Tuesday, 2015-02-24

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warthog9nicksydney: yeah that came out on Friday, but I was at SCaLE w/ prpplague and ka6sox, and didn't have time to get it out01:23
warthog9I think the marketing guys are still trying to craft an e-mail to go out to the community about it01:23
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warthog9ohhhhh turns out they got the e-mail done01:26
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DonkeyHoteiprpplague: are you still up by any chance?06:06
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ahollerhmm, now old blue goes IoT10:16
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hugpHi! I am just about to trying connection a 38kHz IR receiver, but a bit uncertain about the wiring. What pins would be best? Pin 2, 4 and what?16:10
hugpAny GPIO port should be fine right?16:21
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* warthog9 wishes people would stick around in IRC longer17:38
bluelightningwarthog9: age-old IRC problem  :(17:39
dememorizedwarthog9: I can't figure out how to log out, so I tend to end up with uptimes of a few hundred days or so...18:09
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* warthog9 thinks bluelightning is trolling him now ;-)18:35
warthog9dememorized: I've got a bouncer that's on all the time18:35
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dememorizedwarthog9: ditto, but I run weechat in a tmux-session, as I use Weechat anyway, so it doesn't make much sense to go through the obstacles of a bouncer ;)18:42
warthog9yeah I have a tendency to log in from multiple machines18:44
warthog9so I've had days where I've typed every line on a different machine18:44
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bcranAnyone know any edk2 guys at Intel who might be interested in getting their bugs fixed for free? (i.e. please review/commit my patch!)21:22
prpplaguebcran: please email david.anders@intel.com and john.hawley@intel.com21:24
prpplaguebcran: we'll see what's going on21:24
bcranprpplague: will do - thanks. I'm sad there's no proper bug tracker or code review tool. Wonder how much gets lost because everything gets mushed onto a single ML21:25
prpplaguebcran: i am working on getting a better channel for this in place21:29
prpplaguebcran: i received your email and will work on it asap21:29
prpplaguebcran: the team that normally works on this is on holiday currently and won't return until monday21:29
prpplaguebcran: but i will certainly follow up on it21:30
prpplaguebcran: please keep my email address info handy21:30
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bcranprpplague: great! I didn't realise they were still off - thought the Chinese New Year holidays were just last week.22:27
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