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dkeavcan the max run win8?00:55
prpplaguedkeav: 8.100:57
dkeavi'd be curious if could be installed by SCCM00:58
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programmerqHow do I know if my firmware is configured to have my i2c pins behave as i2c or as gpio?03:30
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warthog9programmerq: you can check from the firmware itself:
warthog9or from Linux if you see /sys/class/i2c-adapter/ i2c-7 &/or i2c-8 then they are configured for i2c07:16
programmerqin other news, I suspect I may be the first person to get steamos working on a minnowmax.07:37
programmerqI shouldn't have done that experiment on a class 4 card07:38
programmerqbut it is what it is.07:38
programmerqI was able to stream goat simulator from my desktop, and I played super hexagon locally.07:39
programmerqsteaming wasn't that great, but I was using a cheapo wifi adapter (I still need to get the wired ethernet working under the wheezy-backports kernel)07:39
programmerqand super hexagon was only just barely playable.07:40
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macmeckhas the information on lures moved to another page? the wiki page is so empty14:29
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bcranmacmeck: there's a bit of a disagreement that's being worked on privately. See the page history and discussion for more info14:57
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macmeckbcran: okay, thanks15:46
macmeckbcran: which discussion do you mean?15:47
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flihpanyone know the magic necessary to get a minnowboard max to talk to devices over i2c?17:30
flihpI've gone through the firmware interface and made sure everything is enabled17:31
flihpI've got the right drivers loaded17:31
flihpI can i2cdetect all of the i2c busses and enumerate the devices on them17:31
flihpI've done all the debugging I can think of short of finding an oscilliscope17:32
flihpif I switch SCL / SDA over to another board i2cdetect sees the DS1077L timer I'm using17:33
flihpbut attached to the minnowboard max i2cdetect on bus 7 (docs indicate this is the bus hooked up to pins 13/15) doesn't show my timer17:34
flihpthere are devices that show up on bus 7 but I'm assuming these are on the board17:35
anselmolsmflihp, does i2cdetect -l show i2c-7?17:35
flihpyup, I've got a device node for i2c-7 as well17:36
flihpI figured it must be my circuit that was bad but after re-wiring that a few times with no luck I got out another system to check17:38
flihpshows up as expected on my raspberry pi17:39
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programmerqwhat kind of hardware is recommended for mounting the minnowmax? like the pins with rubber feet in this picture:
programmerqnot sure what to search for on that.22:39
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