Friday, 2015-02-27

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rhoeringAny one have a source for a I2S to coaxial SPDIF lure? Thanks!03:44
prpplaguerhoering: nothing of that sort exists currently03:45
prpplaguerhoering: an audio codec lure is under consideration from several third parties but i haven't seen spdif as one of the requirements03:45
rhoering<prpplague> Thanks! I did not find any doing a few searches,03:46
prpplaguerhoering: what is your use case?03:46
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: hi04:21
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warthog9prpplague: the requirement for the audio lure could be requested from those interested05:40
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tbrI'm interested and basically what the wolfson WM8904 offers is pretty nice: 4 input pins, grouped into two: either balanced, unbalanced a/b, dmic. also I think it had SPDIF, but not sure06:07
tbrbut my needs are "special" as I'm looking for something to make an device that accepts inputs06:08
tbrto be honest though, I'm unsure if max would be suitable for two reasons: 3-6dB more expensive than ARM boards; made out of unobtainium06:09
* tbr is aiming for something very affordable06:09
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ka6soxrhoering, why SPDIF and not AES/EBU?06:40
ka6soxand are you talking input and output or only output?06:41
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* Bhaal pats prpplague on the back14:31
BhaalMouser are showing stock of Max!14:32
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bcranfor anyone wondering about mPCI -> PCI, I have an adapter from Amfeltec17:57
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prpplaguebcran: add to the wiki !18:11
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: hi18:13
warthog9bcran: I've got a couple of those on my desk I think18:17
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: hey18:26
DonkeyHoteiso, openwrt18:27
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: you seem busy18:39
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: hehe, well i am working, but chat away18:40
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: as i come back to the terminal window i will respond18:40
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: you had mentioned something at the booth about adding support to openwrt18:42
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: yea there are some already out there18:44
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: the real item is what kind of accessory hardware that would go along with it18:44
bcranprpplague: sure, will do19:00
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: well, let me know if you need anything19:06
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: just looking to get some feedback as to what hardware people want19:08
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: the core item right now is adding an additional gige and msata19:08
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: but some folks are asking for dual gige and mpcie as well for wireless19:09
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: there was something you mentioned at the booth regarding that, but i was in a hurry and didn't retain it'19:13
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