Friday, 2015-02-13

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Bryansteinprpplague, ping01:54
prpplagueBryanstein: pong01:54
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givemefive911warthog9: I'll have to get better pics tomorrow if you want to put it on social media. Too damn tired to setup some lights right now.,SvmnuUz,IKQkfgy06:39
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warthog9givemefive911: that's badass07:05
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programmerqanyone have a recommendation for a cheap place to order a pad for the RTC battery?16:58
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programmerqyay! it just got here!18:18
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warthog9programmerq: did you get an answer om the RTC battery holder?21:49
programmerqI did not, unfortunately,21:49
programmerqI browsed a bit on sparkfun, but was still unsure.21:49
warthog9second, let me look it up and add it to the wiki21:50
warthog9is prpplague paying attention?21:52
warthog9programmerq: I think is the right one21:54
warthog9trying to find the right spreadsheet that has that21:54
programmerqargh, I thought I had a micro-hdmi connector. I don't. ordered one.21:54
* warthog9 found the one for the old board, but hasn't found the right one for the MAX21:54
programmerqmaybe I'll repurpose the clip from an old motherboard21:56
programmerqhmmm, I have one that looks like the pins line up21:57
* programmerq cracks out the soldering iron21:58
warthog9programmerq: you may also need to populate a resister pad22:01
programmerqwarthog9: I did see that note, but it looks like mine has it already.22:02
programmerqI'm just pulling off my connector22:02
warthog9good good22:02
warthog9ok found the right bom list22:02
programmerqI want to turn on my board and verify it works before I put it on the iron.22:02
programmerqalthough, my R289 looked empty22:03
programmerqwhen I first read about the possibly missing resistor, I saw that since it's near R27822:03
programmerqI haven't chased down whether it's an issue.22:03
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programmerqlooks like my clip will work, but it is a touch large.22:11
programmerqin fact, it looks exactly like the one you linked on digikey. :)22:11
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warthog9programmerq: :-)22:25
warthog9I wish prpplague was around to confirm22:26
warthog9let me poke him see if he has 5 minutes to confirm22:26
programmerqI appreciate it. :)22:29
warthog9he had some dental work today so he may be loopy22:29
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warthog9programmerq: ok the one I mentioned above is the expected one22:32
warthog9I'm sure there's other ones that fit the same socket22:32
programmerqyeah, the one that I have looks exactly the same, and seems like it would fit.22:33
warthog9programmerq: you are probably in good shape then22:33
programmerqI just need to find out which linux distros will work with headless install22:34
warthog9a few22:34
programmerqI do have a ttl<->usb ftdi cable, so headless+serial would work22:34
warthog9I think fedora basically gets you as far as it can to setup the network, then forces you over to a VLC session to finish install "headless" now22:35
warthog9Debian might have a fully serial friendly installer22:35
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warthog9programmerq: adding the info to the wiki right now22:38
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programmerqMy goal is to run debian+docker on my max.22:38
warthog9should work22:39
programmerqit's for a home project, but I work for docker. I pretty much saw this and went "neat! I bet I could run docker on that!"22:39
* warthog9 ponders putting a pile of those on order22:46
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warthog9eeek $12 in shipping for $8.33 in parts22:50
warthog9have to build a bigger order22:50
givemefive911warthog9: shipping from those companies is always awful, wish they could just throw small orders in a first class envelope22:53
bcranHaving moved from the UK, shipping in the US seems really expensive. I guess it's due to the large distances involved over here!22:54
bcranlike, in the UK it might cost $10 for next-day delivery, while here I've seen it cost as much as $5022:55
programmerqyeah, it was the shipping costs that made me decide to look through my part pile.22:55
givemefive911bcran: Amazon Prime..22:55
programmerqeh, things like those battery holders aren't really on prime, unfortunately.22:56
bcrangivemefive911: yup, I've been a subscriber for about a year now :D22:56
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programmerqno I just need to find a 5v power source somewhere that has the correct shape barrel connector.23:20
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programmerqso, if I plug my minnowmax into nothing but power, D1 should light, right?23:29
givemefive911warthog9: better pics23:30
programmerqI grabbed a plug from a powered USB hub that I know works. 5v 2.5A output23:30
programmerqplug seems to fit nice and snug, but no LED. :(23:31
givemefive911center positive..?23:31
programmerqI'll have to try another power source23:32
programmerqand, nice lego case. :)23:32
programmerqunsure, and I have misplaced my multimeter. will need to dig it out.23:34
programmerqgoogling the model number didn't immediately reveal it: sys1308-1505-w223:34
programmerq - datasheet here, but I'm not familiar with some of the acronyms.23:35
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programmerqwell, I plugged it in again and it flashed on. nice.23:39
programmerqI have an EFI shell over serial.23:41
programmerqmust have just had a poor contact.23:41
programmerqI do have the EFI shell, but any keys I press don't seem to be recognized. will have to play with it later.23:48
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