Tuesday, 2015-02-17

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bcrantbr: not the west coast, but http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865621908/Wheres-winter-Utah-in-unprecedented-territory-that-is-killing-us-experts-say.html?pg=1 - the weather around here has been ridiculously warm. Was in the mid-70s last week!01:01
bcran"West-wide, it has just been a bloodbath when it comes to temperatures"01:02
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holoplotHi all. I´d like to ask you for some help. I've been developing software for embedded systems on Linux ,also for Minnowboard,(basically c++ algoritmus with I2C+SPI communication interfaces). The thing is now we have to move to Windows 8.1 and I have no clue how to use the I2C and SPI interfaces on a windows environment. Some hints? Thanks!08:37
av500no idea08:38
av500asked microsoft?08:38
av500aint them pushing hard for window on iOT?08:38
av500GPIO controllers (iaiogpioe.sys)08:39
holoplotnot yet, didn't think would be the fastest way. I spent two days googling but not sucees yet08:39
av500I2C controller (iaioi2ce.sys)08:39
av500SPI controller (iaiospi.sys)08:39
av500there, so easy08:39
holoplotI followed this guide of course, now I have a running Minnowboard with all drivers. The point is how to handle the interfaces on a windows environment. on Linux I just open /dev/i2cx or whatever, but on windows...08:41
tbrI'm sure MSFT has some sort of IoT community thing08:41
tbrthey might be doing it on Edison, but should be pretty same08:42
holoplotok, will keep searching, just thought someone here might have some experience08:43
av500most people are on linux here08:43
holoplotthought so, thanks anyhow ;)08:46
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aholler_m$ still believes in drivers ;)10:51
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givemefive911didn't have an ftdi driver on my win8 machine.wtf11:21
aholleromg, now you can't trust harddisks anymore11:31
ahollerlooks like we now need storage with open source firmware11:37
ahollerlinux with ubifs in your SSD11:42
ahollertime for baredisks :/11:57
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HoloPedhi all, how do I setup Ubuntu to not boot into desktop ?15:33
givemefive911HoloPed: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#changing-the-default-runlevel15:41
HoloPedwhat is single user mode ?15:42
HoloPedI want it to boot into terminal, to reduce boot time15:42
HoloPedis that it ?15:42
givemefive911might wanna jump in ubuntu's IRC, I don't know anything about it tbh15:43
givemefive911HoloPed: there's this http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/01/boot-into-text-console-ubuntu-linux-14-04/15:46
givemefive911looks a lot more complicated than fedora :o15:46
HoloPedI'll try15:47
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programmerqw00t! I got my micro-hdmi connector, so I can really start playing with the max18:08
programmerq(my serial adapter just wasn't working)18:08
tbrI plugged in my max for the first time into a hdmi screen today.18:09
tbrhad played with it otherwise over the last few months18:09
tbrI think I still haven't ever plugged in my BBB into a screen. have that for 1.5 years now. done all sorts of cool stuff. :)18:09
prpplaguetbr: i considered doing a variation on the max design that was formated to fit into a external 2.5" hd case18:12
prpplaguetbr: so you could take it with you traveling and do dev work18:12
tbrprpplague: that's cool18:13
prpplaguetbr: i also did a variation of the bbb that was a mPCIe card18:16
prpplaguetbr: you could snap it into any open fully size mPCIe slot in a laptop18:16
prpplaguetbr: never could get buy off it though18:16
prpplaguetbr: so only about 10 were made18:16
tbrprpplague: ah, and you'd talk to it over the USB port on the mpcie connector, nice18:17
prpplaguetbr: yea18:17
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prpplagueall hail king warthog918:47
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warthog9the king fixed his irc bouncer18:47
warthog9prpplague: and that's Mr. Big Fish King Sir to you! :-P18:48
prpplaguewarthog9: hehe18:48
prpplaguewarthog9: walking through my slides for scale18:48
prpplaguewarthog9: gotta get organized to do the MC stuff18:49
warthog9I don't even remember what talk I'm giving18:49
prpplagueflying fish iirc18:49
warthog9the flying fish one18:49
warthog9so I need to flesh that out a bit more18:49
warthog9but it's solid18:49
prpplaguewarthog9: let's hope kanye is not in the audience while i am MC'n18:49
warthog9he throw things at you like pidge throws things at me?18:52
prpplaguewarthog9: hehe18:52
prpplaguewarthog9: pop culture reference that i only know about due to my daughter18:53
warthog9got it18:53
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programmerqfor the power on my board, I chopped off the end of a DC adapter with the right plug but wrong voltage, and soldered that to the 5v pins on a molex->sata power adapter. Now I can plug my laptop drive and minnow in to any 5v source on a molex connector.19:13
programmerqOne of my buddies (non-techie) was talking to me at my desk when I chopped the power adapter in half. he was like "what are you doing?!"19:14
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prpplagueprogrammerq: hehe19:22
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prpplaguewarthog9: ugh i feel totally overwhelmed with work today... work that has to get done before flying out tomorrow20:00
warthog9prpplague: welcome to the club20:12
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programmerqso, my initial impressions on the minnowmax: so far it's great. I would have preferred a full size hdmi connector, and more USB ports would have been good.20:42
programmerqyeah, that's about it.20:42
programmerqI know that there's at least one more port hiding in one of the gpio connections20:42
programmerqa full size sd card would have been nice as well, but that's only mostly because all my microsd cards are slow. the fast cards I have are full size. (not really a complaint against the board is all I'm sayin)20:44
dl9pfInteresting - what distro did you use ?  I'm still waiting for the board ...20:47
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erwan_heya !20:52
erwan_warthog9: just received the board \o/20:52
erwan_registering to the ml20:53
warthog9yay :-)20:54
erwan_warthog9: thx !20:56
* erwan_ have to adjust the power supply to the locality and isolate the board 20:56
erwan_then start looking at how this beast works :p20:56
programmerqdl9pf: me? I've installed debian.21:20
programmerqnow I'm putting steamos on it just to see what it does.21:21
programmerqI'm unsure how well streaming might work.21:21
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programmerqif this streams well, I'm going to take it to the next lan party and put my gaming tower in the corner and see if anyone thinks I'm gaming on the device. :p21:33
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warthog9programmerq: I would be fascinated to know how well steamos works21:38
programmerqI figure I'll be lucky if it even boots.21:39
prpplagueprogrammerq: it should boot, but i suspect the performance might be as good as expected21:39
prpplagueprogrammerq: you really need 4gb of ram21:39
programmerqwell, steamos is *very* alpha21:39
programmerqI've had bad luck getting it to boot on non-typical gaming hardware.21:39
warthog9programmerq: it'll be interesting either way :-)21:43
programmerqit got fairly far in the installation process, and then the screen blanked. :/21:43
programmerqI should have probably tried it on another sata drive instead of to my class 4 sd card.21:44
programmerqyeah, X doesn't know what to do with this gpu21:49
programmerqon steamos21:49
givemefive911what's different about steamos21:56
givemefive911over steam from a repo21:56
givemefive911I use steam from rpmfusion all the time. It has big picture mode and what not.  I just intel or nvidia graphics drivers depending on what machine.21:56
programmerqit's basically big picture mode, but it boots straight to steam21:57
programmerqhas a few more system-level management things (like setting network settings or clock)21:58
programmerqbut other than that, it's the same.21:58
programmerqah, steamos has a kernel that's a bit old.22:01
programmerqI found a post somewhere that suggested that you needed at least 3.12 for it22:02
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givemefive911crucial ssd for minnow: http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/store-ssd-factory-recertified23:15
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warthog9programmerq: well we don't really support anything before 3.14 so that should work23:26
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programmerqwarthog9: yeah, I'm not really going to mess with it. valve has a 3.10 kernel with a bunch of patches23:59
programmerqI could probably use a debian kernel or something, but haven't gotten that far.23:59

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