Wednesday, 2015-02-18

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warthog9programmerq: bummer00:27
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topnomimy first time here...  wondering what people are doing with the minnowboard01:25
topnomii'm working on designing an embedded system, trying to decide between atom x86 or ARM01:25
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warthog9did topnomi pop off already?01:48
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bcranwarthog9: not sure if you've seen, but it looks like someone from CircuitCo was a bit overzealous deleting design files for the MNWMAX lures:
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prpplaguebcran: yea we are keeping an eye on things04:13
bcranprpplague: thanks. Guess nobody wants to jump in quickly and start an edit war!04:15
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warthog9not really04:15
warthog9we are keeping an eye on it, and we've talked with CircuitCo about it04:15
warthog9right now just leaving things till that all gets figured out04:16
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* landley_ waves at prpplague06:01
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aholleroh, systemd now integrates docker ;)09:43
bluelightning"katamari damacy" springs to mind ;)09:58
tbrwake me up once they finally got around to kerneld10:01
ahollerrhd ;)10:03
ahollerbrought to you by pinky & brain ;)10:04
ahollerI'm just having a picture of them with red hats in mind ;)10:07
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sjoerdHrm, is anyone using grubs netbooting foo on minnowboard max.. It seems to behaving weirdly for me15:46
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warthog9sjoerd: haven't tried grub's netbooting stuff16:31
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programmerqaholler: eh, just run docker as pid 1 on metal. what could go wrong?17:00
programmerq(I'm totally kidding by the way)17:01
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* landley_ waves at prpplague again.17:08
prpplaguelandley_: hey buddy!17:09
landley_How goes stuff?17:10
prpplaguelandley_: decided to pick up minnow max?17:10
landley_You don't seem to hang out on #edev anymore...17:10
prpplaguelandley_: going pretty good17:10
prpplaguelandley_: just been a little busy17:10
landley_First I heard of it was when they said you were over here.17:10
prpplaguelandley_: be back there soon17:10
landley_I see from your CELF bio that you work for Intel now.17:10
prpplaguelandley_: indeed17:10
landley_How is MinnowBoard "open source hardware"? (I assume there's a marketing page somewhere?)17:10
landley_Ah, found it.17:11
landley_I keep confusing angstrom and arago...17:12
prpplaguelandley_: yea, all of the design files are open17:13
landley_vi no longer in production, v2 is $150 from the first supplier in the list.17:14
landley_I don't think I'm the target audience. :)17:14
prpplaguelandley_: plus it's the only open hardware platform (that i am aware of), that has an open documented and mainline kernel support for the GPU17:14
prpplaguelandley_: hehe17:14
landley_Intel has done some marvelous GPU work, true.17:14
prpplaguelandley_: yea v2 is called the Max17:14
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prpplaguelandley_: msrp is $13917:15
prpplaguelandley_: but some folks are charging a little more17:15
landley_Main weakness of the PIr2 is still using broadcom or whoever it is for the GPU.17:15
prpplaguelandley_: we can't keep them in stock they sell out so fast17:15
prpplaguelandley_: indeed17:15
landley_Indeed. The fact v1 sold _out_ is an interesting data point.17:15
programmerqyeah, I saw stock higher than 0 at a retailer, and had to grab one. I'm glad I did.17:15
landley_The design files are open on... elinux?17:17
prpplaguelandley_: yea17:18
landley_ is what the "wiki" tab up top links to, and I don't see a lot of other places to go from there.17:19
prpplaguelandley_: there are two selections from the main page17:19
prpplaguelandley_: that's the V217:20
landley_Ah, I see. The _pictures_ are links.17:20
landley_I'd missed that.17:20
* prpplague makes a note to add more info17:20
landley_If you're at CELF you can tell me about it then. I got a talk accepted, need to book plane ticket...17:21
prpplaguelandley_: yep i noticed17:21
prpplaguelandley_: i'll be there17:21
av500landley_: topic?17:23
prpplaguetoybox iirc17:27
av500of course :)17:27
* prpplague checks the status of his flight17:28
prpplagueav500: aren't you suppose to be gone to EW?17:28
av500its next week17:29
prpplaguefor some reason i thought it was this week17:29
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landley_av500: I submitted four topics to them, but a follow-up toybox talk is what they wanted.18:00
landley_(Possibly because of
av500landley_: I read that blog that nobody reads :)18:05
* prpplague heads to the airport18:12
prpplaguelater folks!18:12
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sjoerdjust for future reference related to my earlier question, grub2 only does bootp not dhcp.. So a dhcp server won't give it an address unless it has a statically configured ip for its mac18:53
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tellendilhey ! Minnow board Max working at 90% correctly finally :) thanks !21:22
prpplaguetellendil: dandy21:22
tellendilprpplague, haha !21:24
tellendilLittle question now : I'd like to have a  lure with 5.1 sound. I haven't found anything. Do you know if/where I could find such thing ?21:24
prpplaguetellendil: nothing is available currently, but an audio lure has been discusses21:25
givemefive911tellendil: digital or analog21:26
tellendilgivemefive911, digital, with standard jacks if possible (no hdmi or such)21:27
givemefive911tellendil: can you not do 5.1 through the hdmi21:27
tellendilprpplague, ok great !21:27
tellendilgivemefive911, I wish hdmi could even work ... but no, don't wanna modify my sound setup for this !21:27
givemefive911tellendil: you could do an hdmi audio breakout possibly21:28
tellendilgivemefive911, well... the bothering would be too great. I'd like a 5.1 lure to replace my tower as a music player, to save power and things like that. But would like not to have to do too much about it ;)21:29
givemefive911tellendil: there's USB options too..21:30
tellendilgivemefive911, oh you are right ! mmh I will definitly check this ! thanls !21:31
tellendilAnd second question : a box for the minnow board ? Something "official" ? (I'm thinking about the raspi's box, which are quite useful, and would love to have such a thing on my minnowboard !)21:31
prpplaguetellendil: there are a couple of cases that are coming out not21:32
prpplaguetellendil: the one at netgate is pretty nice21:32
givemefive911tellendil: keep an eye on the wiki.. only thing enclosed is the netgate one at the moment21:32
tellendilprpplague, ok thanks ! I will go look at this21:33
givemefive911tellendil: I prefer mine ;)
tellendilgivemefive911, oh... that is definitly super cool ! I should give it a try, even though the one at netgate is really nice, but sadly not in black :/21:34
* prpplague wanders off to his gate21:35
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