart too18:29
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warthog9more obvious anyway18:32
warthog9the onboard uarts already enumerate consistently18:32
warthog9this testing firmware I've got has some new memory timings that seem to be stable19:09
warthog9looks like we may be able to give everyone an extra few percent of performance19:09
Bryansteinwarthog9, coreboot doesn't set the irq correctly on at all on the nic. When I boot Linux it gives it the wrong irq as well as a bogus mac19:20
warthog9so it's all borked19:28
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givemefive911programmerq: my minnow+2.5" case is currently legos :o20:13
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warthog9givemefive911: pictures or I don't believe it ;-)21:04
warthog9givemefive911: I just want to post it on google+21:05
tripz0haha.  lego-case.  awesome21:08
tripz0warthog9: ever use tinkercad?21:10
warthog9tripz0: vaguely21:10
warthog9looked at it21:10
givemefive911warthog9: haha ok when I get home from work I'll post up a link21:11
tripz0it's kinda cool.  Easy to use21:11
tripz0going to design a case for my max video filter project21:11
tripz0what kinda sux is I can't import.  so I can't start from other max cases :(21:12
warthog9tripz0: what formats can it import?21:13
tripz0can't import any formats.  export only :(21:13
tripz0at least as far as I can tell it can't import21:14
tripz0oh wait... it can21:14
tripz0also, looks like the proto lure price on mouser is still wrong21:15
tripz0or rather, unexpectedly expensive*21:16
* tripz0 imports max half-case.stl :)21:19
givemefive911Are there other suppliers for the jtag lure other than technodisti21:28
prpplaguegivemefive911: not currently21:41
prpplaguegivemefive911: you have a ITP/XDP tool?21:41
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givemefive911nope not yet21:43
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programmerqgivemefive911: do you use a separate powersupply for the 2.5" drive? or did you find some sort of solution that powers both?22:54
programmerqI'm thinking about getting something like a picopsu, but not atx and 5v instead of 1222:55
givemefive911programmerq: I just used a splitter22:55
givemefive911there's also 5v available off the board in 2 spots22:58
programmerqoh cool22:58
programmerqso if I get a 5v supply with enough juice, I can just pull from that22:58
programmerqmaybe I'll rewire one of the old MOLEX->sata power adapters I have. chop off the molex connector22:58
givemefive911That's what I did.23:00
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programmerqgivemefive911: do you boot off that 2.5" drive?23:31
givemefive911programmerq: yes23:31
givemefive911programmerq: been mostly using sd cards recently though23:32
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