Monday, 2015-02-23

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bcranis technodisti generally reliable for people? I placed an order at the start of February and haven't had any update on the status since00:19
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givemefive911bcran: my speculation is it's a guy's side business out of his house00:55
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bcrangivemefive911: yup. that's what I was afraid of01:13
warthog9bcran, givemefive911: technodisti is run/operated by CircuitCo01:15
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DonkeyHoteidoes this channel have a !seen bot?04:51
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warthog9DonkeyHotei: no05:24
warthog9DonkeyHotei: who you looking for?05:24
DonkeyHoteipurple plague05:25
warthog9DonkeyHotei: he's been down here in LA with me05:25
warthog9we've been doing SCaLE05:25
* warthog9 just left him in the elevator about 5 minutes ago05:25
warthog9DonkeyHotei: anything I can answer while he's crashing for the night (he's got an early flight home tomorrow)05:26
DonkeyHoteihe gave me his card at the booth around 2pm05:26
* warthog9 remembers your face05:26
DonkeyHoteihe wanted me to contact him about the daughterboard with two more ethernets05:27
warthog9yeah, not out yet05:27
warthog9but it's in the works05:27
warthog9(I'm sure he told you that already though)05:27
DonkeyHoteiwell he wanted me to contact him05:27
* warthog9 nods05:27
warthog9I suspect he'll be back online late tomorrow or Tuesday morning at the latest05:28
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hugpHas anyone found a way to power a SATA drive directly from the Minnowboard MAX?15:37
smurrayhugp: you can get 5V @ 1A from the not populated J2 connector, seems enough for a laptop drive or SSD15:40
smurraysoldering a connector to J2 does violate the warranty, however15:40
smurrayif you do go that route, double check +/- with a multimeter, early models have +/- flipped on J2 from later ones15:42
hugpsmurray: 5V from the J2 and the step up the voltage to 12v?15:42
av500no need for 12V15:42
smurrayafaik most (all?) laptop hds and ssds only need 5V15:42
smurrayI'm running a WD 320GB laptop drive, no problems15:43
hugpRegarding the warrenty it doesn't say anything about that on the wikipage15:43
smurraythere was a discussion here on the topic last week, pretty sure prpplague said it would15:44
smurrayhe's not online atm, warthog9 can you confirm one way or the other?15:44
hugpsmurray: Then instead of having to one cable with 12v you just have two with 5v?
hugpand then merged the four cables into 2?15:51
smurrayyou only need 5V and gnd15:54
hugpSo just the red & black wire?15:57
hugpNeat! That is for sure something i'll do asap16:01
hugpand thx for the help16:01
smurrayno problem16:04
warthog9smurray: pretty sure it'll void your warranty16:10
smurraywarthog9: thanks16:11
warthog9the biggest reason is that we can't guarantee a level of proficiency in the soldering16:12
warthog9and that people don't have a giant soldering gun16:13
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smurrayI agree, my J2 soldering job wasn't great ;)16:14
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programmerqhugp: I ended up soldering a barrel connector to a molex->sata adapter. I plug the minnow and the drive in off that customized connector now. seems to work pretty well.16:16
warthog9smurray: you should see the boards I got back where someone tried to trade the firmware flash chips around16:16
warthog9smurray: UNSURPRISINGLY they e-mailed me up begging for 2 more boards16:16
* warthog9 can't say he was super impressed16:17
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programmerqwhy on earth would you want to switch around the firmware flash chips?16:19
warthog9programmerq: started with a board that wouldn't boot and one that hit the original nvram issue16:19
programmerqI'm tempted to add leads on to the power LEDs so I can connect those up to LEDs in a case16:19
programmerqwarthog9: ah, I see.16:20
warthog9it went down hill from there through a series of events that didn't involve asking anyone about it and/or for help till it was all bad16:20
warthog9moral of the story is you should ask questions if you aren't sure or I tell stories about the silliness on the internet as a lesson :-)16:21
programmerqI'll be voiding my warranty, I guarantee it.16:22
warthog9programmerq: if you aren't voiding your warranty you aren't doing it right16:24
programmerqany words of advice for adding case LEDs for D1 and D2?16:25
programmerqwell, I guess this might be an alternative to mucking around with SMT leds:
warthog9programmerq: I'd run fiber and/or plastic16:27
programmerqyeah, I've seen some PI cases like that.16:27
warthog9I did make a note to the netgate guys on their case about just adding holes where the leds are16:28
programmerqI'm hoping to put this in a 1U case, and I want the sata connector accessible, so that makes things a little tricky.16:28
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warthog9when I go to do the datacenter in a box thing I'm going to run the sata to hot swap bays in the front16:29
programmerqI'm gutting an old switch, and it already has a 5V power supply in it that I can use.16:30
programmerqanother problem I'll need to solve is mounting holes.16:30
warthog9programmerq: convenient on the power supply :-)16:31
programmerqI gave up trying to find a cheap power supply that would fit and could do 12v and 5v16:32
programmerqso I'm just dropping the idea that I want to put a desktop drive in there.16:32
warthog9yeah, I think my plan is to pull a big 12V PSU in, and down convert it to 5V for the Minnows16:33
programmerqI started looking into 12v switching power supplies-- you can find them pretty cheap on amazon. 12v->5v downconverters aren't too expensive either.16:34
warthog9it's basically the same setup I have on the two dogs16:41
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hugpprogrammerq: So you bought add splitter ( cut off one of the cables and fitted a SATA power connector?17:10
hugpprogrammerq: So you bought a splitter ( cut off one of the cables and fitted a SATA power connector?17:11
programmerqhugp: I started with one of these, popped out the pins for 5V, and soldered a wire with a barrel connector to the pins, then popped the pins back in place.17:13
programmerqkind of hackish, but it seems pretty solid.17:13
programmerqjust make sure you solder it on so that the connecter is center positive.17:14
programmerqI had to figure out how to do that with my multimeter being lost.17:14
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hugpprogrammerq: By "these" you are referring to a SATA to Molex?
programmerqwhoops, I meant to paste a url, yes.17:20
programmerq - this is what I meant to have pasted, which is basically the same thing you pasted.17:21
programmerqI had a random power adapter in a box with the right barrel connector, so I just chopped off the cord from that17:21
hugpDon't think I have a random adapter or splitter lying around. The only thing similar is USB->Barrel plug17:31
hugpBut I am not sure this would be a good idea?17:31
programmerqhugp: as long as your +5V has enough juice for the board and the drive, it is fine.17:32
programmerqI have a power brick that says it's rated for plenty of juice on +5, but it drops voltage too low when I plug it in to this adapter17:32
programmerqbut if I use a full size PSU, there is no problem17:32
programmerq(turns out that for the brick I have problems with I'm not alone-- several drives have even been fried by them)17:33
hugpWith a 2.4 A power supply I shouldn't run out of power17:33
programmerqyeah, you should be fine.17:33
programmerqmy laptop drive says it pulls like 450ma17:33
programmerqhugp: the recommended power according to is 500mA (USB2) + 900mA (USB3) + 500mA (core) + 500mA (other peripherals) = 2400mA17:35
hugpBut thats pretty close to the maximum 500mA17:35
programmerqI don't have anything in usb3 and nothing in usb217:35
hugpwhich is the limit for usb 2.017:35
programmerqyeah-- laptop drives run just fine on usb217:35
programmerqat least in my experience they do.17:35
programmerqbut with my splitter I'm not going through usb217:36
programmerqI just have a parallel circuit direct from the power supply17:36
hugpTrue, but with the barrelplug the board cannot turn the hdd on/off17:39
programmerqhugp: this is true17:39
hugpprogrammerq: I'll see if i can cheap splitter of the internet17:45
programmerqmy other strategy was going to be to pull power from J217:45
programmerqbut my hack lets me use a desktop or a laptop drive17:46
hugpTrue - and the soldering procedure is somehow easier17:49
programmerqeh, it was kind of a pain17:49
programmerqand to be honest one of my pins doesn't stay in as well as I hoped17:49
programmerqbut it's good enough that it hasn't caused any power flickering or other weirdness.17:50
warthog9hugp: a 2.4A power supply might be a bit tight17:55
warthog9once the MAX and everything is up, it should be fine, but I've had problems on occasion getting a max to boot with less than 2A17:56
* warthog9 was having one of those problems this weekend in fact17:56
hugpThe max requires 2A for booting?18:01
hugpleaving me with 0,4 A for running hdd18:01
programmerqdrives take up most of that juice at poweron. you might be okay if you stagger it.18:03
hugpSeems fine to me18:03
hugpBut its no problem in your setup programmerq?18:03
programmerqI have 3A on my powersupply, I have no problems.18:04
hugpOkay, I'll see when I get that far18:11
* warthog9 starts packing up to head to the airport18:24
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dkinder /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER dkinder blifunnqavkr20:55
tbrmight want to pick a new password...21:07
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nicksydneyIntel-IA Lollipop is alive
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