Monday, 2015-02-16

tripzeroprpplague, ping00:12
tripzerohi RzR :)00:12
prpplaguetripzero: pong00:13
tripzerooh hai :)00:13
givemefive911prpplague: hey do you know where the edison / quark people hangout?00:22
prpplaguegivemefive911: on irc?00:24
prpplaguegivemefive911:  most of the ones i know who use edison and galileo stuff are on #sparkfun00:24
givemefive911prpplague: ok :D00:24
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* tripzero discovers #sparkfun01:09
* freq discovers #devoid01:16
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* bcran consideres offering his time to Intel to rewrite the truly awful UEFI Development Kit Debugger installers.02:25
bcranThey use an embedded copy of Java! :(02:25
prpplaguewho doesn't love java? and even more so for embedded java?02:36
bcranespecially when it comes from Flexera :)02:52
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bcranah, success! The Linux installer allows per-user installation03:08
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programmerqis it possible to pop off the mini heatsync on the minnowmax? It seems like it might be glued in place. :(07:46
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tbrit looks like thermal glue, yes08:23
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prpplagueprogrammerq: yes you can remove it16:08
prpplagueprogrammerq: it uses thermal tape16:08
prpplagueprogrammerq: the best way to do that is to let the processor warm up16:09
prpplagueprogrammerq: and twist the heat sink back and forth16:09
prpplagueprogrammerq: please note, removing the heatsink does void the warranty16:09
programmerqprpplague: I'm guessing soldering a battery connector on would void it as well?16:12
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programmerqI guess I don't *need* to swap it out. I just had a heatsync from an old motherboard that looked like it would fit the mounting holes perfectly.16:13
programmerq(heatsync is from an old kt400 northbridge chipset)16:13
prpplagueprogrammerq: you have to be careful with replacing the heat sink16:20
prpplagueprogrammerq: if you look at the top of the cpu, you will see there are some capacitors there16:20
prpplagueprogrammerq: you have to make sure that the metal heat sink is properly insulated so that it does not short those16:20
prpplagueprogrammerq: so choosing a properly heat sink with the right thermally conductive, but non-electrical conductive material is important16:21
programmerqyeah, I probably won't mess with it then.16:21
programmerqmaybe I'll just order a 1cm fan or something ridiculously small and put it on there just so it looks unique.16:23
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prpplagueprogrammerq: there are some nice small heatsink fan combos that you can get on digikey16:36
programmerqunless soldering a battery clip on will definitely void the warranty, I will probably skip popping off the existing heatsync.16:38
prpplagueprogrammerq: yea the battery holder does void the warranty16:38
prpplagueprogrammerq: any time you solder directly to a dev board, you void the warranty16:39
programmerqthat's what I figured.16:41
programmerqI might just go to down and trick it out then. :)16:41
programmerqMy plan is to replace a really old desktop. currently that box is a usenet box, runs squid-deb-proxy for my local network, and runs hylafax connected to an external serial modem16:43
programmerqinstead of getting a ttl to rs232/db9 converter, I decided to give this a go:
programmerq - datasheet from manufacturer16:44
* prpplague looks16:45
prpplaguehehe i remember those16:45
givemefive911that board is nasty lol16:45
prpplagueprogrammerq: not sure if that is going to give you a good serial console though16:46
programmerqthis is just for the hylafax16:46
programmerqI probably won't connect it to the ttyS016:46
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locusfhello, I'm getting kernel unsupported in uefi bootup, the kernel is 64 bit and is 3.18.6 version with minnowboard config18:09
tbrgratuitous warthog9 hilight18:14
tbr"Error loading \vmlinuz-3.18.6-1.3.1: Unsupported18:14
locusfyeah this is tbr's minnowboard, I just made the imsge from tizen release and replaced kernel and rootfs of the second partition18:18
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tbrI suspect it's some 32bit vs 64bit thing, but it doesn't look like it18:40
tbrlocusf: ummmm18:43
tbr# CONFIG_64BIT is not set18:44
tbrlocusf: is this a minnowboard or minnoboardmax config?18:44
locusfmax config18:44
locusftbr: well theres the problem then18:46
ahollerfix uefi ;)18:49
locusfhmm it started to ask some weird options now18:57
locusfoh well to rescue19:01
locusfok 64-bit kernel compiling now19:05
locusfhas a lot of mer warnings but fingers crossed19:05
locusfI have this weird feeling its not gonna be the only trouble on the way :)19:07
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warthog9tbr: why are you highlighting me!20:19
tbrwarthog9: because I'm naaaaughty20:19
tbrwarthog9: turned out simple, so nothing for you to bother :)20:19
warthog9tbr: good good20:20
* warthog9 hides the fist of doom shaking20:20
warthog9ok I'm going to go and enjoy my day off20:20
* warthog9 is going to the beach!20:21
warthog9and take some photos20:21
tbrsnowmen on the beach?20:24
warthog9tbr: lack of snow20:24
tbrso just grey on grey and wet then20:24
warthog9but it's sunny!20:24
warthog9slightly windy20:25
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tbrthat sounds nice20:28
* tbr admits to knowing nothing about west coast weather during winter20:28
programmerqmy micro-hdmi converter couldn't get here soon enough. :(20:33
programmerqI'm a bit curious how well steamos might run on a minnowmax.22:14
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