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freqis there a ram upgrade module02:35
freq4gb would make this unstoppable02:36
freqi mean then again, i have a ton of swap space02:36
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tbrthey were considering a  4GB /version/ of the board05:28
tbrthere is no way to do this yourself unless you'd find ram chips that match, depop the current ones and solder on new ones05:29
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tripzerowarthog9: do you know if there is a way to get one of the other GPIO's to do [software] pwm?17:44
prpplaguetripzero: you can always bit bang pwm, but the use is limited, and you are dependent on system load17:50
prpplaguetripzero: if you aren't needing really accurate pwm you can do that17:50
prpplaguetripzero: i'd recommend using a dedicated spi or i2c pwm device17:50
prpplaguetripzero: this for your LED board?17:50
prpplaguetripzero: or something different?17:51
tripzerobasically the same as my LED board17:54
tripzeroneed to twiggle R G and B channels on the RGB LED17:54
tripzeroneed 3 pwms for that17:54
tripzeroand the max apparently only has 217:54
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prpplaguetripzero: yea if your are going to do rgb, i'd recommend getting a dedicated pwm controllers18:04
prpplaguetripzero: that's a great part, specifically for rgb leds18:05
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prpplaguetripzero: it's not in stock at sparkfun right now, but there are a ton of retailers18:05
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tripzeroprpplague: ahh yeah.  the ws280118:20
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diana_olhovikhi guys. congratulation to passage in GSoC 2015!19:21
HoloPedIs there any way to control on of the onboard leds ?19:21
prpplagueHoloPed: not currently, revA4 will change that19:22
prpplaguediana_olhovik: thanks!19:22
HoloPedwhen is that expected ?19:22
prpplagueHoloPed: we haven't posted a schedule as of yet19:22
prpplagueHoloPed: so for now the best way is to do it with a LED on the LSE19:23
ahollerjust use a duo-led if you've only two pwm's ;)19:25
prpplagueor grab a calamari lure19:26
HoloPedmmmm calamari19:30
HoloPedso hungry19:30
warthog9We got accepted to GSoC19:31
HoloPedis that a good thing19:33
diana_olhovikGuys, i have a few questions. It's not clear for me. Why so much different project in one? MinnowBoard, SMBus/PMBus SyncDiff(erent). Why so much?19:33
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dhruvaggaHey, i am really good at python,C and linux and have working experience with programming with bluetooth chips(nrf51822). It would be great if someone could suggest how can i contribute to this org.19:57
warthog9Holoped: depends, means I'm busy all summer now19:59
warthog9Diana_olhovik: we are acting as an umbrella for a number of things around our project20:00
warthog9Dhruvagga: I assume w/ respect to gsoc?20:00
dhruvaggayes, and otherwise as well :)20:01
diana_olhovikwarthog9: ok, but as I understand main ideas according with minnowboard and other projects are secondary20:06
warthog9Dhruvagga: for gsoc take a look at our ideas page on the wiki. In general, if you are a hardware person I can point you at the board files and such. For software, we do a lot of super work to make sure stuff either runs well on our little board, or helping infra kind of things we need / deem important20:13
warthog9Diana_olhovik: there's not really secondary ideas, the ideas page is grouped by overall owning project. SynDiff for instance is a sub-org, their ideas are just as awesome as the rest, and well pick what projects get students on a number oh things20:16
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dhruvaggawarthog9: well there's some really interesting set of projects . I pretty much feel myself fit for a few of them(including SynDiff projects), so how can i start the discussion over it ?20:21
warthog9Syncdiff me or gchaix over in #syndiff20:29
warthog9#Syncdiff - stupid autocorrect20:30
warthog9(Sorry on my cell in an airport)20:30
dhruvaggaSorry i didn't get exactly what you said20:35
warthog9If you are interested in syncdiff the people to talk to are over in #suncdiff20:36
warthog9Ergh #syncdiff20:36
dhruvaggawell, i am interested in "Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system","Extend Wiring/Process libraries to MinnowBoard Max","Create WITCH on a Board" projects under MinnowBoard category , how can we proceed the discussion ?20:38
warthog91st is me, 2nd is prpplague, 3rd is prpplagur20:40
warthog9Ergh I fail at typing20:41
warthog9Prpplagur = prpplague20:41
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dhruvaggahaha, not a problem . so yes the 1st one . can we discuss about it ?20:42
dhruvaggalike pre-req. , and the exactly what do you expect from this project20:42
warthog9Well the bugs err pre-req is you need to get the code compiled on a linux box20:44
warthog9That will help you understand what's going on and what you are likely getting yourself into20:44
DonkeyHoteiprpplague: i might be able to test the lure after all20:47
prpplagueDonkeyHotei: dandy20:47
DonkeyHoteiwell, i would've preferred that job20:48
diana_olhovikwarthog9: and what's about HTTP Accessor in Syncdiff(erent) project? the main idea it's creating web application which help to manage files? Is it right?20:48
DonkeyHoteii wasn't turned down but my chances seem pretty low20:48
warthog9Diana_hotei, bit more complex. Bugging me on it tomorrow so I can explain it without typing on my cell would be butter20:50
warthog9DonkeyHotei: for gsoc?20:51
DonkeyHoteiwarthog9: ?20:53
warthog9You said you weren't turned down20:54
warthog9Was trying to figure out for what20:54
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2015-02-28 11:53:22 AM PST] <DonkeyHotei> i have a job interview monday, and if i get the position, i might have little time to contribute, but i'll see what i can do20:54
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2015-03-02 12:47:44 PM PST] <DonkeyHotei> prpplague: i might be able to test the lure after all20:54
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2015-03-02 12:48:22 PM PST] <DonkeyHotei> well, i would've preferred that job20:54
warthog9Ahhh the job interview20:55
dhruvaggaprpplague: can you discuss upon "Extend Wiring/Process libraries to MinnowBoard Max","Create WITCH on a Board" projects ?20:55
tripzeroprpplague: do you think this would work?
tripzerowhat makes me worried is the "It cannot be used with a Linux-based microcomputer or interpreted microcontroller such as the netduino or Basic Stamp" in the description20:56
diana_olhovikwarthog9: ok, well done20:56
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dhruvaggawarthog9: what about SSH transport project. what's the expectation out of it21:01
dhruvaggalike we have to design a whole channel(connection infra) kind of thing ?21:01
warthog9Take the existing protocol and figure out how to get it over ssh ala rsync21:02
prpplaguedhruvagga: give me a couple of minutes, on a call21:02
prpplaguedhruvagga: wiring/process is the coding environment that is what most people know as "arduino" style programming21:05
prpplaguedhruvagga: two years ago we had a project as part of the beagle summer of code to extend wiring/process to work under linux21:05
prpplaguedhruvagga: that code (with other contributions) is at the base of what is used for the arduino style environment on the galileo21:06
prpplaguedhruvagga: the intention is to extend that to the minnowboard max, while attempting to resolve some of the perfomance issues that are still existing for using wiring/process under linux21:06
prpplaguetripzero: the 2811 is a different chipset that requires a lot different coding21:07
dhruvaggaprpplague: oh great!21:07
prpplaguetripzero: iirc mranostay has done some work with that chipset21:07
tripzerothe 2811 or the 2801?21:08
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prpplaguetripzero: mranostay has experience with 281121:10
warthog9Last I heard he still didn't have it working21:10
tripzeroprpplague: the 2801 is SPI?21:12
dhruvaggaprpplague: are we like reinventing the wheel or just making a support for WITCH on minnowboard max in "Create WITCH on a Board" project ?21:13
prpplaguetripzero: yea the 2801 is data out only spi21:14
prpplaguedhruvagga: sorry back21:14
prpplaguedhruvagga: the WITCH is a decimal based computer system which is somewhat unique from binary systems21:14
prpplaguedhruvagga: we already have the basics for a web based emulator but it has a lot of limitations21:15
prpplaguedhruvagga: what we are looking for is a emulator that has much closer functionality and wider support21:15
prpplaguedhruvagga: it's really part of a larger project witch-e.org21:15
prpplaguedhruvagga: so, a few years ago a team made a silicon implementation of the eniac -
prpplaguedhruvagga: what we are doing slowly working that way, but building a small scale implementation using 7400 series21:21
prpplaguedhruvagga: so it can be used as an educational tool21:21
prpplaguedhruvagga: with the WITCH i mean, not with eniac21:21
prpplaguedhruvagga: so on the road to do that, we need solid emulators to make sure we understand overall functionality before we create replica hardware21:22
prpplaguedhruvagga: clear as mud?21:22
dhruvaggaprpplague: yes, i get it now . so right now the emulator runs on web, where do we plan to make the better emulator ( on web or other platforms )?21:23
dhruvaggaprpplague: so for this project. our task would be creating a stable emulator and then moving ahead ?21:24
prpplaguedhruvagga: primary target right now is for the max running linux, however we will be doing it such as way that it should work on any linux platform21:24
prpplaguedhruvagga: correct21:24
dhruvaggasounds cool, so how would you suggest to start with it ?21:25
prpplaguedhruvagga: one aspect for making this work is also getting a usable printer connected, and the second being able to create a working tape reader21:25
prpplaguedhruvagga: start familiarizing yourself with the witch and the witch-e project21:25
prpplaguedhruvagga: try out the online emulator and have a looking at the programming guide21:26
prpplaguedhruvagga: please note that the GSOC project is highly focused on the emulator and tape reader portions21:28
dhruvaggaprpplague: thank you21:28
prpplaguedhruvagga: the hardware design will probably be next year21:28
dhruvaggaprpplague: yes , i am looking into it21:28
dhruvaggai.e. , the already built emulator and codes21:29
prpplaguedhruvagga: feel free to ping me for questions21:29
dhruvaggaprpplague: So, this year , this would only involve web based work on this project ?21:29
prpplaguedhruvagga: you can also join #retro-computing for discussions as there are several folks21:29
prpplaguedhruvagga: no, the idea would be something such as a c/c++ program21:30
prpplaguedhruvagga: that has wider configuration options21:30
dhruvaggaand what would be the interface to check the emulator - CLI ?21:30
prpplaguedhruvagga: that is part of the questions we need to decide on21:31
prpplaguedhruvagga: but CLI is my preference21:31
prpplaguedhruvagga: i.e. you could have text files that represent the tape readers21:31
dhruvaggaprpplague: I'll prefer CLI as well.21:31
dhruvaggawarthog9: so what would be the roadmap for SSH transport project ? Is there any source right now specifying the current protocol ?21:35
dhruvaggaor we'll be writing a fresh code to incorporate it with rsync ?21:36
bcranprpplague: was it you who mentioned that work is being done on improving the code review process? I'm wondering if there's any schedule, and what the tool might look like since my Phabricator instance is getting a bit too expensive ($100 per month) and I'm wondering if I should move it to my other VM or just take it down.21:42
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dhruvaggaprpplague: so first steps should be taking an abstract out of and implementing it in c++ ?21:47
dhruvaggalike manipulating js and all ?21:48
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ka6soxthe JS works.21:56
ka6soxit is not feature complete21:56
ka6soxdhruvagga, ^^21:57
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baglHi i am new...I need some help with setting up the dev environment...can someone guide me how to start22:09
ka6soxbagl, which dev environment are you trying to setup?22:10
baglka6sox: i m trying to get hands on to contributing towards minnow board...but i dont know how do i set up22:11
ka6soxdo you have a particular thing you want to work on? (that will help us know what kind of environment to help you setup)22:12
baglka6sox: while looking through the projects i can work on i found:22:14
bagl : Clean up / Fix EDK2 (Tianocore) GCC firmware build system .... This one interesting22:14
ka6soxokay that should be able to be done on most modern linux distributions.22:15
bagli have worked with bash and makefile and i found this one interesting22:15
ka6soxdo you have a linux machine setup you are currently using?22:15
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baglyes i am currently ubuntu22:16
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ka6soxlook for warthog9 when he shows up and when he is free ask him any questions you have.22:17
ka6soxbut you are most of the way there, need gcc, make and a few other bits and you should be good22:18
ka6soxif they still have it apt-get install build-essential22:18
ka6soxthat *used* to have all the important things for building22:19
prpplaguebcran: yea code review is in the works, but i don't have any details i can share with your right now22:20
ka6soxbagl, yes, its still called build-essential.22:20
prpplaguedhruvagga: yea, basically study what is already working as part of the web based emulator22:20
prpplaguedhruvagga: maybe try to run a few programs and such22:20
baglka6sox: yes i have almost all of the things set up. I have worked on similar projects before. i ll wait for warthog9 to show up den :)22:21
baglka6sox: meanwhile are there any bugs / patches i can work on22:23
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ka6soxbagl, have a look at this page and follow the links to the bug tracker:
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baglka6sox: Thanks i ll dig into it :)22:30
ka6soxbagl, thanks for being willing to look22:30
bcranprpplague: okay, I'll keep my tool running for now.  I wish Intel could be a bit more transparent when working with open source stuff :/22:36
bcranseen it with other companies too, seems a problem with the larger/more corporate ones22:37
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prpplaguebcran: we hear ya loud and clear23:21
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baglwarthog9: r u there ?23:47
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