Saturday, 2015-02-28

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holtmannDoes anybody have the Realtek ethernet card working with 4.0-rc1?05:18
holtmannThe mac address is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff.05:18
holtmannBooting 3.18 brings it up with the correct mac address.05:18
holtmannSo it is not garbage.05:18
holtmannwarthog9: Have you seen this before?05:20
warthog9I haven't seen that05:20
warthog9smells of a bug though05:20
holtmannFor sure.05:20
holtmannSomeone screwed up the kernel driver.05:20
warthog9very very likely05:20
warthog9downgrading the kernel shouldn't "fix" that05:21
holtmannTime for me to scream at some networking kernel guys.05:21
warthog9just remind them that Linus has a MAX05:24
warthog9and we all remember what happened with his old Sony laptop05:24
holtmannI should have CCed Linus when posting to netdev. Too late now.05:24
holtmannI just do not want to git bisect this mess. Then my whole weekend is screwed up.05:25
warthog9always something to keep in mind for the future :-)05:25
holtmannBtw. if you build your own kernel for BayTrail, do you use Atom, Core or Generic x86.05:28
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holtmannwarthog9: Seems 593669c2ac0fe18baee04a3cd5539a148aa48574 is the culprit.08:26
holtmannIn case anyone wants to run 4.0-rc1 with ethernet, that one needs to be reverted.08:27
holtmannJiang Liu <>08:28
holtmannwarthog9: Send him a board ;)08:28
aholler_an arm board with dt?08:38
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tellendilwarthog9, hey, a while ago you told me about a device to connect the minnowboard max to an hdmi monitor for those having the A2 revision's problem (missing part of the spec). I could not remember what it was :( Could you please remind me ?11:14
bcranholtmann: from a recent post to the ML apparently -march=silvermont doesn't work, and you should use corei712:27
bcrantellendil: see - "If12:30
bcranyou can snag a powered hdmi switch and place it between your monitor and12:30
bcranthe MAX this seems to generally resolve the problems, as it acts as the12:30
bcranlevel shifter and the i2c issues also seem to get dealt with."12:30
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ahollerbcran: I would be carefull with that. some people compile their programm with march=silvermont but have totally forgotten that the libs might be compiled with something else12:43
aholler(especially glibc)12:46
ahollera very common failure12:50
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bcranaholler: why would that cause a problem? Surely existing programs using those libs would also fail?13:02
bcran"if you want something tailored for the MinnowBoard MAX Bay Trail SoC, you should use march=corei7" - is that wrong then?13:03
bcranand yeah, I know this is a bit too much like gentoo and -frunroll-loops etc. but I'm more interested _why_ it doesn't work rather than trying to get every bit of performance out it it :)13:08
ahollerbcran: no idea about which march fits, I'm just a viewer and no user in regard to the minnowboard. but hte problem exists if people built their system with wrong cflags and want to get rid of them13:09
bcranoh - yeah, that makes sense13:10
tellendilthank a lot brcan !13:17
ahollerbcran: often they've started optimistic with all kind of ricer-flags (e.g. avx) and really getting rid of them isn't that easy13:17
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interrobangd.. just want to install debian from usb to micro sd card. setup is running but no sd card will be found - any ideas?14:44
tbrdid you read the elinux wiki?14:45
interrobangda bit, just got my board14:45
interrobangdhave read this:
interrobangdbtw: the sd card is shown on efi shell- and also his fat filesystem @fs014:48
interrobangdtbr, what page do you mean?14:53
tbryes that page14:54
tbrinterrobangd: and you are using the jessie installer?14:56
interrobangdno i cant because the RC1 image have no efi bootloader14:56
tbrso what are you using?14:56
interrobangdso i decided to use wheezy 7.814:56
tbrthat won't work14:57
tbrthat probably has some ancient kernel and one symptom is that it doesn't see the microSD card14:57
tbrthere is a reason the wiki recommends jessie14:58
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interrobangdthey recommend jessie?15:00
interrobangdi dont find any hint15:00
tbr"3 Debian 8.0 Jessie (testing) Alpha 1 AMD64"15:00
tbrhow much more of a hint do you need?15:00
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interrobangd"wheezy wont work"15:01
interrobangd"kernel < 3.16 dont work"15:02
tbrI said it recommends jessie, not that it says "wheezy won't work"15:02
tbrthe kernel requirements are mentioned elsewhere on the wiki15:02
tbrIIRC 3.10 was the barest minimum, with significant caveats and >= 3.14 recommended15:03
interrobangdthank you! so i dont need to have a lokk on "elsewhere on the wiki"15:04
interrobangdwhat distri do you use?15:06
tbrI run all major distros for various reasons and testing15:07
interrobangdalso the jessie rc1?15:10
interrobangdbecause i cant boot -> missing the bootx86.efi file15:10
tbrah, you meant on the Max. So far I've used Ångström and Nemomobile. The latter is a Mer based mobile device distribution.15:12
interrobangdyou do not have a max?15:14
tbrI do have a Max15:30
interrobangdi will try ubuntu-14.04.2-server-amd6415:36
interrobangd.. want to go my first steps on minnowboard :>15:37
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interrobangdtbr, i have used the i386 netinstall image, there is no efi bootloader- bin within amd64 image ;)18:09
interrobangd... only for the records ;)18:09
tbrwarthog9: ^^^18:10
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holtmannwarthog9: So the fun part with the invalid MAC address is that 3.19 has the patch at fault, but it works. However 4.0-rc1 does not work.19:06
holtmannMeaning the ACPI / PCI guys will have some fun digging that one out.19:06
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gahseyfanthinking of trying to make an open gigabit switch lure.  any obvious non-starters?19:36
prpplaguegahseyfan: one is under development19:39
prpplaguegahseyfan: but if you want to do a gigabit lure, you'd want to start with a PCIe based mac/phy19:40
prpplaguegahseyfan: there are a number on the market19:40
prpplaguegahseyfan: secondly, you'll need a schematic capture and pcb layout program that supports 4 or more layers19:40
prpplaguegahseyfan: the pcie signals are differential pairs and have specific impedance matching and trace length matching that makes doing it in 2 layers very very very difficult19:41
prpplaguegahseyfan: so doing it with the free version of eagle is not possible19:41
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: you know, msata is kinda overkill when it comes to openwrt19:41
gahseyfanprpplague: awesome, who is already working one?19:42
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: yea, the msata aspect was that some folks did ask for something like a NAS19:42
prpplaguegahseyfan: they haven't made it public yet19:43
prpplaguegahseyfan: you should see some announcements in the next 2 to 4 weeks19:43
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: ISTR you saying you were going to send me something, i don't remember what19:44
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: yea, once the gige lure is available, we'll want some folks to test and develop for it19:45
prpplaguegahseyfan: what is your use case for a gige lure?19:45
gahseyfani envision ostianto + open lure doing an big percentage of what ixia can do for a small percantage of the cost.  plus just b/c it's cool.19:47
gahseyfansign me up for testing and development!19:47
prpplaguei am not familiar with those items19:48
* prpplague googles19:48
DonkeyHoteiwhat exactly is a "lure" ?19:49
gahseyfanlooking forward to seeing what PCIe mac/phy combo was selected.  Will it be able to run off the 2.5 amp PSU?19:49
gahseyfanlure = expansion board19:49
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: a lure is any accessory board that uses either the high speed expansion or low speed expansion connectors on the minnowboard max19:50
DonkeyHoteiwhy is it called a lure?19:50
prpplaguegahseyfan: not sure yet19:50
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: minnow fish fishing lure19:50
DonkeyHoteii have a job interview monday, and if i get the position, i might have little time to contribute, but i'll see what i can do19:53
* prpplague heads out to scavenge the carcass of a radio shack that is soon to be closed19:58
DonkeyHoteii went to radio shack the other day, sign is still up, lights were on, but the premises were empty19:59
warthog9holtmann: really?  that sounds ominous21:21
holtmannSomething about memory regions previously hidden or so.21:22
warthog9so is the driver trying to poke around stupidly and fetch it's MAC from the wrong memory region then?21:23
holtmannOr ACPI provides it wrongly or something.21:23
holtmannIt is not 3.19 regression. So let them deal with this for 4.0-rc2 or rc3.21:24
warthog9I suppose it would be curious if flipping the board from ACPI to PCI would change the behavior21:24
holtmannI am not doing that.21:24
warthog9I can try it when I'm back in the office on Tuesday21:24
holtmannSeriously, I am done with playing these tricks.21:24
holtmannI keep it booting in ACPI mode.21:24
* warthog9 nods21:25
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ahollergetting events from the heap doesn't help21:52
aholleruups, wrong channel21:56
interrobangdwrong channel and wrong server22:03
interrobangdyou are only on #minnowboard22:11
interrobangd@ freenode22:11
aholler/quote help umode22:18
aholler(the i)22:18
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trip0hrm.  max only has 2 PWM's?22:22
trip0we may need a PWM lure :)22:23
trip0prpplague, let's design one!22:23
warthog9trip0: think it's on the todo page22:25
warthog9I can confirm one of adafruit's pwm i2c expanders working22:25
trip0oh, ncie22:32
warthog9yeah, using one on the puppy22:33
warthog9the Linux driver claims it needs open firmware and I haven't had enough time to putz around and make it not be stupid like that22:33
warthog9but there's a C program someone's got that I can confirm twiddles it correctly from user space22:34
trip0shouldn't be too hard to write an mraa i2c python script for it either22:34
trip0so long as the arduino code is there22:34
trip0i've already written a python mraa script for the adafruit ina21922:34
warthog9I think the Linux C code should get us far enough22:35
warthog9finishing up pre-prep to go set up the bridges tonight22:36
* warthog9 makes sure artemis runs on his personal tablet22:38
warthog9for "GM" purposes I ASSURE you22:39
trip0hrm...  I wonder if I've got the "right pin"22:47
trip0pwm'ing pin 22 and no change22:48
trip0yep, wrong pin22:48
trip0w00t.  werks22:50
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