Saturday, 2015-02-14

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tellendilhey, I've got a problem booting the minnowboard, I get a "no vmmc regulator found", "no vqmmc regulator found".... do you have an idea of what I did miss ?16:49
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tellendilhey warthog9 I've got a problem about vmmc regulator. Already heard of such a problem or no ? :/16:51
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tellendil"trap : invalid opcode"... arch is silvermont yup ?....17:54
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tellendilOk, I'm still unable to get correct flags for compiling for minnowmax. Anybody managed to do so ?18:31
Bryansteintellendil, there is a post on the wiki with the flags...although I think a couple things are missing from it18:41
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Bryansteinafaik those things definitely wont prevent it from booting...its just some hardware specific stuff like spi18:41
Bryansteinspi preqs18:42
Bryansteintellendil, I just built 3.19.0 yesterday18:42
BryansteinI have built from 3.16 up and they all work18:42
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tellendilBryanstein, I haven't found the flags I'll go and check again, thanks18:49
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tellendilBryanstein, well, I'm looking for cpu flags, not kernel modules, but thanks ;)18:52
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Bryansteintellendil, my bad here:
tellendilBryanstein, ah Oui ! Le soucis c'est que j'ai suivi ceci, et j'ai fini par avoir -march=silvermont -mprfchw -mrnrnd, ce qui segfault. Pareil si j'utilise juste -march=silvermont :/18:56
Bryansteintellendil, well it's a baytrail not silvermont19:02
tellendilOups sorry, got confused. I said "Oh yeah, the problem is I followed it and ended up using -march=silvermont -mprfchw -mrnrnd, which segaults19:02
tellendilBryanstein, Oh ok ! Well, this should not change too much but it might be it (baytrail is a subclass of silvermont)19:03
BryansteinHmm is silvemont covered with baytrail...did you try slm tellendil ?19:03
tellendilslm ?19:04
Bryansteinslm instead of silvermont19:04
tellendilBryanstein, no, I'm trying right now, thanks19:05
Bryansteintellendil, what version of gcc you using?19:06
tellendilBryanstein, gcc 4.9.219:09
tellendiloh I'm compiling with a multilib gcc for a non-multilib system. could that ocme from here ?19:14
tellendilok still same problem :/19:15
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