Sunday, 2015-02-15

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freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3825 (-MCP-) speed/max~533/1333 MHz Kernel~3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64 Up~3:02 Mem~563.5/1918.9MB HDD~3000.6GB(6.7% used) Procs~150 Client~Irssi 0.8.17 inxi~2.2.1807:20
freqthis board loves SID07:20
freqnp: '11 Korn - Somebody Someone (Issues)'07:21
warthog9freq: wait for 0.77 firmware07:23
freqis there07:23
warthog9err 0.78 not 0.7707:23
freqwill there be improvements07:23
warthog9we've got some new memory timings in, and there's a modest bump in overall performance07:23
freqi've not installed any firmware yet07:24
warthog9bug fixes mostly07:24
warthog90.76 had a new GOP (graphics) driver07:24
freqis that only available on the website?07:24
warthog9 <-- firmware website for the MAX07:24
warthog9unless you are running coreboot07:24
warthog9(which is not the default)07:24
freqi don't actually know07:25
warthog9freq: if you've never messed with the firmware you are running the EDK2 firmware from
freqyeah, i havent changed a thing in the bios07:25
warthog9if things are working there's likely no immediate reason to update07:26
freqthis is my daily driver and i don't see any needs for an upgrade07:26
warthog9when 0.78 drops it'll be worth the update07:26
freqnetflix works, debian runs smoothly07:26
freqi'll stay tuned07:27
warthog9the speed improvement is likely under single digit percentage07:27
warthog9but single digit percentage free performance for a software update is still nothing to sneeze at07:27
freqi don't mind a slight upgrade as long as i don't brick the machine doing it07:27
warthog9freq: the update process is pretty straight forward07:28
freqlooking now07:29
freqi remember you getting on the company to make sure mine was shipped07:30
freqah okay it comes with the install tools07:30
warthog9ok I'm crashing, just stopped by the laptop to check into the world :-)07:31
warthog9sleep is good07:31
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Lern-XHello everyone. I'm a minnowboard's user and I have a question to ask. Is it the good channel ?17:03
prpplagueLern-X: yes indeed17:04
prpplagueLern-X: ask away17:04
prpplagueLern-X: if someone is available and can help they will17:04
Lern-XOk, thank's a lot17:04
prpplagueLern-X: if you don't get an answer right away, hang around on the channel, and when someone checks their logs, they might have an answer for you17:04
Lern-XSo, I want to launch an OS using the MinnowBoard. Thus, I put an .IMG file (which includes GRUB2 and the OS) into a microSD card.17:06
Lern-XAnd I put this card to the MinnowBoard.17:06
prpplagueare you using the minnowboard or minnowboard max?17:07
Lern-XThe minnowboard Max :
Lern-XWhen I launch the boot, the EFI shell says me an error occured : "disk ,gpt2 not found. grub rescue"17:09
Lern-XI think this bug is due to my microSD card.17:09
prpplagueLern-X: i think we'd need a little more info about your .img file and which distro/os you are trying to boot17:10
Lern-XFirst, I erased all its partitions. And after, I created another one : FAT32 with the boot flag, using GParted17:10
Lern-Xprpplague: yes of course ! The distro is Tizen, built thanks to the Yocto project and Poky.17:11
prpplagueLern-X: ahh ok17:11
Lern-XThe command I typed to put the .IMG is : dd if=[.IMG file] of=/dev/[partition_FAT32_bootflag] && sync17:12
prpplagueLern-X: usually the .IMG file is for the entire media17:13
prpplagueLern-X: i've not done a tizen install before, but there are some decent instructions -
Lern-XSo I should erase all the partition of the SDcard ?17:13
Lern-Xprpplague: I'm reading it17:14
prpplagueLern-X: when you use DD to flash the image it takes care of that17:14
prpplagueLern-X: if your sd card is /dev/sda , just use that as your arguement to dd, without a number17:15
* prpplague has to run some errands17:16
prpplagueLern-X: i'll check back later to see how you make out17:16
Lern-Xprpplague: okay, thank you a lot!17:16
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Lern-Xprpplague: it's okay, it works ! thank you a lot ! :)17:52
prpplagueLern-X: hey great!17:54
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